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D-Generation X

Triple H and Shawn Michaels during the fourth incarnation of DX in 2006
Tag Team
Members Shawn Michaels
Triple H
Hornswoggle (mascot)
Name(s) Degeneration X
D-Generation X (DX)
Heights Triple H:
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)[1]
6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)[2]
475 lb (215 kg)
See below
Debut August 1997;[3] D-generation X name born on october 13th 1997
Promotions WWF/E

D-Generation X (also known and spelled as Degeneration X, DX and D-X) is a professional wrestling tag team (formerly a stable) wrestling for World Wrestling Entertainment (previously the World Wrestling Federation) on its WWE Raw brand. The group originated in the midst of the WWF's "Attitude Era" from 1997 to 2000.[4] Their gimmick was that of a gang of rebels who acted and spoke as they pleased, no matter how provocative.

After its original run with members Rick Rude, Chyna, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, the group underwent several roster changes and disbanded in August 2000. After a teased reunion in 2002, DX reformed in June 2006 as the duo of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, until Triple H's quadriceps injury at New Year's Revolution in 2007.[5] Since Michaels' return from hiatus in August 2009, DX has reformed as a tag team, where later on, they would win the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship.



According to Triple H, WWF management wanted to keep The Kliq, of which he and Michaels were members, apart, so they were hesitant to pair the duo together at first.[6] DX, however, was officially incarnated on September 20, 1997 at the WWF One Night Only pay-per-view in Birmingham, England. Along with then-heels, Michaels, Chyna, and Triple H. Michaels' "insurance policy", Rick Rude was also an original member of the group. Triple H and Michaels united after Michaels became a villain after hitting The Undertaker with a chair at SummerSlam.[7] Initially getting together as allies aiding Michaels in his subsequent feud with the Undertaker, DX officially got together at the One Night Only pay-per-view when Helmsley, Chyna, and Rude helped Michaels win the WWF European Championship from the British Bulldog.[3][8][9]

On October 13, 1997, the group officially gave themselves the name "D-Generation X" with Shawn Michaels as the leader. Michaels' autobiography suggests that it was then-WWF head writer Vince Russo who first conceived the moniker for the faction. On-screen, however, the name was taken from Bret Hart, who claimed that Shawn Michaels, Chyna, and Triple H were nothing more than degenerates. It was also the first time they spoke their trademark slogan, "Suck it!" They were often shown on television practicing sophomoric/crude humor and rebelling against authority figures in the company, primarily Vince McMahon (then an on-air color commentator) and then-Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter, the latter of which DX made a particular habit of humiliating with the group giving him the nickname of "Sgt. Slobber". D-Generation X's first feud was against Bret Hart and his Hart Foundation. This feud ended at Survivor Series when Shawn Michaels won his third WWF Championship in the Montreal Screwjob, which came about from Bret leaving the company along with two of the remaining three members of the Foundation.[10][11] The only member that remained in the WWF, Owen Hart, continued to feud with DX, specifically Triple H.

"D-Generation X" was later used as the title for a WWF In Your House pay-per-view telecast on December 7, 1997. By this point, DX's capture of the WWF Championship and European Championship as well as their 'victory' in the feud with the Hart Foundation, solidified their status as the lead stable in the company, with this pay-per-view being representative of that fact. Michaels headlined the event as he was disqualified in a WWF Championship title defense against Ken Shamrock. Earlier that night, Triple H defeated Sgt. Slaughter with the help of Chyna in a Boot Camp match.[12] On the December 11 edition of Raw is War (aired December 22), however, the two were forced to wrestle each other for the European title. In a mock match, similar to the Fingerpoke of Doom, Michaels laid down while Triple H ran around the ring and eventually pinned him for the championship.[13]

In the beginning of 1998, Triple H exchanged the WWF European Championship with Owen Hart.[14][15] At WrestleMania XIV, Shawn Michaels was the reigning WWF Champion and Triple H was the reigning WWF European Champion. They recruited boxer Mike Tyson to act as the "Special Enforcer" in the main event of the night featuring Michaels against Stone Cold Steve Austin. At the end of the match, Tyson turned on D-Generation X and cost Michaels the match.[16]

