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DJ Max Portable 3
Developer(s) Pentavision
  • NA PM Studios
Director(s) Bexter
Planetboom (Sound Director)
Producer(s) Croove
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Release date(s)
  • SK 14 October 2010
  • NA 14th October 2010
  • PSN 19th October 2010
Genre(s) Music video game
Mode(s) Single-player Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: E10+, GRB: 12+
Media UMD, PSN digital download
System requirements

Official PSP Firmware 6.30 or Newer (In UMD Version, game will install OFW 6.30 automatically if your firmware version under 6.30)

DJ Max Portable 3 (Korean: 디제이맥스 포터블 3) is an upcoming music game for the PlayStation Portable published and developed by Pentavision in South Korea, and is a sequel to the earlier DJ Max Portable game series.[1][2][3] DJ Max Portable 3 was announced shortly after DJ Max Technika 2: Crew Race was announced. Soon after, the official trailers from PM Studios and Pentavision was launched. The trailers had only 1 difference: Whiteblue being a replacement for one song (though this is merely a cosmetic change to the trailer made by PM Studios)[4]. It is the seventh installment of the game for the PlayStation Portable, and regarded as the actual sequel to DJMAX Portable 2 since Clazziquai and Black Square branched out for the METRO Project in 2008, Fever for the North American release and the Technika series globally.


New Features

  • The button modes have been renamed to XT where X refers to the number of buttons (ex: 4B is now 4T)
  • A new game mode, known as "REMIX SYSTEM", which involves using the analog stick and pressing the square, triangle and circle buttons. This new modes comes in the name of X.2T, where X is the button mode. The "gear" has been enlarged.
  • Two notes introduced along with the "REMIX SYSTEM": Turntable notes are purple long notes that are played by moving the analog stick, and are based on DJ scratch and cross-fading; Sampler Notes resemble synthesizer notes or sound effects, and are played using the Square, Triangle and Circle keys when the analog stick is shifted to the left or right.[5]
  • 3 buttons mode
  • High-def graphics and MVs in-game
  • Along with a preview sound clip of the song on the song select screen. Part of the songs MV will play there as well.
  • There is also a new difficulty system instead of Normal, Hard, Maximum. They use Standard Style (SS) and Technical Style (TS).


PM Studios officially announced on 25 May 2010 that the game would be released in North America, and that they were aiming for a North American release within October 2010.[1] The game will be released in both UMD and PlayStation Network Digital Download format. It is to feature more than 50 songs, various modes and options, and a currently unannounced new feature.[3] There will be two different limited editions (one kind for the USA the other one for Korea) which includes various extras like artbooks and the original soundtrack on CD´s. Both of them are strictly limited to 1000 pieces. Also the single UMD will be limited (word has it that there will be only 5000 pieces).


Unless stated, the songs here are not confirmed.

  • Flash Fingers (Opening Song) (Confirmed)
  • Put Em Up / makou (Confirmed)
  • Dual Strikers / 7 Sequence[citation needed]
  • La Campanella : Nu Rave / Cranky (Confirmed)
  • Sweet Dream / Lin-G[citation needed]
  • PUZZLER / Electronic Boutique[citation needed]
  • Trip / NieN (Confirmed)
  • Love is Beautiful / Electronic Boutique[citation needed]
  • A Significant Change (Confirmed)
  • Rage of Demon / NieN (Confirmed)
  • SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Dirty Remix) / Planetboom, Remixed by Mr.Funky[citation needed]
  • XLASHER / Hosoe Shinji (Confirmed)
  • Dream of Winds / XeoN (Confirmed)
  • Say It From Your Heart / makou (Confirmed)
  • Whiteblue / zts[citation needed]
  • Outlaw: Reborn / CROOVE, Remixed by Mr. Funky (Confirmed)
  • Your Own Miracle / Ruby Tuesday[citation needed]
  • D2 / First Aid (confirmed)
  • Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong / DINY (Confirmed)
  • Rain Maker / Paul Bazooka (Confirmed)
  • Everything / 3rd Coast (Confirmed)
  • Mellow D Fantasy / NieN (Confirmed)
  • Gone Astray
  • Raise Me Up / Planetboom (Confirmed)
  • Season (Warm mix)/ makou (Confirmed)
  • Hanz Up! / Mr.Funky (Confirmed)
  • Desperado (Nu skool mix) / CROOVE (Confirmed)
  • Funky People / vespers vs myagi (Confirmed)
  • Waiting for the Sun / Mindcube (Confirmed)
  • Beautiful Girl (Seth Vogt Electro Vanity Remix) / DJ Keri (Confirmed)
  • IF / Vanila Unity (Confirmed)
  • Become Myself / PIA (Confirmed)
  • Leave me Alone / NieN (Confirmed)
  • Your Smile / Roseline (Confirmed)
  • Sunny Side (Remastered Ver.) / CROOVE (Confirmed)
  • MASAI (Electro House Mix) / CROOVE (Confirmed)

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