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Daigoro vs Goliath (Kaij├╗ daifunsen: Daigorou tai Goriasu - literal translation, Great Desperate Monster Battle: Daigoro vs. Goliath) is 1972 Kaiju film. The film was produced by Tsuburaya Productions. The film was never released in the US.


Daigoro is an orphaned monster who is taken to Japan and raised there. Daigoro grows too big for people to take care of. Meanwhile, Goliath (a monster who has been sleeping for eons) awakens. Goliath goes to Earth and battles Daigoro. Goliath defeats Daigoro. Daigoro is left to die. Daigoro survives and practices daily for his next battle against Goliath. In their next battle Daigoro defeats Goliath. Goliath is later launched into space.

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