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Culture of Tatarstan is molded from the culture of Volga Tatar people, Russian and European culture.




Major libraries include the Science Library of Kazan State University and the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan. There are two museums of republican significance, as well as 90 museums of local importance. In the past several years new museums appeared throughout the Republic.


Traditional (folk) Tatar music is based on the pentatonic scale. The first Tatar opera was staged in 1925. It was composed by Sultan Gabyashi in collaboration with Vasili Vinogradov. Farit Yarullin was the creator of the first Tatar ballet, Surale. Modern Tatar music includes practically all existing musical genres.


There are 16 theaters in Tatarstan.


In Tatarstan religion and the state are separate from each other, although as in the rest of Russia, religious authorities are subordinated to the state.. The most common faiths are Sunni Islam and Russian Orthodoxy. As of 2004, there were 1,208 buildings used for religious purposes in Tatarstan; 1,014 of which were Islamic, and 176—Russian Orthodox.

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