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DC Universe Online
Developer(s) Sony Online Austin
Publisher(s) Sony Online Entertainment
Series DC Comics
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PC
Genre(s) Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Mode(s) Online Only
Rating(s) T
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD
Input methods SIXAXIS Controller, DualShock 3, keyboard, mouse

DC Universe Online or DCUO is an MMORPG being developed by Sony Online Austin. Jim Lee serves as the game's Executive Creative Director, along with Carlos D'Anda, JJ Kirby, Oliver Nome, Eddie Nunez, Livio Ramondelli, and Michael Lopez. EverQuest developers Chris Cao and Shawn Lord are also involved,[1] and Geoff Johns is the principal writer.[2] When asked whether the game would require a monthly subscription to play, or free to play, Sony's Wes Yanagi suggested that the game may implement a non-traditional or hybrid business model although such matters haven't yet been revealed by Sony Online Entertainment.[3]

On July 4, 2008, the first conceptual art was released for the game.[4] The first trailer was released on July 14, 2008.[5] New concept art and screenshots for the game were released the next day.[6] The developers held a Q&A on the same day, where players could ask questions about the gameplay and other aspects of the game.[7][8] Other interviews and information about the game have also come online.[9][10] It was revealed on their Myspace page that the first public demo of the game would be shown during Comic-Con International. Other interviews have also been found regarding the game.[11][12] Information about the games' reveal at Comic-Con have also surfaced.[13] A making of DCUO video has been released.[14] DCUO was also shown and playable in Pre-Alpha form at major conventions throughout 2009, such as New York Comic Con, E3 and Comic-Con International. The game has been scheduled for release in late 2010.[15]



DC Universe Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the DC Universe. SOE hopes to make a different kind of MMORPG, with The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction being cited as one of the main inspirations for gameplay. SOE is working to make DC Universe Online more interactive than standard MMORPGs, while trying to keep key elements of RPGs, which include a leveling system, raid instances, endgame progression and inventories. The world is mainly shared, public space instead of heroes or villains owning territory. The public space features dynamically-generated content designed for both hero and villain player characters (uniquely created by the player, who cannot choose DCU stalwarts).

It is known that players will choose a city of origin for their character, the only known cities being Metropolis and Gotham City. Another location currently known to be in the game is Arkham Asylum, Gotham City's mental institution for criminals (including a number of Batman's more psychopathic enemies, such as the Joker, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Scarecrow, and Two-Face). The character is given either a Justice League or a Legion of Doom communicator - depending on their choice of playing as either a hero or a villain - and the character's allegiance will affect how the game is played; for example, a hero character may encounter a thug robbing an armored truck while a villain character will instead rob (or, depending on character level, assist with the robbing of) said armored truck. It is also known that player characters have threat ratings which will cause both heroes and villains alike to interact accordingly with the character.

IGN previewed a demo video, showing Brainiac infecting citizens of Metropolis with a nanovirus that causes them to riot in the streets. Lex Luthor decides to test out his battle armor and Bizarro comes to "help" Superman, who, along with Supergirl and Green Lantern, help the 'player character' defeat the infected citizens and remove the nanovirus. It's not yet known whether this mission will appear in the final game.

The game is now in the Alpha stage of development.

Confirmed characters

Heroes [4][5][14]
Villains [4][5][14]


DC Comics announced, in January 2010, that they will be releasing DC Universe: Legends a 52-issue weekly limited series (along the lines of previous similar series like 52, Countdown to Final Crisis and Trinity) which would be based on the game.[16]

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