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Korean name
Hangul 대보름
Hanja 大보름
Revised Romanization Daeboreum
McCune–Reischauer Taeborŭm

Daeboreum (literally "Great Full Moon") is a Korean holiday that celebrates the first full moon of the new year of the lunar Korean calendar. This holiday is accompanied by many traditions.



One familiar custom is to crack nuts with one's teeth. It is believed that this practice will help keep one's teeth healthy for the year.

In the countryside, people climb mountains, braving cold weather, trying to catch the first rise of the moon. It is said that the first person to see the moon rise will have good luck all year.

Historically, people played the traditional game named geuybulnori (쥐불놀이) the night before daeboreum. They burned the dry grass on ridges between rice fields while children whirled around cans full of holes, through which charcoal fire blazed. These cans fertilized the fields and got rid of harmful worms that destroyed the new crops.


For breakfast on Daeboreum, Ogokbap (오곡밥 / 五穀밥), a five-"grain" rice consisting of rice, millet, Indian millet, beans, and red beans is served (gok includes grains and beans). This is eaten with various dried herbs. One of the special foods of Daeboreum is Yaksik (약식 / 藥食). This treat is made of glutinous rice, chestnuts, pinenuts, honey, sauce, and sesame oil.

On this day, Koreans traditionally do not give any food to dogs since it is believed that dogs that eat on this day will contract gad flies and become ill during the coming summer.


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Simple English

Daeboreum(Jeongwoldaeboreum) is the 15th day of the first lunar month. This is a traditional holiday in Korea. The moonlight is the symbol of light which sends away the dark, diseases and misfortunes.

According to Youlryeokseo (an ancient book), Jeongwol combines(or harmonizes) with human being, god and nature and it plans thing we will do during one year, prays and divines. When full moon rises to the sky at Daeboreum, it is believed that a one year's desire which is seeing the full moon and praying is accomplished by many people. In the morning of the Daeboreum, Korean have sold their heat. People go to their friends' house as early as they can, and call their friends' name and tell "Buy my heat" or "My heat, my heat, mundy heat!". Korean think if they do that, they can live their summer cool. It is common that sell the heat once. Hence, some rogues sell the heat many times for teasing children.


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