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Kingdom of Cygnar
Flag of Cygnar
[[Image:{{{image_map}}}|250px|center|Location of Cygnar]]
Capital Caspia
Official languages Cygnaran
Ethnic groups Caspian, Midlunder, Thurian, Morridane, Gobber, Trollkin
Government Monarchy
 - King Leto Raelthorne, the Younger
 - Primarch Arius
 - Lord High Chancellor Vacant
Currency Crown

Cygnar is a fictional kingdom in the Iron Kingdoms fantasy role-playing universe, and also its sister wargame, Warmachine (both created by Privateer Press) . Cygnar is the most prosperous and most technologically advanced nation of the Iron Kingdoms. Of all the human factions it could also be considered the most benevolent, although that has begun to change with recent events. Cygnar's ballistic technology is unsurpassed, and the Cygnaran specialty, arcane electrical energy, can fry opposing warjacks' cortices, rendering them far less effective in combat. Prominent Cygnaran warcasters include Lord Commander Coleman Stryker and Major Victoria Haley. Recently, the Thunderhead, an advanced jack powered by electricity, has been developed by Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo.

Other factions include Cryx, Khador, and the Protectorate of Menoth.



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Cygnar is the second largest of the Iron Kingdoms, with only Khador covering a larger area. Cygnar is the more populous of the two, however. Cygnar is the southermost of the original Iron Kingdoms, and is covered in rolling hills, dense forests, and mighty cities. Caspia, the capital of Cygnar, lies in the southeast, bordering the Protectorate of Menoth. Caspia was the only city to remain unoccupied by the Orgoth invaders, although the Caspians never managed to drive the Orgoth from the country surrounding the city. When to Rebellion began to pick up speed, the colossals were constructed in Caspia.

Cygnar emerged as the strongest of the Iron Kingdoms, following the signing of the Corvis Treaties.

Recent history


The Lion's Coup

The Lion's Coup refers to the coup d'état that resulted in the deposition of king Vinter Raelthorne IV, and the seizure of the crown by his younger brother, Prince Leto Raelthorne, the current king of Cygnar. A force led by Leto, Commander Adept Nemo, and other forces tired of Vinter's tyranny rose up against him and attacked the castle itself. Vinter and Leto met face-to-face in combat with Vinter easily gaining the upper-hand with a slash to the chest. Official documents give no clear description of what happened next, but in reality, Vinter was stopped from slaying his brother and finally defeated by the Primarch Arius, mentor and friend to Prince Leto. Vinter escaped the country and fled to the treacherous Bloodstone Marches, where he was presumed killed. The king was granted a full trial in absentia and sentenced to death, with all Cygnaran rank and privilege removed. Execution was left to the Bloodstone Marches.

Cygnar, despite trying to foster peaceful relations with its neighbours, has found itself at war with several different enemies: the expansionist Khador, its ancient archrival; the crusading Protectorate of Menoth; the nightmarish, piratical Cryx; the vicious skorne, led by Cygnar's former king, Vinter Raelthorne IV; the uniting trollkin kriels, led by Chief Madrak Ironhide of the Thornwood; the savage Circle Orboros, servants of the Devourer Wurm; and the draconic Legion of Everblight, seeking to destroy its siblings and consume their power.

Historic Figures

King Leto Raelthorne, is the present holder of the Cygnaran Crown, having seized the throne from his tyrannical elder brother, Vinter, in a lightning coup in 596 AR.

King Vinter Raelthorne IV is the deposed former king of Cygnar. He has spent the years since the Lion's Coup working towards regaining the Cygnaran Crown alongside Magnus the Warlord and his new allies, the Skorne.

Warmaster General Turpin is the supreme commander of the Cygnaran military, answering only to King Leto. He is disapproving of Stryker's war with the Protectorate of Menoth, or to be more percise, the measures Stryker has taken to win his war.

Scout General Bolden Rebald is the leader of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service (the CRS), Cygnar's spy network. He is one of the most wellinformed people in Cygnar, including being one of only two (confirmed) people who know that Vinter Raelthorne has sired an heir.

Primarch Arius is the head of the Morrowan Church in Cygnar. He was present during Leto's coup against his brother Vinter, and some people speculate that he somehow helped Leto win by calling upon the divine powers of Morrow.



The Cygnaran armed forces are divided into four separate armies, each one defending one of its rather extensive borders. The Cygnaran military is usually commanded by the Warmaster General, or General of the Crown.

The First Army is tasked with protecting the Khadoran border, and has historically seen the most combat. Also known as the Northern Army, the Thornwood Army or the Northguard Army, the majority of the troops are comprised of Trencher and Long Gunner veterans, supported by Sword- and Storm Knights, as well as a small detachment of scouts. The First also boasts the largest number of front line 'jacks, although most of these are older models who have already seen several years of service.

