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DPS is a three-letter initialism that could refer to:


In education

In an official setting

In technology

  • Data Processing System Engineer, a flight engineer responsible for data processing systems in a space flight
  • Digital Processing Systems, makers of popular hardware systems for broadcast and professional video applications, acquired by Leitch Technology in 2000
  • Double Page Spread in advertising as opposed to a Single Full Page advert
  • Display PostScript, an on-screen display system
  • Distributed Power System, an application in power system engineering
  • Dynamic positioning system, a means to automatically maintain a ship’s position and heading by using her own propellers and thrusters
  • Several lines of mainframe and minicomputers marketed by Groupe Bull
  • Data Protection Systems as used in HP/Compaq PC's related to hard drives.
  • Differential Path-length Spectroscopy an optical-fiber-based diagnostic tool that is sensitive to singlescattering events close to the fiber-optic probe tip.


  • DNA Protecting proteins under Starved conditions, or mini ferritin: class of proteins that have the double capability to protect DNA by DNA/protein aggregation (on most DPS through positively charged protein extensions "hooking" DNA) and to store iron within the cavity of the protein (catalytic process of iron oxidation and storage).


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  1. Department of Public Safety.
  2. Delivery Point Sequence - a system of automated letter sorting used by the United States Postal Service.
  3. Damage per second, a standard way to calculate the damage dealt to other players or creatures in online role-playing games.



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