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Damian Lau
Chinese name 劉松仁 (Traditional)
Chinese name 刘松仁 (Simplified)
Pinyin Liú Sōngrén (Mandarin)
Jyutping Lau4 Cung4jan4 (Cantonese)
Born 14 October 1949 (1949-10-14) (age 60)
Hong Kong
Other name(s) 松仔 (Cung4zai2)
Occupation Actor, Executive Producer and Director
Years active 1976 - present
Official Website [1]

Damian Lau (born 14 October 1949) is a Hong Kong actor, executive producer and film director. As an award winner and nominated actor, Damian Lau is well recognized by many television audiences for his great acting. He also has starred in many TVB and ATV series with various genres.


His journey

As an experienced actor, Damian Lau had often been cast as the silent handsome good guy heroic type in a number of the sword fighting fantasy films of the 80’s and 90’s. [1] One of his first major roles was in John Woo’s Last Hurrah for Chivalry in 1979 as an Assassin. After that was Duel To the Death where his character's final duel with Norman Chiu's character is said to be one of the best wuxia sword fight ever made. Although he is a movie star, he is also well respected in Hong Kong and mainland China for his portrayal in Television Series. Throughout the time span of 1970's - present time, he had been in many TV series with various genre; from romantic drama, comedy, even fateful tragedy. The most notable thing about his career until now is that he is always put on as a lead actor or second lead in many of his TV series.
As for his allegiance in the television company, there is no real saying whether he is a TVB actor or an ATV actor. There were number of times where he had starred in series for both television company at the same time like a free contract actor. Damian Lau has got a meaningful nickname which is the "Mom killer / Lady killer" in Hong Kong and mainland China. This is mainly because a lot of housewives and women love his portrayal in the TV Series. Damian Lau is also known well for his youthfulness and health. He has a very well established and stable career throughout Hong Kong television industry.

"In the past, I had a dream to have a home in Clearwater Bay. Upon reflection, I've realized that it was an absurd dream. I realized that no matter how much I make, I won't have as much as Li Ka-shing. Health is my greatest fortune. I believe that if you have your health even the richest man may be jealous of you. I'm really proud of my health. It's something you need to cherish." (~Damian Lau)


Best onscreen couples/lovebirds

In 1985, together with Michelle Yim, he filmed a period drama (Chronicles of the Shadow Swordman) adapted from the famous swordplay novelist, [3]. This drama received many praises and critical acclaims of their impressive performances, pushing him and Michelle into next higher point. Since then, both were entitled the name of Best Onscreen Couples/Lovebirds, and collaborated in many drama serials in which he became the male lead and she became the female lead. Even until now, they are still recognized as the best and ever duo in television industry.

Performance in Hard Fate (2004)

Hard Fate is a controversial TVB series that received many complaints from viewers. It was because the series contains scenes where more than one person jumped off of a building. Damian Lau acted as Leung Pak Yin, a good-gone-bad man. He portrayed a morally upright and ambitious Jade company boss who after many fateful incidents turn into a desperate, deranged, almost maniacal man. He played the highly selfish Leung Pak Yin who sacrifices his good friend, leads his own brother to death for money, kidnaps his own daughter, causes the eventual death of his other daughter, and never admitting guilt to his wrongdoings. He portrayed a psychotic character and someone who could not distinguish right from wrong, and believed he was only protecting the ones he loves even if it meant breaking the law. [4]

Performance in Point of no Return (2004)

In this family drama, Damian portrayed the character of Chow Ming Hin, a man of little words but many aspirations. He dedicated his life to run the shipping company; sacrificing his own happiness in the process. Outwardly, Chow Ming Hin seemed like a domineering and aggressive man, but deep down inside he was kind and caring. He finally was able to marry his childhood sweetheart Ng Yuk Hing (Angie Chiu), but his world came crashing down when he realized he didn't have much time left due to a vicious liver cancer. As an experienced veteran actor, Damian was the pulling force of Point Of No Return. Audiences can step into his shoes and feel his happiness, pain, anguish, sadness and helplessness through his turbulent life. [5]

Performance in The Tokyo Trial (2006)

The Tokyo Trial was a highly controversial movie that was nominated in the Cannes Film Festival, and was the winner of the 2007 Golden Rooster Awards for the Best Screenplay. This is a true story movie in which Damian portrayed the historic Chinese judge Mei Ju-ao, who was able to convinced 10 other national judges to prosecute Japanese World War II criminals with the death penalty for their crimes against peace and humanity. The Tokyo Trial was the first movie in which Damian delivered most of his lines in English. Although Damian Lau has created numerous glorious images of judges during his acting career, he found the role as Mei Ju-ao the most challenging.

"Mei Ju-ao is a person with a strong sense of ethics and national pride. He represented his country at a significant international affair. He had to shoulder great responsibility as well as a lot of pressure. If he did not harbor strong emotions and a patriotic heart within his bosom, he could hardly successfully overcome the many difficulties before him and fulfill the mission given by the country. He was cool-headed and witty throughout the trial. I tried to master his inner world through these aspects. I really respect him." (~Damian Lau)


Performance in The Drive of Life (2007)

The Drive of Life is a TVB 60-episode Grand production. Told in flashback from 1994, the Story revolves around Damian's Character, Wah Man-Hon as the oldest brother and the head of the family through the Ups and Downs that Hong Kong's had been experiencing since the handover.

