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 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
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General Information
Team Dallas Cowboys
Established 1960
Director Kelli McGonagill Finglass
Members 36
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (1960 - Present)
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The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) are the National Football League cheerleading squad for the Dallas Cowboys.[1]




Before the founding of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (DCC), the football team's cheer squad was a male-female group called CowBelles & Beaux. The group made its sidelines debut in 1960. Local high school students made up the squad. It was typical of other cheerleading teams throughout the 1960s, rarely getting much attention. At that time, cheerleading was more about, as its name implied, exhorting the audience to show their support for the team. Seeing the cheerleaders was rarely a reason for watching football at the time.


In the early 1970s, Cowboys manager Tex Schramm decided to change their image to boost attendance. At first he simply tried hiring professional models, but that did not work due to their lack of athletic ability. He then knew that he needed professional dancers with stamina who would be able to perform through an entire game. He worked with local choreographer Texie Waterman, who was charged with auditioning and training an entirely new and unique squad which would combine an attractive appearance, athletic ability, and talent as performers.

This group, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, first appeared on the sidelines during the 1972–1973 NFL season.

Even greater national attention came in 1978 when the squad was on two network TV specials, NBC Rock-n-Roll Sports Classic and The Osmond Brothers Special on ABC. In 1978, they had their own hour-long special to launch the season for Monday Night Football.

On 14 January 1979, the made-for-TV movie The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (1979) aired. Starring Jane Seymour, it had a 48% share of the national television audience.[2][3]


On 13 January 1980, a sequel to the original TV movie called The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders II (1980) aired. Throughout the years, they have had many other TV appearances.

The cheerleaders have toured throughout the US (on and off field) and overseas. Included in this are regular appearances in United Service Organizations (USO) tours. This started in the Christmas of 1979, for US troops stationed in South Korea. This has remained a regular function for them.


The cheerleaders release an annual swimsuit calendar.

As of 2009, the director of the DCC was Kelli McGonagill Finglass, and the choreographer was Judy Trammell.

Since 2006, the cheerleaders have been featured on the Country Music Television/CMT reality television series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, where hundreds of hopefuls try out to become members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.


The uniform itself is a carefully guarded trademark and may not be duplicated in any way without the written permission of the DCC. The internationally recognized ensemble of blouse, vest, and shorts was originally designed by Paula Van Wagoner of the Lester Melnick store in Dallas.


Since first introduced with the formation of the squad in 1972, the basic uniform has been modified only six times:

  • In May 1989, the original "go-go" boot had gone out of style, and a more western oriented design was selected.
  • In 1991, the large buckled belt was left behind in favor of shorts with a more flattering cut.
  • In 1992, a cowboy-style boot was introduced to the uniform
  • In 1993, crystals were added to outline the fifteen stars on the vest and shorts.
  • In 1994, a more western shape to the blouse lapels was incorporated.
  • In 1999, crystals were added to the fringe line of the vest.

Each modification has been approved by Director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and implemented by Leveta Crager, who for twenty-four years made and hand tailored every uniform worn by a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Upon her retirement, at the start of the 1996 season, designer Greg Danison was selected to continue the tradition of individual craftsmanship.

Off-field television appearances

The squad has appeared on variety of TV shows and specials, as performers, guest acting roles, and game show contestants. Some of the shows they have appeared on are:



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