The Second Army is known as the Caspian Army, the Eastern Army or the Black River Army, and is tasked with garrisoning Caspia, Eastwall, Fort Falk and Corvis. Since the Second doesn't have enough forces to properly defend the entire eastern border, it relies heavily on strategic placement, hoping that natural obstacles (such as the Black River) will deter their enemies from attacking anywhere were the Second isn't already positioned. The Second army also serves as the testing ground for new warjack designs. With Lord Commander Stryker's recent promotion, much of the Second army has been rerouted to help with the war against the Protectorate of Menoth.

The Third Army is tasked with protecting the southern Cygnaran coastline against marauding Cryxians. Also known as the Southern Army, the Wyrmwall Defenders or the Army of Highgate, the army has close ties with the Cygnaran Navy. The Third has recently been forced to send most of its veteran warriors to assist on other warfronts. The Third is one of the most diverse forces in Immoren. Although it lacks cavalry, it includes large numbers of Trenchers, Sword Knights, Long Gunners, Rangers, Gunmages, mechanics and Precursor Knights. The Third Army also wields a larger number of light warjacks, due to the ease with which they are deployed from ship.

The smallest army is the Fourth Army, commonly referred to as the Western Army or Dragon's Tongue Army, which is stationed at Fort Balton, close to Ceryl, Cygnars westernmost city. The Fourth is generally tasked with preventing mercenaries from making raids into Cygnar. It boasts a generally small amount of warjacks, and is compromised mostly of Long Gunners, Trenchers and several veteran companies of Sword Knights, as well as a small number of scouts. The Fourth has suffered heavy criticism for failing to respond to orders within an acceptable timeframe.



The Trenchers are usually given the thankless task of moving ahead of the main army, digging trenches, bunkers and setting traps for the main force to make use of. The number of deaths within the trencher organisation is extremely high, leading to the trenchers being nicknamed "Gravediggers". They are usually deployed against Khador in the north, where trench warfare has become the norm; indeed, the area between the Cygnaran Northguard fortress and its Khadoran counterpart, Ravensgard, is almost completely covered with Trencher-made holes and trenches.

The Arcane Tempest Gun Mages are the elite shocktroops unit of the Cygnaran army, using magical energy in conjunction with their pistols to devastating effect. They are comparatively few next to the more numerous Long Gunners and Trenchers, however, due to the long time it takes to train a Gun Mage, not to mention the fact that only a few people have the ability to use magic at all. On the battlefield, they serve as elite troops capable of dealing high-damage attacks called Arcane Infernos, as well as firing special "Shocker" pistol rounds into enemy warjacks, frying their cortices.

The Long Gunners are the mainstay of the Cygnaran army, and some of the best marksmen in the entire world. The Long Gunners, as their name implies, make use of very advanced long rifles, outfitted with automatic loading mechanisms to ensure that the gunners can get the most out of their rifles within as short a time as possible. In battle their officers can be heard yelling out orders that other units find incomprehensible, but to a trained gunner they serve as quick orders as to where to direct their fire upon an enemy.

The Stormblades and the Stormguard are the elite fighting force of the Cygnaran army. Created by King Leto before the Lion's Coup, the Stormblades are armed with some of the most advanced weaponry ever created: the Storm Glaive. This large sword has an electric generator installed in it, allowing the wielder to not only cleave his opponet in melee, but unleash electric discharges into the enemies ranks, causing horrendous damage. The Stormguard are a more recent addition to the ranks. Armed with the Voltaic Halberd, a more longranged, if unwieldy weapon, they are just as dangerous as their brothers in arms.

The Sword Knights are the anti-warjack unit of the Cygnaran military. Extensively trained in the use of the Caspian battleblade, the Sword knights are capable of dismantling an enemy 'jack in relatively short time. Their captains are also commonly trained to control warjacks during the heat of battle, in order to ensure that the job gets done (what better weapon for an anti-'jack unit to wield than a 'jack of their own?).


The Storm Lances make up the majority of Cygnar's cavalry. Like their footman counterparts, the Storm Guard can usually be found at the forefront of battle, where they charge headlong into the enemy line, the lightning arcing from them making crispy corpses and hulks out of any foe.

Special Units

The Rangers are one of the few Cygnaran unit not directly under the Warmaster Generals command. Instead, they are armed and trained by the CRS with the intent of providing forward scouts. The rangers can most commonly be found along the Bloodstone Marches, the Broken Coast and the Khadoran border, where they gather intel on or perform surgical strikes against the enemy.

The Precursor Knights are an almost exclusively Cygnaran militant order, and the armed fist of the Church of Morrow. With the recent fighting going on around the country, Primarch Arius, the Head of the Morrowan Church, has deemed it necessary to send the Precursors into the field to boost morale and fight of the encrouching enemies. Thanks to their faith in Morrow, the Precursors are immune to the effects of magic.