DX Army (1998–1999)

The night after WrestleMania, Triple H ejected the absent Michaels from the group for "dropping the ball" over the Tyson incident. In reality, Michaels had suffered a back injury and needed to retire from wrestling.[6] Triple H assumed full leadership of D-X and recruited X-Pac, who has been fired from WCW, and the WWF Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws ("Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and The Road Dogg Jesse James) into the stable.[6] While the group were intended to remain as heels, they became hugely popular and were eventually pushed as fan favorites. During this time, they feuded with the heel gimmick of The Rock and his group the Nation of Domination and then later, Vince McMahon's Corporation.[6][17] The group remained united and hugely popular throughout all of 1998 and into early 1999.

On editions of Raw is War in April and May, they went to a "war" with WCW, with whom the WWF were in direct competition at the time, through a series of legitimate visits to WCW headquarters and events. On April 27, 1998, Raw is War and WCW Monday Nitro both took place in Virginia, a mere 19 miles apart. D-Generation X, traveled from the WWF show in Hampton to The Scope in Norfolk. DX, with a bullhorn in hand, shouted insults against WCW, as well as mentioning the fact that WCW gave out free tickets to fill up arenas for television, all while sporting black armbands with the acronym POWCW (Prisoner of WCW), a reference to former Kliq members and then WCW employees Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. They then tried to enter the arena via a loading dock, in their army jeep before being stopped by someone closing the door.[18] They would also attempt to forcefully secure meetings with Nitro's executive producer Eric Bischoff and WCW owner Ted Turner at WCW headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Another segment saw Triple H "fly" over an arena where WCW Nitro was taking place and skywrite "WCW Sucks" and "DX Says Suck It."[17]

The group also feuded with the new "Corporate" Commissioner, and former DX member, Shawn Michaels who turned on the group after costing X-Pac a WWF Championship match against The Rock.[19] The faction would continue to feud with Michaels throughout late 1998, with Michaels reversing Billy Gunn's Intercontinental Championship victory against Ken Shamrock[19], costing The Outlaws the Tag Team Titles and even managing to lure the New Age Outlaws to The Corporation on the December 7 edition of Raw is War. However, the Outlaws quickly revealed this to have been a ruse, turning on The Corporation that same night.[19] When The Corporation turned on Michaels in January 1999, he was taken in by DX once more. This too was short lived as later that night DX were instrumental in Michaels being ambushed by The Corporation, with Triple H commenting "What goes around, comes around".

Some of the groups most memorable promos were their parodies of their rivals. On July 6, 1998, DX carried out the first of these segments. In this instance, they mocked The Nation, with Triple H portraying The Rock (referred to as "The Crock"); Road Dogg playing D'Lo Brown (referred to as "B'Lo Brown"); "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn playing The Godfather (referred to as "The Gunnfather"); X-Pac as Mark Henry (referred to as "Mizark Henry"); and impressionist Jason Sensation as Owen Hart.[20] On December 14, 1998, they would turn their attention to The Corporation with Triple H again appearing as "The Crock", Road Dogg playing Mr McMahon (with two midgets representing Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson kissing his behind throughout); Billy Gunn, playing Shane McMahon wearing an adult diaper; X-Pac playing Ken Shamrock; Chyna as The Big Bossman; and Sensation returning to play Michaels.[21] These parodies would be resurrected during the fourth incarnation.

