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Damages title card.jpg
Format Legal drama
Created by Todd A. Kessler
Glenn Kessler
Daniel Zelman
Starring Glenn Close
Rose Byrne
Tate Donovan
Lily Tomlin
Campbell Scott
Martin Short
Opening theme "When I Am Through with You"
by The V.L.A.
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 28 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Todd A. Kessler
Glenn Kessler
Daniel Zelman
Location(s) New York City, New York
Running time approx. 43 minutes
Production company(s) Sony Pictures TV
Original channel FX
Picture format 480i, 576i (TV)
480p (DVD)
1080i (FX HD; BBC HD; AXN HD)
1080p (Blu-Ray)
Audio format DD 5.1 (DVD, HDTV)
Dolby TrueHD (Blu-Ray)
Stereo Surround (TV)
Original run July 24, 2007 – present
Status Returning Series
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Damages is an American television drama series created by the writing and production trio of Daniel Zelman and brothers Glenn and Todd A. Kessler (collectively known as KZK). It is broadcast in the United States on the cable network FX and is produced by the creators' own production company, KZK Productions. It premiered on July 24, 2007. The show's second season premiered on January 7, 2009. The show was renewed for a third season which premiered on January 25, 2010.[1]

The series revolves around the brilliant yet ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), her protégée Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) and the law firm Hewes runs in New York City. The debut season finds Hewes attempting to win a class-action lawsuit against the former CEO of a corporation (Ted Danson) on behalf of his former workers.

The second season revolves around Patty's relationship with a man from her past (William Hurt) and how she is thrown into a new cutthroat case against a big energy company, while Ellen seeks revenge against Patty. Also starring in the season was Timothy Olyphant, Marcia Gay Harden and John Doman.

The third season, currently airing, focuses on Patty being appointed by the government to retrieve hidden money from a Bernie Madoff-type, Louis Tobin, who scammed millions of people by investing in his business. The third season features Campbell Scott, Martin Short and Lily Tomlin.

Damages has received critical acclaim and numerous television awards, including a Golden Globe and three Emmy Awards for its first season. The show is noted for its nonlinear narrative, frequent use of plot twists, technical merit, season-long storylines and the acting ability of its cast.




Creators Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman devised the series as relationship between a mentor and a protégée; two women in powerful positions. Although the initial story idea did not have the series set in the legal arena, the creators chose it because they felt the legal world included women who commanded power and influence.[2] The concept was inspired by the creators' interaction with their superiors along with their experiences in the entertainment industry.[3] The series steers away from usual legal dramas, where storyline is set inside the courtroom and instead describes the characters' lives and interactions outside the courtroom and the behind-the-scenes power maneuvering and manipulation.[3] About the characters of the show Zelman notes, "We don't look at any of the characters as good or bad or anything like that. What really motivated us to write about this world, first and foremost, was our interest in power dynamics, the dynamics of power in society."[4]


The series was designed with the main character, Patty Hewes, tackling one case per season.[5] The first season of the series focuses on a class-action lawsuit against the fraudulent multi-billionaire CEO of a defunct company. The plot was inspired by various corporate scandals and characters involved in them,[6] most notably from the 2001 scandal surrounding Enron.[7] The second season deals with the energy industry and related environment issues. The story is influenced by recent and ongoing environmental cases in the United States in the mining industry.[8] The writers were guided by environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who shared his experience in the field with various corporations and CEOs.[9]

The series uses nonlinear narrative while employing flashforwards, foreshadowing and red herring narration techniques. This approach has given the writers flexibility in storytelling.[10] The narrative handles multiple plot lines and has loose ends. Zelman explains, "We know where we’re going. We have tent-pole moments that we’re building to all the way through to the end, and it’s very clear to us where we want to end up. [However], we want to leave room for improvisation..."[6] While the two different time-frames format was initially intended for the first season, in preparation for the second season the producers felt that the nonlinear format had become a signature of the series and decided to continue it for the second season.[11] With the serialized format of the show decreasing the viewership,[10] Todd Kessler contended that the second season would contain stand-alone storylines to make the show more accessible.[12]


When creators Kesslers and Zelman pitched the show to executives at FX, network president John Landgraf suggested that they should consider Glenn Close for the main character Patty Hewes.[13] Close had earlier worked on FX's The Shield and had conveyed to the network officials that she would be interested to be cast as a lead in another show, so long as the show was set in New York City.[14] After a three-hour meeting with the creators, Close accepted the role, impressed particularly by the powerful persona of the character "as the head of her own law firm [...] in a male-dominated world."[6] In preparation for the role, Close met with several female attorneys in New York, including Mary Jo White, Lorna Scofield and Patricia Hynes.[13] The creators chose Ted Danson for the part of Arthur Frobisher, a corrupt billionaire CEO, because of his role in the 1979 film The Onion Field.[14] Danson was immediately attracted to the project after he learned that Close would be playing the lead role.[15] As part of preparation Danson studied the collapse of Enron by watching documentaries such as The Smartest Guys in the Room and meeting CEOs of various Fortune 500 corporations.[16] The producers also suggested that Danson consult Close's acting coach Harold Guskin. Danson was initially hesitant about this suggestion, but found the consultation extremely helpful.[17]

Cast members Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan, portraying Ellen Parsons and Tom Shayes respectively, secured their parts through auditions. Byrne had been unavailable the first time she was approached because she was shooting the film 28 Weeks Later, but was able to audition later when the part had not yet been cast.[7] Both Byrne and Donovan prepared for their roles by consulting lawyers and attending court trials.[18] According to producers, the characters of Ellen's fiancé David Connor and his sister Katie were the hardest to cast.[2] Noah Bean, who got the role of David, said he "gave an awful first audition," but managed to get the part when he was given a second chance while waiting for an elevator.[2] When British actor Anastasia Griffith auditioned for the part of Katie Connor, the producers were hesitant to have a British actor play an American, especially since they already had an Australian (Byrne) playing an American. However Griffith convinced the producers by speaking in an American accent throughout their follow-up meeting.[19] At the time of casting, Griffith's role was intended for only for three episodes, but was extended after the producers realized the success of the character.[3]

Plot synopsis

Season One

The show begins at what appears to be the end. A young woman, Ellen Parsons, is found running through the streets half naked and covered in blood. Investigation by the police reveals that her fiancé, David, has been bludgeoned to death in their apartment, and Ellen is quickly arrested.

