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Damon Young
Full name Damon Young
Born 1975
Era Contemporary philosophy
Region Western Philosophy
School Continental philosophy
Main interests Aesthetics, Asian Philosophy, Rights, Democracy, Spirituality, Environmental Philosophy, Martial Arts
Notable ideas Philosophy of Distraction

Damon Young (born 1975, Melbourne) is a philosopher, author and commentator.[1] He is an Honourary Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne.[2]



Young is a philosopher, author and commentator. He has also published works of poetry and fiction. His book Distraction: A Philosopher's Guide to Being Free was published in 2008. His next book, also for Melbourne University Publishing, will be published in 2011.

He has appeared regularly on public and commercial radio. Young was recently on Channel 7's 'Sunrise', discussing the virtues of the martial arts.

Young often lectures for schools and public institutions, including the National Gallery of Victoria, Malthouse Theatre, Geelong Grammar School, and Methodist Ladies' College.

Selected works

A full list of Young's published works and media appearances can be found at his website.[3]



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Recent Academic essays

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