Throughout 1999, the members gradually turned on one another. Initially, Chyna turned on Triple H and joined the Corporation on January 19.[6] At Wrestlemania XV Chyna turned on fellow Corporation member Kane, helping Triple H to defeat him. Later that night, Triple H and Chyna interfered in X-Pac's European Championship match with Shane McMahon. Initially it appeared they were there to help X-Pac, but Triple H quickly turned on him, delivering a pedigree to his former stablemate, costing him the match. Chyna and Triple H would then join The Corporation, with Kane being ousted[6] As a result, X-Pac began to share a bond with Kane, holding the WWF Tag Team Championship twice, which resulted in Kane becoming associated with the faction.[22][23][24]

Though the group maintained a united front against The Corporation, Billy Gunn became frustrated at Kane's presence and The New Age Outlaws' inability to win the Tag Team Championships from X-Pac and Kane. Following one such defeat on the April 29 edition of Smackdown, Gunn became angry at X-Pac.[20] The following week on Sunday Night Heat he apologised to X-Pac, but attacked him when X-Pac's back was turned, citing his frustration at being "held back" and departing from D-Generation X, therefore reducing the members to just Road Dogg and X-Pac.[17] Over the following weeks, Gunn would continue to attack X-Pac and Road Dogg, often being chased away by Kane.[20] In July Triple H and Chyna told Billy Gunn that Road Dogg and X-Pac were making a lot more money from royalties from D-Generation X than the other three (due to them still using the name as a tag team), this lead to a tag match at Fully Loaded whereby the winners would get the rights to use the D-Generation X name, which Road Dogg and X-Pac won. Though not officially a member, upon winning the Tag Team Titles from The Acolytes on August 9, Kane, under encouragement from partner X-Pac, uttered his first words without help from a voice box, said words being "Suck it".[20]

McMahon-Helmsley Era (1999–2000)

Triple H displaying the DX "X"

On October 25, the group reformed as villains when Triple H and X-Pac helped the New Age Outlaws - who had reunited a month previously[20] - defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin and the face gimmick of The Rock.[17][25] On that weeks Smackdown, X-Pac suggested that DX would get "bigger", hinting that Kane would finally become an official member. However, later that night, he turned on Kane following a match with the Dudley Boyz, stating there would be no additional member.[26] That same night, DX were "hunted" by Austin, with Stone Cold catching Road Dogg in a bear trap, Billy Gunn in a noose, having a portion of the backstage ceiling fall on X-Pac and finally catching the whole group in a net.[26]

From then on, Kane and X-Pac would feud, with X-Pac eventually stealing Kane's storyline "girlfriend" Tori, on January 27, 2000, with Tori becoming a member of DX.[27] Triple H would also "marry" Stephanie McMahon, who would also join the group.[28] Throughout this period, the heel DX would feud with the likes of Austin, The Rock, Shane McMahon, Mankind/Cactus Jack, Chris Jericho and Kane,[20] primarily securing and protecting Triple H's WWF Championship, which he won on January 3, 2000.[29] They would arrive at arenas in a tour bus called "The DX Express"[30]

Until mid-2000, DX remained a strong and united group. In early 2000, however, Billy Gunn was placed out of action for several months after suffering an injury against the Dudley Boyz. On-screen, Gunn's storyline involved him getting thrown out of DX because "he lost his cool".[17] X-Pac teamed with Road Dogg, but the two never reached the heights of the New Age Outlaws. At WrestleMania 2000, then-babyface, Vince McMahon turned on The Rock and aided Triple H in retaining his title.[31] The group was officially dubbed the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. On March 30, X-Pac and Tori assisted Stephanie McMahon in winning the Women's Championship from Jacquelyn.[32] On April 12, Steve Austin used a crane to drop a steel beam on the DX Express tour bus, crushing the bus in the parking lot.[33]

The Rock defeated Triple H at Backlash in a match which featured Steve Austin's brief return to the WWF.[34] Though Triple H regained the title the following month at Judgment Day,[35] the group gradually broke apart. Road Dogg and X-Pac became frustrated by their lack of success as a tag-team and turned on each other, culminating in a match at SummerSlam, which X-Pac won.[36] By late 2000, Triple H was a solo star.