The scene shifts to six months earlier when Ellen, a newly minted lawyer, is being courted for prestigious jobs. She turns down an offer to work with the defense attorney Hollis Nye in favor of working for notorious lawyer Patty Hewes. When Nye finds out about this, he warns Ellen that working for Patty will change her.

Ellen soon becomes engrossed in the major case which Patty's firm, Hewes and Associates, is pursuing. Hewes and Associates has been retained in a class action suit by the former employees of billionaire Arthur Frobisher. In a case reminiscent of Enron, Frobisher is accused of insider trading and lying to his employees about the health of his company even as he unloaded his stock, depriving his employees of their life savings.

Early on in the series Patty shows that she is willing to go to extreme, even unethical and illegal, lengths to win her case. One such instance is when she has the pet dog of a reluctant witness killed in a manner which makes it look as if Frobisher is responsible. This action emboldens the witness to testify against Frobisher.

As the season progresses Ellen becomes more and more involved in the case, and in Patty's shady dealings. Part of this is due to Ellen's personal connections to the case. Her fiancé's sister turns out to be an important witness in the case. For most of the season Ellen skirts the edge of what is unethical, but eventually comes to cross that line.

As Ellen becomes more and more devoted to the case, her relationship with her fiancé becomes strained. The situation is not helped when Patty betrays his sister. Eventually Ellen and David tire of Patty and Ellen publicly leaves Hewes and Associates. However, she still has an interest in the case and soon becomes embroiled in it again.

Throughout the first season, the series plays with time. The narrative switches back and forth between a traditional linear narrative of events happening in "the past" and a more temporally disjointed narrative of events happening in "the present." The main plot focus of these flashes was the murder of Ellen's fiancé David and the apparent attack on Ellen that same day when she was staying at Patty's apartment. The flashes served to increase speculation among viewers since the audience was privy to information about the future which the characters were not. Until the final episode, speculation over the identity of the murderer switched between a whole host of characters including Ellen, Patty, Frobisher, and a stalker whom David acquired.

By the end of the first season the main narrative of the show has "caught up" with the flash forwards and most of the questions raised by them are resolved. The murder charges against Ellen are dropped. The identities of David's murderer and Ellen's attacker are revealed to the audience, and the Frobisher case is resolved with Frobisher giving up the bulk of his fortune to the employees. He is later shot and left for dead by a vengeful former employee.

Season Two

Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, and Tate Donovan returned as regulars for the second season of Damages. Season One recurring star Anastasia Griffith became a regular, while season 1 regular Ted Danson returned for five episodes. William Hurt, Timothy Olyphant and Marcia Gay Harden joined the cast.

Season 2 begins with once naive young attorney Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) talking to someone off-screen. Suddenly, she pulls a gun into the frame and pulls the trigger twice.

Six months earlier, a mysterious scientist named Daniel Purcell (William Hurt) sends documents to Patty (Glenn Close) following her victory over Arthur Frobisher. Purcell asks for Patty's help, proclaiming he is being threatened, but she refuses. The following night, Purcell's wife, Christine (Paige Turco), turns up dead and an apparently remorseful Patty agrees to help him. As the case of the murder rolls on, Patty begins to realize that there is a major conspiracy taking place between Purcell's scientific firm and a major energy corporation, Ultima National Resources. As they continue to make headway the case rolls on. Over time, the presumed killer of Purcell's wife is arrested and the corporation's environmental hazards are exposed. When Patty is moments away from bringing UNR down, however, Daniel turns on her in open court and defends UNR. We later realize that Purcell has been working for UNR all along and he is indirectly yet knowingly responsible for the murder of his wife. UNR CEO Walter Kendrick (John Doman) is revealed to be merging his company with another corporation for reasons far more complicated, bizarre and secretive than meet the eye. When Patty realizes this, she decides to use a plaintiff of the UNR lawsuit to stop what could happen. She is then able to convince Frobisher (Ted Danson) to become involved, to repair his image. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Patty and the remaining plaintiffs, Kendrick's attorney, Claire Maddox (Marcia Gay Harden), had an affair with Purcell. Claire at this time is unaware of Kendrick's involvement in Christine's murder.

The mystery of the murder later comes to a close when it is discovered that Purcell choked his wife when she threatened to tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‎ about UNR's contamination. He thought he had killed her, but she was still alive when Deacon (Darrell Hammond) arrives at the house. Kendrick tells Deacon to finish the job. He does just that, leaving Purcell to think he had murdered his wife. Purcell cannot bear the guilt and confesses to police that he murdered his wife.

