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Dakentaijutsu (Japanese: 打拳体術) refers to the striking component of several Japanese martial arts including the Shinden Fudo Ryu dakentaijutsu taught in the Bujinkan martial arts organization. More generally, the word dakentaijutsu could be used with similar meaning as the word Karate.

In the Bujinkan dakentaijutsu relies on the techniques of the koppojutsu (bone breaking) and koshijutsu (pressure point and muscle/joint tears and dislocations) disciplines. Bujinkan dakentaijutsu applies koppojutsu and koshijutsu techniques by means of hard strikes. This is not complete in koshijutsu you will not strike harder than necessary and the principle of koppojutsu is that you attack the bones of your enemies with your one bone so koppojutsu means more than just breaking bones. Dakentai refereers in Bujinkan to shindenfudo ryu, kukishinden ryu (which means more yoroi kumijutsu) so in a way dakentai jutsu is a principle on its own.

Shinden Fudo Ryu dakentaijutsu is a school of the Bujinkan (and also be studied by other federations)


Glossary of Japanese Martial Arts terms. Contains more than 200 entries.

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