On the November 6, 2000 edition of Raw is War, the group temporarily rejoined (except for X-Pac, who was injured) to take on The Radicalz (Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn) in an eight-person tag team match, which DX won.[37] The match included the group doing their old DX entrance, as well as telling the crowd to "Suck it!" It was the symbolic end to D-Generation X. Chyna, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and K-Kwik, Road Dogg's new tag team partner, however, feuded with the Radicalz that month, eventually leading to a match at Survivor Series. The Radicalz won the match.[38]

After that, DX remained unseen and largely unspoken of until Shawn Michaels returned to WWE in 2002. On the July 22 edition of Raw at Shawn Michaels' 37th birthday, a week after the breakup of the nWo, Triple H handed Michaels a DX t-shirt and stated he "had an idea," suggesting that the two reform the group. The duo later came out that night to their old music and crotch chops to the delight of the crowd. However, Triple H turns on Shawn Michaels on that same night; he had teased the reunion as a ploy to appease Michaels and lure him to the ring before giving him a Pedigree, making Triple H as a villain.[39] This act led to the in-ring return of Michaels at SummerSlam and was the genesis of a long feud between the two.[40]

Fourth Incarnation (2006–present)

In 2006, a series of events occurred which hinted at a DX reunion. At WrestleMania 22, former members Shawn Michaels and Triple H performed the crotch chop during their respective matches, which was met with loud cheering from the fans in attendance.[41] The two continued to deliver chops in the following episodes of Raw as Michaels feuded with Vince McMahon and Triple H focused on the WWE Championship, repeatedly running into McMahon in the process.

Michaels displaying the DX "X"

On the June 12 edition of Raw, the events came to a head, when, during Triple H's gauntlet match against the Spirit Squad, Shawn Michaels came in to help his former companion. After the duo had laid out the entire Spirit Squad, the two men began to perform their crotch chops. DX continued their brash antics at the expense of the Spirit Squad, Vince and Shane McMahon, and Jonathan Coachman for several weeks and repeatedly took part in blatantly camp product placement during Raw promos.[42][43] Most of their antics involved practical jokes on Vince.

On the June 26 edition of Raw, they added to the list of parodies with Triple H impersonating Vince McMahon, talking about his love of "Dicks" (a double entrende referring to Dick Ebersol, Dick Clark, and Dick Cheney, as well as the male member), while Michaels impersonated Shane McMahon.[44] On the July 3 edition of Raw, Vince banned DX from the arena; DX responded by sneaking into the production truck and doing a series of pranks to Mr. McMahon (including focusing a camera on McMahon in a public restroom [which was shown on the Raw titantron] and tampering with his microphone). During their feud, DX defeated the Spirit Squad at Vengeance and on the July 15 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event,[45][46] as well as The McMahons (Vince and Shane) at SummerSlam.[47] At Unforgiven in a handicap Hell in a Cell match that featured The Big Show on The McMahons' side, DX again came out victorious.[48]

DX's next feud was with Rated-RKO (Edge and Randy Orton). At Cyber Sunday, the fans selected Eric Bischoff over Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman to be the special guest referee for the match. Bischoff allowed the illegal use of a steel chair to give Rated-RKO the win. With this win, Rated-RKO became the first team to "defeat" DX in a tag team match since their reunion in June 2006.[42][49] At Survivor Series, Michaels and Triple H got back at Edge and Orton by leading Team DX (Triple H, Michaels, Matt and Jeff Hardy, and CM Punk) to a 5–0 sweep over Team Rated-RKO (Edge, Orton, Gregory Helms, Johnny Nitro, and Mike Knox).[42][50] In 2007, DX challenged for the World Tag Team Championship against Edge and Orton at New Year's Revolution. The fight ended in a no contest after Michaels hit the referee. During the match, Triple H suffered a legitimate torn quadriceps. After the match, DX beat down Rated-RKO with steel chairs and on the announce tables.