Ellen, meanwhile, still under the impression that Patty had tried to have her killed, is working with the FBI to bring her down. The audience discovers it was possible that it was Uncle Pete who commissioned Ellen's attempted murder. In grief counseling, Ellen meets and befriends a mysterious loner named Wes Krulik (Timothy Olyphant) and begins to confide in him. Wes, however, is secretly working with Rick Messer, the police detective on Frobisher's payroll who had murdered David Connor and who is still working for Frobisher. Krulick also has a shrine of newspaper articles on Arthur Frobisher, articles about David's murder, and articles from Ellen's arrest, as well as a large variety of guns and other weapons. As the season closes, Wes refuses to follow Detective Messer's order to kill Ellen, as Ellen has begun to suspect police involvement. As Messer tries to lure Ellen into a trap, Wes executes Messer in the season finale.

When Katie (Anastasia Griffith) re-enters Ellen's life, she begins to bring up old conflicts as well as new issues. Katie recognized a police officer as the man who tried to kill her. She told Ellen, who enlisted Patty's help. They got nowhere, so Katie went to the police dept. and filed a report against him. This led to an argument between Ellen and Katie, with Katie claiming that if Ellen had never met Patty, David would still be alive. Katie questions Ellen's reasoning for going back to Patty. Ellen attempts to explain that she has her reasons, reasons that Katie would not understand. When Messer realizes that his partner's cover has been blown, he shoots and kills him.

Frobisher returns as a plaintiff against UNR for Patty in an effort to "get his name back". This creates an opportunity for Ellen to find new information and eventually link Frobisher to Detective Messer's agency. Wes recovers this information and lets Messer know, and he threatens Frobisher's life, forcing him to pull out of the case. Messer's problems continue; however, as Wes begins to develop feelings for Ellen. He wonders if Wes can be trusted. When he tells Wes to take Ellen out, Wes refuses until Messner brings up his past and Wes feels he has no choice but to comply.

Walter Kendrick is now initiating a merger which is discovered to be a scheme to make money based on manipulated energy fraud. His partner, Dave Pell (Clarke Peters), has much more incentive than Kendrick because he has a relationship with Patty's husband Phil (Michael Nouri). Pell makes Phil a tempting offer, which Phil accepts. It is at that time that Phil's extramarital affair comes to light. When it is leaked to the press, Patty kicks him out of their house and Phil is no longer considered a candidate. We also find that Pell has been talking to the FBI with information on Patty. Subsequently, when Agent Werner's cover is blown, Pell executes Harrison.

Kendrick's illegal activities continue. When Claire attacks Patty, Patty mentions Fin Garrity, the energy trader being used by Walter and Dave. Claire begins to realize she is being used in a conspiracy and asks for the assistance of Daniel. Claire lets the idea of power get the best of her, realizing she could head up UNR. A suspicious Kendrick catches her having sexual relations with Daniel. Kendrick uses this to get Claire thrown out of UNR, and she immediately goes to Patty saying, "I want you to destroy him." Claire tells Patty that she can trust Daniel Purcell. Patty therefore successfully uses Purcell to crack the energy codes which gives Patty enough evidence to testify against UNR in court.

Tate Donovan returns as Patty's partner Tom Shayes. After he is given an infant mortality case which the FBI wanted Patty to take in order to bring her down, the witness asked Tom for some money to hold her over until the trial or she would go to another attorney. He was about to hand over the money until Patty heard about the bribe and convinced Tom to join her in the case against UNR. While chasing a lead to find out more information on Fin Garrity, Tom is propositioned by a call girl. It is unknown whether Tom gave in to her advances. Despite being named a partner with Patty, he is still left in the dark when it comes to certain issues regarding the case. Tom's wife also just gave birth to a son this season.

Patty realizes that victory in the UNR case relies on the GPS code from Walter Kendrick's Cadillac to be entered into evidence. Because the car was stolen to retrieve the codes, it cannot be entered into evidence. To fix this, Patty puts Ellen up to the task of bribing the judge. But Patty soon takes back the request and gives the job to Tom. After Ellen and Agent Werner were planning to use this to bring down Patty, they target Tom and take him into custody, citing his almost-bribe with Agent Hawkins in the infant mortality case as the reason, while he is on his way to the hospital where his wife is giving birth. Ellen convinces Tom to wear a wire and he goes back to Patty and turns down the job of bribing the judge, and urging Patty not to do so either. Angry, Patty fires Tom for letting her down.

In the season finale, Ellen convinces Patty to bribe the judge after the judge makes it clear that in the current state of the case, he will not allow the evidence of the stolen SUV (a subtle hint to Patty's firm that he needs a payoff). Ellen feels she has Patty setup and arranges with Agent Werner to monitor the payoff. Meanwhile Patty confronts Fin Garrity, the energy trader involved with UNR. This sets off a chain reaction between Garrity, Kendrick, and Patty and which causes Garrity to seek out Patty as she is taking the bribe to hand over to Ellen at Ellen's hotel room. In the run-up to the final confrontation between Patty and Ellen (alluded to in flash forwards all season), Patty makes a deal with Pell. Pell will call off the FBI and reveals Ellen to be the insider working for the Feds. Patty gets Pell to hand over the data that UNR is using toxic chemicals. In return, Patty will drop the energy trading angle of the case. She also sets up Ellen as the fall guy for bribing the judge. Ellen, meanwhile, works a deal with Tom, procuring a handgun in the process, after Wes refuses to get her one.

