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Cup or cups may refer to:


A name

Ceramic goblet from Navdatoli, Malwa, 1300 BCE.



  • Measuring cup, a measuring instrument for liquids and powders, used primarily in cooking
  • Cup (volume), a customary unit of volume


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1911 encyclopedia

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From LoveToKnow 1911

CUP (in O.E. cuppe; generally taken to be from Late Lat. cuppa, a variant of Lat. cupa, a cask, cf. Gr. K17rEXXov), a drinking vessel, usually in the form of a half a sphere, with or without a foot or handles. The footless type with a single handle is preserved in the ordinary tea-cup. The cup on a stem with a base is the usual form taken by the cup as used in the celebration of the eucharist, to which the name "chalice" (Lat. calix, Gr. r i)Xt, a goblet) is generally given. (See DRINKING VESSELS and PLATE.)

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Bible wiki

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From BibleWiki

A wine-cup (Gen 40:11, Gen 40:21), various forms of which are found on Assyrian and Egyptian monuments. All Solomon's drinking vessels were of gold (1 Kg 10:21). The cups mentioned in the New Testament were made after Roman and Greek models, and were sometimes of gold (Rev 17:4).

The art of divining by means of a cup was practiced in Egypt (Gen 44:2ff), and in the East generally.

The "cup of salvation" (Ps 11613) is the cup of thanksgiving for the great salvation.

The "cup of consolation" (Jer 16:7) refers to the custom of friends sending viands and wine to console relatives in mourning (Prov 31:6).

In 1Cor 10:16, the "cup of blessing" is contrasted with the "cup of devils" (1Cor 10:21). The sacramental cup is the "cup of blessing," because of blessing pronounced over it (Mt 26:27; Lk 22:17).

The "portion of the cup" (Ps 116; Ps 165) denotes one's condition of life, prosperous or adverse.

A "cup" is also a type of sensual allurement (Jer 51:7; Prov 23:31; Rev 17:4).

We read also of the "cup of astonishment," the "cup of trembling," and the "cup of God's wrath" (Ps 758; Isa 51:17; Jer 25:15; Lam 4:21; Ezek 23:32; Rev 16:19; comp. Mt 26:39ff; Jn 18:11).

The cup is also the symbol of death (Mt 16:28; Mk 9:1; Heb 2:9).

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for:

A cup is a container that can hold a liquid so we can drink it. Sometimes a cup has a handle on the side. Most cups for drinking hot drinks, for example coffee or tea, have handles. Types of cups include:

Some are expensive, maybe old, mostly painted by hand; a few people collect such cups, and do not use them. Teacups have a special small plate to sit on, called a saucer.

A cup is also a unit of liquid measurement in some countries.

A cup can also be an award.


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