DX after Raw went off the air on October 29, 2007

After Triple H's injury, Shawn Michaels continued to uphold the DX image by himself leading into WrestleMania 23. Michaels would still come to the ring with the DX music and attire even though Triple H was not joining him during this period. During this time, he captured the World Tag Team championship with John Cena as well as went on to face Cena at WrestleMania 23 for the WWE Championship. Michaels would continue to use the D-Generation X motif until after Backlash, at which point he reverted to his traditional entrance music and attire, thus ending this incarnation of D-Generation X. Michaels and Triple H teamed up again under the D-Generation X on the January 28, 2008 episode of Raw defeating Umaga and Snitsky.[51] Despite DX reforming for one night only occasions, both Triple H and Shawn Michaels have used the "crotch chop" since the one night only returns. On the September 29, 2008 edition of Raw, Triple H and Shawn Michaels reunited as DX to take on Chris Jericho and Lance Cade. They won by disqualification, due to Cade and Jericho attacking Michaels with a ladder.[52] After being mocked by John Morrison and The Miz for two weeks, on the 800th episode of Raw, DX defeated the duo. During the Christmas season, DX appeared in numerous vignettes to promote DX clothing and other WWE merchandise; one such commercial also featured Kelly Kelly. In the 2009 WWE Draft on April 13, 2009, Triple H was drafted back to the Raw brand.

In April 2009, Michaels took a hiatus from WWE after losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV. Meanwhile, Triple H was embroiled in a rivalry with Randy Orton and The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase). The feud continued from the spring through the summer with Triple H mainly combating with Orton over the WWE Championship. Eventually, Triple H would begin to target The Legacy because they were responsible for his losses against Orton during matches. After losing a handicap match to The Legacy, Triple H stated that he would search for Michaels in order to reunite DX. On the August 10, 2009 episode of Raw, video segments aired in which Triple H met with Michaels at an office cafeteria in Texas where he was working as a chef; throughout the segments, Triple H would try to convince Michaels return to WWE from hiatus. After several incidents during the segments (including a grease fire and Shawn shouting at a little girl), Michaels agreed to team with Triple H to face The Legacy at SummerSlam, quitting from his chef job in the process.[53]

On the August 17 episode of Raw, in St. Louis, MO, Michaels and Triple H officially reunited as DX, but as they were in the process of their in-ring promo, Legacy attacked them both.[54] Their first match after reuniting was against Legacy at SummerSlam, which they won.[55] At Breaking Point, however, they lost to Legacy in the first ever Submissions Count Anywhere match in WWE history.[56] At the October pay-per-view Hell in Cell, DX defeated Legacy in a Hell in a Cell match.[57] DX would challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship in a triple threat match at Survivor Series with both men failing to win the title,[58] although they were able to retain their friendship and tag team partnership. On December 13 at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, DX defeated Chris Jericho and The Big Show to win the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match;[59] the first tag team championship reign for Michaels and Triple H as a tag team.

On December 21, Triple H announced that Hornswoggle was the new DX mascot.[60] This came about after Hornswoggle sued DX for emotional and physical distress due to them not allowing him to join DX.[60] After being taken to court where they were ruled guilty by a jury and judge consisting of dwarves, Michaels told Triple H that Hornswoggle could be the mascot. Triple H agreed to it only if the charges were dropped, which Hornswoggle agreed to.[60] On January 11 during an episode of Raw, Mike Tyson, who was a member of DX during its first incarnation, joined once again for one night. Tyson, who was the Raw guest host for the night, teamed with Jericho to face DX; however, at the end of the bout, Tyson turned on Jericho and aligned himself once again with Michaels and Triple H.[61] On the February 8, 2010 episode of Raw, DX lost their Unified Tag Team Titles to The Miz and The Big Show in a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match also featuring The Straight Edge Society (CM Punk and Luke Gallows). DX later tried to reclaim the Unified Tag Team Titles in a rematch against ShoMiz but failed to reclaim the titles.

