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Daisy Doll was a famous 1970s doll designed by fashion designer Mary Quant.

Daisy Doll


Daisy was manufactured in the 1970s in Hong Kong by Model Toys Ltd, in connection with Flair Toys Ltd. She is designed by fashion designer Mary Quant. Mary Quant's 'symbol' is a Daisy flower, hence her doll's name. The doll is 23 centimeters (9 inches) tall. There are three different versions of her: Dizzy Daisy, who has a stiff body and unbendable legs, basic bodied version with bendable legs and an active version called Dashing Daisy, whose body is the most bendable. Her hair color has ranged from different shades of blond to brunette and red.

Daisy's clothes are designed by Mary Quant and there are hundreds of different models. The doll and its accessories were sold in ordinary local shops and children had easy access for their fashination to grow on her. She has her own house with furniture like round 1970s-style kitchen table and chairs; in the bedroom there are a bed, a dressing table, a wardrobe, a light pink chaise longe, and a chevral dressing mirror and 'bentwood' style coat and hat stand. She also had a 'Chesterfield' style arm chair with pedestal side table and 'oil lamp'. The doll's pets are a dog called Spot, a dalmatian, and a horse called Archie, which can be found in two colours: white with black spots and a palomino.

Every year a new fashion booklet was issued, showing any new Daisy dolls, and all her latest fashions for that year. Each booklet had a theme; the first, in 1973, being called My Fashion Diary, telling all about Daisy's year and the various outfits she wears each month for various occasions. The 1974 booklet is called My Round The World Holiday, in which Daisy travels the world, showing off more wonderful outfits designed by Mary Quant.



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