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Curtis is a common given name and surname of English origin derived from the Old French "curteis," which means 'polite, courteous, or well-bred.' It was brought to England (and subsequently, the rest of the Isles) via the Norman Conquest. This is evidence to suggest the name itself is a phonetic corruption of Curthose, the nickname ascribed to Robert II or also Curtmantle, the surname used by Henry II, the first of England's Plantagenet kings. It could also be a variation of the established medieval surname, Curthoys. Though it is unclear whether "Curtis" and "Curtiss" are directly related, the latter is also considered here for convenience.

Surname uses: Curtis


Fictional characters

Surname uses: Curtiss


  • Charles Curtiss (1908–1993), American Communist
  • Edward Curtiss (1898-1970), American film editor [1]
  • Glenn Curtiss (1878–1930), Aviation pioneer and founder of the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company

Given name uses: Curtis


Fictional characters

  • Curtis Manning, a fictional character played by Jamaican/Canadian actor Roger Cross as part of the television series 24
  • Curtis, a fictional character played by actor Spencer Breslin as part of 'The Santa Clause 2+3'
  • Curtis Wilkins, a fictional character from the comic strip Curtis
  • Curtis (Stargate), a recurring character in Stargate Universe

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