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Mr. Dale Jackaman (born June 2, 1956 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian politician.

Dale Jackaman


Biographical History

Early life

Jackaman, a social democrat, became well-known in the 1980s and 1990s as one of the founders and past Executive Director of British Columbia's largest anti-tobacco activist and lobby group, Airspace Non-Smokers' Rights Society, later renamed Airspace Action on Smoking and Health. Airspace was an effective tobacco control organization during a time when smoking was prevalent in the workplace and virtually all indoor public places. Jackaman was prominent in attacking municipal and provincial politicians for the lack of effective laws to protect non-smokers, and was involved in helping to initiate government litigation against the tobacco industry.


Jackaman was a candidate in the federal riding of Richmond for the New Democratic Party in the 2004 and 2008 federal elections, losing to Raymond Chan and then Alice Wong. He also ran in the Provincial riding of Richmond Centre for the New Democratic Party of British Columbia in the 2005 provincial election. Richmond is not considered a strong riding for the NDP and Jackaman lost his bid against the now BC Liberal Party Labour Minister, Olga Ilich, while garnering thirty-two percent of the riding's vote.

Jackaman is an openly atheist politician. During the 2006 federal election, Jackaman chose to start a third party attack campaign against the evangelical Conservative candidate, Darrel Reid, former President of Focus on the Family. Jackaman, attacked Reid for his stated opinions on stem cell research and treatment, gay rights issues, creationism and alleged "hidden agenda" issues. His campaign may have contributed to Reid losing the election to the Liberal incumbent, Raymond Chan, who would subsequently serve his fourth term in the new Liberal-led official opposition.

Jackaman has also appeared on radio and television shows as a guest commentator, including national TV spots on the Vision TV network with debates on religion in politics being a common theme. (7)


Through the 1990s to 2004, Jackaman served as IT Director and a senior manager at BC Research Inc., western Canada’s largest privately owned scientific research and development facility. BC Research's main consulting team has since been acquired by Cantest prior to the planned closing of the BC Research and Innovation Complex in 2007. Jackaman, a licensed Private Investigator, became well known in IT circles, notably in the field of IT security, and has used his prominence to take on both governments (notably China) and private corporations on human rights, censorship, security, and privacy of information issues.


Jackaman, a former reservist and United Nations peacekeeper, served three tours of duty in the Middle East with the Canadian Armed Forces Signal Corps.


Currently, Jackaman runs a privately held computer security company and lives in Richmond with his wife and daughter.

Dale is also an Amateur Radio operator. He serves the community with his hobby.


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