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Type Wood preservative
Current owner ICI Paints
Country of origin United Kingdom
Introduced 1937
Markets World
Website Cuprinol

Cuprinol is a brand of wood preservative, made by ICI Paints.



The product was developed in the 1930s to prevent dry rot and woodworm, essentially to waterproof wood. It is brand leader for garden woodcare.

In 1911, O.P.Christianseen in Denmark made a substance called Copper in Oil, or Cuprum in Ol. It was dissolved copper in organic solvents and helped to preserve fishing nets. It was made by A.S.Kymeia of Copenhagen and had a slightly green colour from the dissolved copper salts. The company was originally based in the UK from 1937. The factory was bombed in 1941. The brand was bought by Jenson & Nicholson in 1958, having bought half the company in 1951, and the factory was moved to Adderwell in Frome, Somerset in the former William & Pinchin & Co Ltd factory. Administration of the company moved to Frome in 1965. In 1970, the company was bought by Farbwerke Hoechst AG of Germany.


ICI Paints

It was bought by ICI in May 1998. The company employed 230 people. ICI announced the closure of the Frome site in September 2000, and it closed in 2000 with production moving to various ICI Paints sites and administration moved to the ICI Paints site in Slough. The Frome site was turned into housing.

Application of the product

Cuprinol is made mainly for outdoor wooden equipment, commonly found in the garden, such as decking, posts and fences, and also for wooden furniture such as tables and cupboards. It is used often by those engaged in DIY and joiners. It acts as a varnish, and is applied usually with a paint brush. It also produces teak oil.

Popular culture

Cuprinol was heavily marketed on television with an animated wooden stick-figure, almost super-hero musclely, character. It was voiced by Robbie Coltrane. Mr Cuprinol was heavily coated in the product, giving him a cherubic shine on his face and chestnut-coloured features. It had the slogan no-one does wood more good. Later adverts for the Wood Preservation Society copied the tune found at the end of the The Italian Job, which used the refrain The Self Preservation Society. The adverts now use the slogan keeping Britain's wood good.

Due to a slight facial similarity, being well built, with often a deep tan, Peter Hain, the Labour MP for Neath since 1991, has been labelled by newspaper columnists as the Cuprinol Kid.

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