Signature taunts

Crotch chop

DX doing their pyro routine with John Cena

When DX formed they began doing a gesture where they would put one arm on each side of their crotch and point down. This was known as the "crotch chop". There is an alternate version of the "crotch chop" where instead of pointing down on each side of their crotches, they point down and make their arms in an "X" formation, over their stomach/crotch. According to Paul Levesque (Triple H), Vince McMahon was hesitant to let them perform the "X" at first, but he was later talked into it.[6] When DX enters the ring they do a pyro routine. Green X pyrotechnics go off three times, with DX crotch-chopping at each firing. They then pause for a few seconds, then chop once more as the pyrotechnics fire for the fourth time.

The crotch chop is used in the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire by Jamal (Dev Patel) after getting away from pursuing security guards[62] and by a character in the opening scenes of the 2008 movie Knocked Up. Fidel Edwards, the West Indian fast bowler has on occasions used the crotch chop after taking a wicket.[63] It has also infamously been used by Professional Bowler Pete Weber after getting a strike, Weber himself is a fan of wrestling. The character Kenny Powers in the HBO series, Eastbound and Down also uses the gesture in a fantasy sequence where he walks through the halls of the school where he works.

Suck it!

"Suck it!" is DX's signature slogan. This is also used in their popular "Let's get ready to suck it!" comment, originally a parody of Michael Buffer's "Let's get ready to rumble!" who routinely handled ring announcing duties in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the WWF's chief competitor during the mid-to-late 1990s. The routine originated in the "DX Army" era with the Road Dogg Jesse James and Badd Ass Billy Gunn, and starts when Triple H asks the audience "Are you ready?" He then shouts "No, (city name), I said ARE YOU READY?", or "I thought this was (city name), I said ARE YOU READY?", to elicit a louder reaction from the crowd. He continues and says "Then, for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world. Let's get ready to suck it!". Since Michaels' return to DX in 2006, he also has been included in the routine, following Triple H with: "If you're not down with that, we got two words for yah!" To which the crowd shouts "SUCK IT!" back at them. Michaels' contribution was initially used by Billy Gunn while Road Dog would do Triple H's part in the New Age Outlaws' introduction segment during the late 90s while they were in DX.


Throughout the years of World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, there have been different incarnations of DX.

  • Third incarnation (Heels):
    • Type: Stable
    • Active: October 25, 1999 – December 12, 2000
    • Members: Triple H (leader), X-Pac, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Tori
    • Associated members: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
  • Fourth incarnation (Faces):
    • Type: Tag team
    • Active: June 12, 2006 – April 1, 2007; August 10, 2009 – present
    • Members: Triple H and Shawn Michaels, with Hornswoggle (mascot)
    • Associated members: John Cena, Mike Tyson

In wrestling

Michaels performing Sweet Chin Music on Chris Jericho
  • Double-team finishing moves
    • Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels, with the victim then turning towards Triple H, who then executes the Pedigree (2006–present)
    • Triple H performing the Pedigree, with Michaels pushing down on the victim for extra force (2009–present)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Break It Down" by chris warren and jim johnston (WWF/WWE) 1997–2000,2002
    • "Break It Down V2" by chris warren and jim johnston (WWF) 2000
    • "Break It Down V3" by chris warren and jim johnston (WWE) 2006-present
    • "The Kings" by Run DMC,chris warren and jim johnston (WWF) 2000

Championships and accomplishments

DX after a Steel Cage match against The Legacy.


  • WWF - D-Generation X (1998, VHS)
  • WWE - D-Generation X (June 2, 2006, DVD)
    • Identical to the VHS product with the exception of added censorship of profanity and nudity.
  • The New and Improved D-Generation X (February 20, 2007, DVD)
    • The DVD includes the early hints of the fourth incarnation from WrestleMania, through the skits, promos, chaos, and matches that reunited the duo, making life miserable for Mr. McMahon. This DVD has all the DX highlights including backstage interviews and segments, their imitation of the McMahons, the hijacking of the Raw production truck, taking over Raw for a night, and vandalizing WWE's property. It is also notable as being one of the few recent WWE Home Video releases that is kayfabe-based as opposed to showing real-life stories behind the wrestlers.
  • The two team members have their faces on the cover of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009

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