Ellen confronts Patty about her actions from season one. She has evidence from Uncle Pete's wife that she feels is proof Patty set her up to be killed. However, when she hands the evidence to Patty, the folder is shown to hold only a message that the Feds are watching, not the evidence of Patty's involvement with Ellen's attempted murder. Ellen fires two shots at Patty, but instead of aiming for Patty, she aims at the camera installed by the FBI. She then gets Patty's confession that she indeed was responsible for setting up Ellen to be murdered. Satisfied with the confession, Ellen leaves with the bribe for the judge. Patty leaves after Ellen, but is shown to be bleeding. Patty is found in the elevator by Agent Werner, who assumes Ellen shot Patty and leaves to pursue Ellen. Wes, who was monitoring Ellen from across the hall, also finds Patty (right after Agent Werner leaves) and gets her to the hospital. It is revealed that Patty had been stabbed by Fin Garrity on the elevator before her confrontation with Ellen. When Ellen bribes the judge, Agent Werner has her and the Judge arrested for bribery. As they leave, Federal Marshals (led by Tom's sister) arrest Agent Werner for corruption. Tom reveals to Ellen that Patty, apparently, had discovered the FBI scheme and worked with him to record the conversation with Pell. This leads to both Kendrick and Pell getting arrested. The season ends one month later with Patty recovering at home, Tom returning to Patty's firm, and Ellen with a new unrevealed job offer (and out of touch with Hewes and Associates). However, Patty states she feels that Ellen will be in contact with them soon.

Season Three

Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan returned as regulars for the third season of Damages. Campbell Scott and Martin Short joined the cast, while high-profile actors Lily Tomlin and Keith Carradine special guest starred.

Season 3, in the traditional six-month later opening, shows Patty driving on an open road before she is abruptly rammed into by another car, possibly on purpose. We learn that the car is licensed to her partner, Tom Shayes although oddly, Tom is found dead in a dumpster when the crime begins it investigation. We also learned that Ellen is involved somehow in Tom's imminent death, as a bag of hers is found in a mysterious homeless man's belongings, covered in blood. She asks Tom's wife if "anyone knew about them", and we also leaned that Tom was handing Ellen a large bag of money just before his death. It is later revealed that the bag of money was delivered to Tom's apartment under mysterious circumstances by Leonard Winstone, the Tobin family's attorney. The crime team learns that Tom drowned, and that he drowned two hours after Patty was smashed into, implying he could've been the one driving. When Patty learns of his death, we see her making a phone call, hysterical, screaming "I TOLD YOU TO STOP!"

When Detective Huntley gets a hold of Ellen, he discusses what a homeless man told him relating to a possible affair. Ellen denies this and states they were "working on building a law firm together".


Patty is tackling her next case, appointed by the government to obtain hidden funds from Louis Tobin (Emmy nominee Len Cariou), a Bernie Madoff-type who scammed millions through a Ponzi scheme. She believes that he is hiding money, and that members within his family, most notably his fairly loyal son Joe (Campbell Scott), his secretive wife (Oscar nominee Lily Tomlin) and his trusted attorney and son-like figure Leonard Winstone (Emmy winner Martin Short), know much more than they say to know. Ellen, meanwhile, has stayed true to her promise not to return to Patty, and is working at the District Attorney's, and hasn't seen Patty in nine months. The two are reunited when Ellen receives anonymous help in a separate case and believes Patty to be involved, especially after she gets her a beautiful bag (the bag found with blood on it six months later). Tom, finally, is revealed to be one of the many that lost everything to Louis Tobin, and has not just professional, but personal stakes in the case against him.

Joe Tobin's loyalty to his family becomes very difficult when he discovers that, against his beliefs, his father HAS hidden a huge amount of money for his family after he goes to prison. To make matters worse, he learns an old flame of his, Danielle Marchetti (Madchen Amick), had an affair with his father as well, and she has drastic influence on her family's future in reference to Patty finding the money. Overwhelmed with responsibility to provide for his mother, wife and child, Joe begins working with Leonard to uncover his father's vast conspiracy when, in reality, Leonard is more knowledgeable than he appears - despite denying knowledge of Danielle or Louis' money, Louis told Leonard to convince Joe to leave these issues alone. Joe begins drinking again and, when he learns his father and Leonard secretly planned to get Danielle out of the country, Joe finds her and becomes enraged, and drunk, and accidentally hits her with her car. He soon learns she is unable to fly, but fearing her ability to ruin his family's future and prosecute him, Joe goes against his moral compass, and puts her in a limo. Leonard, behind his decision, is at the airport waiting for him, but sees Patty, whom he learns found and stopped Joe, and tells Leonard "Now I know you're more involved than you seem". Due to Joe's continual drinking, Louis tells Leonard if he doesn't stop, he has to put him to rest. However, Joe puts a stop to it, feeling his father isn't worth it. On Louis' last evening before going to prison, he calls Patty and breaks down, explaining how he has no one, but Patty hangs up on him. His doctor comes in and gives him a mixture. Louis takes the mixture, and kills himself, not before leaving an envelope addressed to Patty. Unfortunately, Joe finds it first, and shows Leonard, who says it's up to Joe. Joe later decides to not give Patty the instructions, but learns of a man named Mr. Zedick (Dominic Chianese), a mysterious figure who has access to the money. Leonard claims not to know the man, but this is unknown. Currently, Joe received a briefcase of money as proof that Zedick will provide for them, though his intentions are very unclear. Joe and Leonard fear Mr. Zedick, who believe that he ordered the death of Danielle Marchetti, when in reality it was the highly bitter Carol Tobin, Joe's sister, who blamed her for everything that happened to their family. This however was a misleading event, as it was Joe who ordered Carol to poison Danielle. Joe currently has her in hiding.

