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Cut-throat, cutthroat or cut throat may refer to:

  • A murderer
  • Cut-throat competition, a competition results in reducing prices
  • A highly competitive person or organization
  • Any three-player game in which each player plays for him or herself; a 1-on-1-on-1 game

In Film:

In Species:

In Books:

In People:

  • Cutthroat Skull, a professional wrestler known as Vincent Jerrelle Clark
  • Cutthroat Bitch, a nickname for Dr. Amber Volakis in the TV series House

In Arts:

  • Cut Throat Freak Show, a side show performance group founded in the late 1990s by Jeremy and Anna Kinison
  • The Cutthroats 9, a band
  • Operation: Cut-Throat, Hidden in Plain View's second EP
  • Cutthroats, a computer game
  • Cutthroat: The Shadow Wars fantasy RPG

In Other:


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