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The dog varies in size from that of a lapdog to a medium-height animal about the size of a small collie. It has a forgiving and even temperament which makes it an ideal family dog. It lives happily with children, other dogs and cats. Its crossbred genetic inheritance makes it robust and easy to care for. The majority of Cyprus Poodles are off-white, often with an apricot tinge to the coat. When the coat is long the dog resembles a bearded collie but when clipped the terrier lines become clear.The coat is curly and is not shed so regular clipping is necessary to avoid matting and dirt. It loves to swim ; a common trait in poodles, which were bred for waterfowling, and enjoys digging; the terrier side of the family.It is loyal,friendly, patient and an ideal companion.

Cyprus Poodle
Other names Cypriot poodle
Country of origin Cyprus

The Cyprus Poodle is a cross between a terrier and a poodle common in Cyprus. some cyprus poodles do not have these traits they also come in a multi-coloured coat and not like water. :)


They are small to medium dogs. The Cyprus Poodle is recognized by its woolly coat which can be black, white, gray or beige or any combination of those colours or markings.


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