The relationship between Patty and Ellen is much different than in past seasons, because they have reached a point of clarity and distance between them. However, the unspoken bond between the two resurfaces as they work on the same case. Ellen, before attending a family dinner on the night Patty and the DA tried to stop Danielle Marchetti from fleeing the country, ran into Patty, and Patty said to her "you always put family first" in a fairly nasty way. Their family lives both crumbled following this - Patty finalized her divorce with Phil in bitter fashion, and learned her son, who she kicked out, was living happily with his much-older girlfriend (though he lied about it all - instead of having a job, he is actually an unemployed artist, and Jill is pregnant), while Ellen learns her sister is taking serious drugs after she offered to give her money to support her child. After this event, Ellen calls Patty, asking her how the case is going, part of her continual transformation into Patty. Tom, meanwhile, has only told his family and Ellen about his misfortune. Because he has so many people in his family to support, Tom begins talking seriously to his wife about cut-backs, but after an event at his daughter's private school where he beats up his investor who he sees there, and learns his mother-in-law cannot afford cancer treatments if he cuts them off, he goes on a conquest where he says, "I'm going to get our money back", when in reality, we learn he dies in just months. Ellen and Patty decide it is best if they work together, and they, in secret, are working with each other to recover the money. Patty soon learns of her son's lying, and also learns that Jill has two children with whom she was unfit to parent.

Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson) returns, launching his new environmentally-friendly company. He's working with an actor (Craig Bierko), who originally showed little interest in working with him beyond an investment. However, after reading Arthur's book, he decides that he wants to make this into a movie about Frobisher's case against Patty - and he is given the rights to the film in exchange for being Frobisher's company spokesman.