The Stormsmiths are perhaps the most advancedly armed soldiers in the Cygnaran army. Carrying weapons known as Stormcallers, the Stormsmiths are capable of wielding the powers of a fullblown lightningstorm. Even a single stormsmith can cause tremendous damage; several of these warriors working together can be outright apocalyptic.

Notable Military Figures

Lord Commander Coleman Stryker - Currently leading the war effort on the Sulese front against the forces of the Protectorate of Menoth. He once was part of the Cygnaran Royal Guard before training as a Stormblade. During that time he discovered his Warcaster abilities, and went on to being a Journyman under the respected warcaster Sebastion Nemo. He now walks into battle wearing a unique and experimental battle armour made by Nemo which is powered by electricity rather than a steam engine like other Warcasters. On occasion, he uses this unique armor to greatly increase his strength, however it causes him great physical discomfort. It also hinders him when he hoards his magical ability; sometimes to the point of temporary paralyzation.

General Adept Sebastion Nemo - Mentor to Coleman Styker, foremost engineer of lightning-based technology, including the Storm Glaive and the Thunderhead Warjack. Only Warcaster in WARMACHINE known to have a family (wife deceased and daughter presumed estranged).

Major Victoria Haley - Master of temporal magic & able to confuse or control the 'Jack Cortexes of other armies. She is also the twin sister of the Cryxian Warcaster, Wraithwitch Deneghra.

Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane - Known for being the first man in history to breach the walls of the fortress-city of Sul. A career soldier and master of siege warfare (thus the moniker), Markus Brisbane is an expert on augmenting the strength of ranged weaponry and on shaping the battlefield to the advantage of his forces.

Captain Allister Caine - Cygnar's most profoundly skilled Gun Mage. He was once believed to be an irresponsible rogue, frequently demoted (for a period he was a mere Lieutenant, the lowest-ranked Warcaster in the game) for drinking, picking fights, and fraternizing with women of title. It was revealed that this was a cover for his true position as an agent in the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service (Cygnar's spy network). After his promotion to Captain, he has become more of an army commander.

Captain Edward Dominic Darius - Cygnar's best mechanic, able to repair 'jacks instantly on the battlefield. Best known for conflicts against Khador. He has a signature piece of battle armour, which seems to be a half way point between Warjack, and the Khadoran Man-O-War armour, which makes him able to carry the Ironclad weapon, the Quake Hammer. Unlike other Mechanics in the Cygnaran army, he does not repair jacks by himself in the field, but instead uses unique mini warjacks, known as Half Jacks to fulfil some battlefield roles, such as repair jacks, disabling enemy Warjack systems or become battlefield mines.

Captain Jeremiah Kraye- Even before refining his warcasting talents, Kraye earned a reputation as a recklessly daring scout both for his many exploits behind enemy lines and for arriving at the right time and place to lead flagging defenders to sudden victory. Kraye prefers to strike against an exposed flank or to harass an enemy's reinforcements, and he instills his 'jacks with unprecedented mobility and crushing momentum.

Trencher Captain Maxwell Finn - Captain of the 95th Trencher Company, he is famous for constant battle with Khadoran forces. His signature weapon is the Mini-Slugger, a fortification based machine gun, which he is able to carry despite its weight. He found the weapon during a battle with Khadoran forces. No one has dared tell him to return the weapon...

Commander Asheth Magnus - now Magnus the Traitor or Warlord. Magnus maintained his loyalty to the dethroned Vinter the Elder after the events of the Lion's Coup. Though he initially worked under King Leto, he became a traitor to Cygnar when he attacked Coleman Stryker during a battle. Known to be working under deposed King Vinter Raelthrone IV.


WARMACHINE Gameplay and Strategy

Cygnar forces are specialist armies consisting mainly of ranged units. Cygnar relies upon their technological and magical superiority. Cygnarian warjacks are not as durable as Khador or Menoth 'jacks, but compensate with this by having greater speed, ranged attack capability, or superior technology, such as Centurion's Magno Shield or the Hunter's armor piercing shells.

In addition, Cygnar boasts the most skilled mechaniks in the game, capable of returning a disabled heap of iron into a fully-functioning warmachine with little more than a patch job.

Cygnar is well known to be outnumbered in battle, employ well trained and equipped troops such as the brutal Stormblades or the near unkillable Trenchers.

The overall strategy that a Cygnarian player should keep in mind is field control. With Cygnar's powerful range weapons and devastating offensive spells, the Cygnarian player almost chooses where he wants his enemy to move.

This is not to say that a melee oriented Cygnar force isn't possible or even effective, but only that it requires more forethought when considering army selections.

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