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In 2006, following the break up of Anti-Flag's A-F Records' artist Pipedown <ref></ref>and Stockton, CA based punk rock favorite Beyond Your Eyes<ref></ref>, singer/songwriter Ean Elliot started the Sacramento based Dance For Destruction. This female fronted furious five combined punk, classic hardcore and early 1980's synth-drivin sounds together to form a sound not yet heard in the underground scene. D4D's music is yet only one component of this band with the other being its strong socio-enviro-political intent. Lyrics sighting the dangers of a morally vacant future like that in 1984 (George Orwell), and at the same time promoting the power of the individual against a corrupt system represented by Civil Disobedience (Henry David Thoreau). D4D was recorded five songs at The Compound studio in Santa Cruz by the vocalist of famed punk act Fury 66's Joe Clements<ref></ref> and had them mastered by engineer Andy Ernst (famous for his work with bands like Green Day and AFI) in 2007. After returning from their first west to east U.S. tour, D4D has been steadily playing west coast shows, writing new material for the preparation of recording a full length album due out summer '08, and planning for more full U.S. touring.

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! Limited Release

| Self-titled Dance For Destruction EP Label Bound By The Black Rag Records

shared stages with

A Global Threat Millions Of Dead Cops Citizen Fish Clit 45 Monster Squad Lower Class Brats Hoods Ringworm Ceremony The Forgotten Blacklisted and many more...







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