Season one



Season two



Season three




Actor Character Episode Count Current Bio Status
Glenn Close Patty Hewes 34 Nine months after her triumph in the UNR case, high-stakes litigator Patty Hewes finds herself back in the national spotlight. Now, as court-appointed trustee responsible for tracking down assets swindled from investors in the largest financial fraud in U.S. history, Patty faces her most formidable adversary, the Tobin family. While her bare-knuckle tactics have earned her a top spot in the pantheon of American lawyers, Patty's personal life may never recover. Regular S1–3
Rose Byrne Ellen Parsons 34 After the UNR case, Ellen Parsons left Hewes & Associates for a new job as a criminal prosecutor in the narcotics division of the District Attorney's office. Finally free from Patty Hewes and the demands of high-stakes litigation, she is able to live a more balanced life. But when Ellen realizes her new boss is more interested in locking up criminals than protecting victims, she is forced to interact with Patty Hewes and confront their shared destiny. Regular S1–3
Tate Donovan Tom Shayes 33 Tom Shayes, Patty Hewes' longtime lieutenant, is now an equal partner in the law firm. While working on the Tobin case, Tom makes an unwelcome discovery and will stop at nothing to set things right. It is revealed he is dead in the first episode of season 3, though not until six months in the future. Regular S1–3
Ted Danson Arthur Frobisher 18 Two years since the case which destroyed his reputation took place, Arthur Frobisher is finding himself slowly but surely rebuilding his image. He's just launched his environmentally-friendly company, and with the helpings of his business associate, is planning a movie based on the case he lost against Patty Hewes Regular S1 Recurring S2-3
Zachary Booth Michael Hewes 18 Patty's brilliant, if strong-willed and defiant, high-school graduate son, Michael definitely has his issues but seems to be a good son at heart, though not without recurring attempts to manipulate or outsmart his mother. He has been dating a much older woman, much to Patty's chagrin. He learned during season 2 that he was born from Patty's earlier romantic involvement with Daniel Purcell. After persistently lying to his mother about college applications and other inappropriately condescending assertions of independence and maturity, Patty discovers Michael's attempts at manipulating her, and when he declares his intent to skip college, Patty surprises him by having all his personal belongings shipped to his girlfriend's house and effectively disowning him. In season 3, he tells his mother that Phil helped him get an entry-level job at an office and that he broke up with Jill, claiming it was just a phase. However, it is revealed that he is unemployed and still living with Jill, who is pregnant with his child. Recurring S1–3
Michael Nouri Phil Grey 18 Patty's erstwhile husband, Phil Grey, truly loves his wife and supports her completely. But sometimes, when she's in danger, Phil feels he has to take a stand. Phil also finds morality a tough thing to define during the UNR case, as he's given tempting business offers that could jeopardize his wife's case. Despite true affection for Patty, he has had affairs with other women. When Phil's indiscretions became public, combined with his admission of UNR culpability and near-criminal involvement with Dave Pell, Patty filed for divorce. Recurring S1–3
Željko Ivanek Ray Fiske 15 The loyal long-time attorney to Arthur Frobisher, Ray Fiske had a lot to cover up as a result of his infatuation with Gregory Malina, including making a gift of shares in Frobisher's company, which would easily have been construed as insider trading. But when Patty ultimately uncovers all, Ray feels the threat of exposure has doomed him and he commits suicide in front of her. Regular S1; Recurring S2 (Deceased)
David Costabile Detective Rick Messer 14 This ruthless and sinister police detective was spending his off hours working for a private security company retained by Arthur Frobisher when the case was active and was the one who murdered David Connor, Ellen's fiancé. Knowing that Ellen is growing closer to discovering his various misdeeds in seeking to connect David's murder to Frobisher, Messer begins to panic. He engaged Wes Krulik to kill Ellen, but Krulik instead became romantically attached to her. When Messer attempted to kill Ellen himself, Wes murdered Rick. Recurring S1–2 (Deceased)
Anastasia Griffith Katie Connor 13 Katie Connor is the sister of David Connor and Ellen Parsons' friend. A vivacious young woman with an outgoing personality, she tries to help Ellen reconnect with the world following the murder of Katie's brother. Despite her best intentions, Katie's unknowing actions over the years create ever-increasing problems for Ellen, Patty, Gregory Malina, George Moore, Frobisher, and Detective Messer. Recurring S1; Regular S2
Noah Bean David Connor 13 Ellen's fiancé David Connor was the charming doctor that was the love of Ellen's life. But as Ellen was drawn into the cunning world of high-stakes litigation, David was also put in the ring of fire, and was murdered while in possession of a videotape that would ruin Arthur Frobisher's life. Regular S1; Recurring S2 (Deceased)
Glenn Kessler Agent Werner 13 An FBI agent working with Ellen to bring down Patty. Throughout season 2, the audience is led to believe he is in the middle of a divorce from his wife, Pam. It is soon revealed, however, that he is not and the calls from his wife are really from Dave Pell, giving Werner money for occasional information on the Patty Hewes investigation. However, his corruption eventually caught up to him and was arrested. Recurring S2
Tom Aldredge Peter "Uncle Pete" McKee 12 Patty's most trusted ally and, according to Patty, her maternal uncle. With a decades-long history of petty crimes behind him, Uncle Pete's job was to do whatever it took to protect her. The FBI attempted to use Pete to get evidence to prosecute Patty, but Pete attempted to commit suicide rather than give Patty up. While in hospital, the hit man he had retained to kill Ellen in Patty's apartment killed Pete in the hospital bed. Recurring S1–3 (Deceased)
Philip Bosco Hollis Nye 11 A criminal defense attorney that tried to hire Ellen, Hollis Nye became a friend for Ellen when she entered the world of Patty Hewes. In reality, Mr. Nye was working Ellen in an attempt to convince her to cooperate with the FBI to bring Patty down, which he accomplished at the end of season 1. Recurring S1–2
Mario van Peebles Agent Harrison 10 An FBI agent working with Ellen to bring down Patty. After he discovers that Agent Werner is getting paid for information on the investigation, he rats Werner out to the FBI and ends up murdered, with his death staged to appear to be a heroin overdose, on Dave Pell's orders. Recurring S2 (Deceased)
William Hurt Daniel Purcell 10 Daniel Purcell is a brilliant scientist with a mysterious past. When the corrupt company he works for threatens his family, he seeks out the one person powerful enough to help—Patty Hewes. Patty's efforts are complicated by her personal history with Purcell, setting off an unpredictable chain of events with shocking—and fatal—consequences. Purcell was arrested upon confessing to his wife's murder, although, in truth, his attempt was unsuccessful, and finishing her off was ultimately left to the Deacon. Regular S2
John Doman Walter Kendrick 10 A billionaire alpha-male, Walter Kendrick is the CEO of Ultima National Resources. With mysterious motives for a merger, Walter's plans and secrets may greatly impact the case, and with no help, it may not go in his favor. Although Kendrick ended up playing his cards correctly, Patty was able to retrieve evidence that implicated Walter Kendrick and UNR. Recurring S2
Peter Riegert George Moore 9 An SEC member involved in Frobisher's conspiracy, George Moore's vulnerability in the case shook him up, and he was willing to cross anyone to protect himself. Recurring S1 (Deceased)
Peter Facinelli Gregory Malina 9 A young naive kid, Gregory Malina began a friendship with Ray Fiske before becoming sexually involved with Katie, and once engaged in both relationships, unknowingly became a key player in the Frobisher case. With evidence that would implicate both Frobisher and Fiske, Malina was killed outside Katie's home in Ohio, but not before the evidence was passed, first to Katie, and then to David. Recurring S1 (Deceased)
Timothy Olyphant Wes Krulik 9 A mysterious loner, Wes Krulik meets Ellen Parsons in grief counseling and quickly becomes both a friend and confidante. Ellen can not deny her attraction to Wes, but she also is not sure how much she can trust him—if at all. Wes was secretly aligned with detective Rick Messer, though surprisingly he refused to hurt Ellen in any capacity, going as far as to kill Messer when he would not listen. Their relationship progressed and eventually ended a few months before the beginning of the third season. Regular S2
Campbell Scott Joe Tobin 8 Joe Tobin’s world fell apart when his father confessed that their family’s investment business was a complete fraud. Now, Joe Tobin must decide whether to lead his family forward by cooperating with Patty Hewes’ investigation or circle the wagons and fight Patty Hewes’ attempts to destroy his family’s future. Regular S3
Martin Short Leonard Winstone 8 For decades Leonard Winstone has been the Tobin family's trusted attorney and counselor. Now that Patty Hewes is investigating them, the Tobins will need his support more than ever. But Winstone may have an agenda of his own, and it is revealed he has a dark past, so deep he's changed his named secretly from Lester Wiggins. Regular S3
Tom Noonan Detective Victor Huntley 8 The quirky detective has crossed paths with Patty on a couple of occasions, first on trying to solve the murder of Christine Purcell, and later investigating the death of Tom Shayes. Victor has a grudge against Patty due to her resistant behavior in the Purcell case, and often acts out of her best interests. Recurring S2-3
Clarke Peters Dave Pell 8 A wealthy businessman at the helm of the other side of the major UNR merger, Dave was involved in a bizarre conspiracy with Walter Kendrick for financial purposes. He had been successful in turning Phil Grey, Patty's husband, into a UNR shareholder with promises of a cabinet-level government position, and had been secretly pumping the agents handling Ellen for information on the Patty Hewes case. However, Ellen double-crossing the FBI jeopardized Pell's plans, and he was arrested following Patty's triple-cross. Recurring S2
Marcia Gay Harden Claire Maddox 7 As Ultima National Resources' in-house counsel, Claire Maddox is Walter Kendrick's chief adviser. A legal bulldog who thrives on confrontation, she's a worthy adversary to Patty Hewes. But Maddox's devotion to Kendrick is challenged as she's drawn deeper and deeper into the web of his conspiracy. She is also romantically linked to Daniel Purcell. Claire saw an opportunity to oust Kendrick when she discovered he'd been lying to her, but he used her history of sexual indiscretions to have her her thrown out of the company before she could oust him. Regular S2
Darrell Hammond The Deacon 7 The one that does the dirty work for Walter Kendrick, The Deacon is responsible for many unsolved murders and conspiracies involving Walter Kendrick. The Deacon, an employee of Walter's, isn't afraid to get is hands dirty and often does. Recurring S2
Carmen Goodine Lila DiMeo 6 A beautiful but clinically insane woman, Lila was the granddaughter of one of David Connor's patients. She soon began stalking David, even though David continuously shunned her advances. Her unabated pursuit indirectly leads to David's murder. Recurring S1
Brett Cullen Wayne Sutry 6 A partner in Daniel Purcell's firm, Wayne Sutry is one of the few men heavily involved in Walter Kendrick's massive conspiracy. While he doesn't know as much as he thinks he knows, he'll do whatever it takes to seem good in his eyes. Recurring S2
Lily Tomlin Marilyn Tobin 5 Rocked by her husband's confession that his investment business was a complete fraud, Marilyn Tobin tries to hold her family together in the aftermath. As she prepares for her husband's incarceration, Marilyn, always up for a good fight, confronts the reality that the opulent lifestyle she enjoyed for decades is over and that Patty Hewes is out to destroy her. Recurring S3
Victor Arnold Larry Popler 5 A lifelong employee of Frobisher's that was used as a plaintiff against Frobisher, desperate Larry was secretly leaking info to Frobisher in exchange for money. Frobisher later reneged on the deal and distanced himself from Larry. When caught by Patty and his former co-workers, Larry was kicked out of the class action lawsuit and denied the settlement money. Enraged, Larry followed Arthur to one of his sites, shot him in the stomach and left him for dead. Recurring S1
Madchen Amick Danielle Marchetti 4 Louis Tobin's mistress and ex-girlfriend to Joe Tobin. Patty assumes she knows about Louis' fraud, and when Joe confronts her about it, he accidentally hits her with his car. Patty has approached her with a subpoena and believes she could be critical to the case. After Louis' suicide, his daughter Carol blamed Danielle for Louis' death and poisoned her, killing her, before Patty could retrieve information needed to find the hidden money. Danielle also has a mysterious daughter whom is believed to be hiding Louis Tobin's fortune. Recurring S3 (Deceased)
Len Cariou Louis Tobin 3 The head of the Tobin family and Patty Hewes' latest target. His Ponzi scheme has effected millions of people, including Tom Shayes. He was cheating on his wife, Marilyn, with Danielle Marchetti, who Patty believes knows about Tobin's fraud. He is about to be sent to jail for his actions, but commits suicide the day before he is sentenced. Recurring S3 (Deceased)