Trivia and awards


Films and TV series directed

TV series

Year Title Role Network TVB Anniversary Awards
TBA The Winter Of Flying Fish
Growing Through Life
Hai Liang (TVB)
2009 In the Chamber of Bliss
Choi Ock (TVB) Best Actor Nomination (Top 15)
2008 Meigui Jianghu
Jun Wuji
Catch Me Now
Ko Chit, Jack (TVB) Best Actor Nomination (Top 10)
2007 The Drive of Life
Wah Man-Hon (TVB) Best Actor Nomination (Top 5)
My Favourite Male Character (Top 24)
2006 The Conquest
King Goujian of Yue (TVB) -
Men in Pain
Hong Tin Yam< (TVB) Best Actor Nomination (Top 20)
My Favourite Male Character Nomination (Top 20)
Eight Heroes
Guan Yulou
2005 Tianxia Diyi
Tiedan Shenhou (CTS)
2004 Only You
Wang Hao Ran (CTS)
Hard Fate
Leung Pak-Yin (TVB)
2003 Scent of Love
Jin Zhizhong (TTV)
Point of No Return
Chow Ming Hin (TVB)
Find the Light
Chan Do Yeung (TVB)
True Love
Fok Wai Pong (ATV)
2001 The Awakening Story
Suen Hok Kei (TVB)
Dare to Strike
Li Dechao (Mediacorp)
To Where He Belongs
Ko Hou Wan (ATV)
2000 ICAC Investigators 2000
Lee Tin (TVB)
Monk At Thirty
Lin Chong
The Immortal Fugitive
Rong Renjie
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber|
Zhang Cuishan (TVB)
Ups and Downs
Hong Dalong (TVB)
1999 Silver Rat
Bond of Friendship
Zhuang Xueren
1998 Wen Yi Duo
Wen Yiduo (CCTV)
1997 Interpol
Wong Ho Sui (ATV)
1996 Women's Story
Kwan King Sang
The Swordsman
Yin Buk Fei/Yin Ku Hung (ATV)
King of Gamblers
Li Yik (ATV)
1995 The Unexpected
Cheung Wai Chung (TVB)
1994 The Great General
Dik Ching (ATV)
ICAC Investigators 1994
Lee Tin (TVB)
Sight of Chivalry
Jin Chiu (TTV)
1992 The Thief of Time (TVB)
The Greed of Man
Fong Chun Sun (TVB)
1991 Bihai Qingtian
Tin Yang (TTV)
Jianghu Zaijian
Chow Sing Lung (TTV)
1990 Lovers at the End of an Era
Tung Sing Fan
1989 Spring Comes and Goes
Cheung Loi Fuk
1988 August Scent
Wu Suet Yim (TTV)
Lay and Order
Ai Bok Man (ATV)
1987 Return the Pearl to Thee
Chun Tin Bo (TTV)
1986 Hero of the Time
Yuen Tsang Lok (ATV)
Rise of the Great Wall
Jing Ke (ATV)
Condor in September
Yip Hoi (ATV)
1985 Chronicles of the Shadow Swordsman
Zhang Dan Fung (ATV)
1984 Dadi Enqing Zhi Gudu Jinglei
Chow Kai Wah
1983 Swordsman Li Bai
Li Bai (ATV)
1980 This Land is Mine (TVB)
Yesterday's Glitter
Kam Jan-sai (TVB)
1979 Princess Chang Ping
Chow Sai Hin (ATV)
God of Sabre
Ding Pang (TVB)
1978 Da Heng
Chu Lok Man (TVB)
1977 The Butterfly Lovers
Leung San Bak (TVB)
1976 Luk Siu Fung III: The Battle of Wudang
Luk Siu Fung (TVB)
Luk Siu Fung II: Before and After the Duel
Luk Siu Fung (TVB)
Luk Siu Fung I: Mystery of the Golden Bird
Luk Siu Fung (TVB)
Ban Sheng Yuan
Cheung Yue Kan


  • 14 Blades (2010)
  • Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008) as Cao Cao
  • Tokyo Trial (2006) as Judge Mei Ju-ao
  • New Born Living Strong (2005) as Professor Vincent Yu
  • Fireline (1997) as Cheng Fu-Shing
  • Till Death Do Us Part (1997)
  • Best of the Best (1996) as Calvin Chan Lik-Yeung
  • First Option (1996) as Inspector Lau
  • Ah Kam (1996) as Lawyer
  • My Father is a Hero (1995) as Yat-Wah's Boss
  • Sea Eagles (1995) as Liu Qing Zong
  • Tian Di (1994) as Tai Chai-Man
  • What Price Survival / One Armed Swordman (1994) as Wu An-Kuo
  • The New Legend of Shaolin (1994) as Chan Kan-Nam
  • Murder (1993) as Yau Lung
  • Holy Weapon (1993) as Mo Kake 'Heaven's Sword'
  • The Magic Crane (1993) as Yat Yeung-Tze
  • Executioners (1993) as Inspector Lau
  • The Heroic Trio (1993) as Inspector Lau
  • The Thief of Time (1992)
  • Shanghai Heroic Story (1992) as Ngai Ting-Yim
  • She Starts the Fire (1992, cameo)
  • Royal Tramp 2 (1992) as Chan, Master of the Heaven & Earth Society
  • Royal Tramp (1992) as Chan, Master of the Heaven & Earth Society
  • Inspector Pink Dragon (1991) as Teng Kuo-Chiao
  • The Story of My Son (1990) as Li Tzu-Liang
  • School on Fire (1988) as Wan
  • Profile in Anger (1984)
  • Zu - Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) as Abbott Hsiao Yu
  • Duel to the Death (1983) as Ching Wan
  • The Enigmatic Case (1980) as Lo Tin-Kwan
  • Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979) as Tsing Yi / Greeno


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