Home video release

The first season of Damages is available for purchase in Region 1 in both DVD and Blu-ray formats as of January 29, 2008.

The first season was released in Australia (Region 4) on the 19th of December 2007, however this version contains no special features.[22] A Blu-ray version is also available, which was released on the 18th of August 2009.[23]

The second season was released in Australia (Region 4) on the 25th of November 2009.[24]

The second season was released on DVD on January 19, 2010 in Region 1.

Damages is also available for purchase on the iTunes Store, and all episodes that have currently aired are available. The first season can also be streamed for free in the US on Crackle.

International broadcasts

Country/region Channel Debut
Argentina AXN 2008
Australia Nine Network and W. Channel September 16, 2007
Austria ORF 1 April 14, 2008
Belgium (Flanders) 2BE
Belgium (French) RTL-TVI
Brazil AXN
Bulgaria Nova Television
January 8, 2008
October 12, 2009
Canada (English) Showcase February 18, 2008
Canada (French) TVA January 21, 2009
Catalonia TV3 January 7, 2010
Chile MEGA November 16, 2008
Czech Republic AXN
Denmark TV3 Plus March 31, 2009
France Canal + February 28, 2008
Germany Kabel 1 April 21, 2008
Hong Kong ATV World May 15, 2008
Hungary RTL Klub January 30, 2009
Ireland RTE2 February 2, 2010
Israel HOT3 March 13, 2008
Italy AXN April 30, 2008
Japan NHK BS 2 April 2, 2008
Latin America AXN February 12, 2008
Malaysia TV2
Season 2 premieres on Dec.30th, 2009 Tues at 12midnight
New Zealand TVNZ One November 7, 2007
Norway TV 3 October 31, 2007
Poland AXN
September 13, 2009
December 6, 2009
Portugal TVI (Free-to-air)
AXN (Pay-TV)
Romania AXN October 6, 2009
Russia Domashniy February 16, 2009
Singapore AXN April 6, 2008
Slovenia POP TV February 26, 2008
South East Asia AXN January 8, 2008
South Africa M-Net
Spain Canal+ April 15, 2008
Switzerland TSR 1 February 1, 2009
Turkey TNT March 3, 2008
United Kingdom BBC One and BBC HD January 6, 2008
Venezuela AXN February 12, 2008
The Middle East Showtime Arabia & MBC 4


The first season of Damages received positive reviews from critics[25] with the series ranking in the top ten lists of several critics, including Robert Lloyd (Los Angeles Times), Alessandra Stanley (The New York Times) and Robert Abele (LA Weekly) among others.[26] The return of the series for its second season was also met with critical acclaim.[27]


Damages was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series at the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards. Co-creators Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman were nominated for writing and Allen Coulter for directing the pilot episode. Glenn Close received the nomination for her lead role, with co-stars Ted Danson and Željko Ivanek nominated for their supporting roles.[28] Close and Ivanek won in their respective categories,[29] with the series also receiving the Emmy for best casting.[30] The series earned four nominations at the 65th Golden Globe Awards, including Best Television Series, Close for Best Actress and Byrne and Danson for their supporting roles. Close won the award in her category.[31]

For its acclaimed second season, Glenn Close received her second nomination for Best Lead Drama Actress Emmy. Ted Danson also received another nomination, for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Rose Byrne, earned her first Emmy nomination, and William Hurt, was nominated as a supporting actor in a drama. The series again was nominated for direction, and the series itself was nominated again for best drama. On September 20, 2009, the show won its fourth Emmy Award when Glenn Close won the Best Actress in a Drama Series.


The series premiere on July 24, 2007 drew 3.7 million viewers, with total of 5.1 million viewers including re-airing on the same night,[32][33] becoming the most watched cable television program for the night.[34] However, the viewership declined over the first season, partially due the story's serialized approach, with the season finale drawing 1.4 million viewers.[35] Regardless of its critical acclaim, Damages seriously suffered in its second season ratings. Season Two premiered with only 1.7 million viewers watching, even with the momentum that was built following its Golden Globe and Emmy wins. Despite the show's low ratings, FX picked up and secured the program for a third season. John Landgraf hopes the show will continue on the air following its third season; after taking into account the encore presentations and "extraordinary" DVR numbers, the ratings appear to be quite good.[36]

The third season premiere, which aired on January 25, 2010, only managed to draw in 1.483 million viewers,[37] but the series is able to receive high TiVo ratings.


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Damages (2007-) is an American legal drama, airing on FX, about the world of New York City high-stakes litigation. The series, which provides a view into the true nature of power and success, follows the turbulent lives of Patty Hewes, the nation's most revered and reviled high-stakes litigator, and her bright, ambitious protégé Ellen Parsons.


Season 1

Pilot [1.01]

Martin: If you were a man, I'd kick the living dogshit out of you.
Patty: If you were a man I'd be worried.

Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker [1.02]

And My Paralyzing Fear of Death [1.03]

[(After reading Michael Hewes' internet history]
Uncle Pete: What's an M-I-L-F?
Patty: Beats me!

[After opening a parcel containing a grenade]
Patty: It's going to be a shitty week!

Patty: And how's your morning?
Uncle Pete: Every day above ground is a Pyrrhic victory.

Tastes Like a Ho Ho [1.04]

A Regular Earl Anthony [1.05]

Patty: There’s a huge difference between being number 1 and being number 2.
Tom: Yes there is.
Patty: You’re a number two, Tom. That’s your talent. That’s your limit.
Tom: This is what you came here to tell me?

She Spat at Me [1.06]

Ellen: Just give me a name, Gregory. I'll keep you out of this.
Gregory: So, what, I give you a name, you won't come after me?
Ellen: Not if you give us a bigger fish.
Gregory: Barney.
Ellen: What's his last name?
Gregory: Rubble. Lives in Bedrock. Hell of a right hook.

We Are Not Animals [1.07]

Blame the Victim [1.08]

Patty: [about Ellen's father] Better be careful. We plaintiff attorneys can be vicious. His best strategy is to blame the victim.
Ellen: I know.
Patty: [about the plaintiff] At all costs it was her fault; period.

Patty: You know, the truth is, Larry, I like you. But I think you're in over your head. And prison is the last place you belong. Arthur Frobisher is smart. I'm sure he's got a way to get you his blood money with no paper trail, so I'm really just here tonight to make you a promise.
Larry Poplar: Oh yeah? What's that?
Patty: I'm gonna wait and watch. Until you buy a house, or Mildred buys a car, or Chloe here buys a toothbrush. You need to understand this, Larry. No Poplar for the next hundred years will be able to spend a nickel of that money without being humiliated, disgraced, and locked up. [long pause] You all have a nice night.

Do You Regret What We Did? [1.09]

George Moore: I don’t like you, Ray, but I realized an amazing thing on the way over here. You’re not my problem, Arthur is.
Ray: I have a duty …
George Moore: Patty Hewes is a hair away from breaking this thing wide open. So I’m going to do what you couldn’t, Ray.
Ray: What is that?
George Moore: Put an end to this thing.

Patty: [about David] He called off the engagement?
Ellen: Maybe we went too far. [Pause] Do you regret what we did?

Sort of Like a Family [1.10]

Patty: Gregory Malina's dead.
Ray: Oh my.
Patty: Hit and run.
Ray: That's horrible.
Patty: I guess we'll never know what really happened.
Ray: Maybe the police will find the guy.
Patty: [Grins] I won't hold my breath. And, Ray...shame on you.

Patty: I have a lot of questions.
Ray: That's what Wikipedia's for.

I Hate These People [1.11]

[After Ellen finds Moore dead]
Patty: I'm sorry you went through that.
Ellen: I hate these people.

Patty: [to Ray Fisk] You’re a Baptist, right Ray? Repent!

Ellen: [to Lila DiMeo’s answering machine] This is Ellen Parsons. Stay away from my fiance or I’ll come after you, you crazy bitch.

Ray: You know, I always wanted to work with you Patty. Not anymore.

There's No 'We' Anymore [1.12]

Because I Know Patty [1.13]

Ellen: [to Patty] I don't believe in the law anymore, but I do believe in justice.

Patty: So, think about it. But not for too long. If I don't hear from you by the end of the day tomorrow, I'm gonna treat some friends of mine at the Justice Department to dinner and a movie.
Arthur: You really enjoy this, don't you?
Patty: It's my job.
Arthur: Why do you hate me so much?
[Patty smiles and walks away without answering]


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