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"Dance with the Wolves"
Single by Ruslana
from the album Wild Dances
Released Ukraine January 2005
United Kingdom March 7 2005
Format CD/DVD, radio single
Recorded December 2004
Genre Pop rock
Length 3:59
Label EMI , Liberty
Producer Ruslana
Olexander Ksenofontov
Ruslana singles chronology
"Wild Dances"
"Dance with the Wolves"
"The Same Star"
Alternate cover
Ring edition

"Dance with the Wolves" is one of Ukrainian singer Ruslana's singles, released in 2005.

Two music videos were made for the song. During the shootings, Ruslana had to be in a cage with wild wolves. One of the videoclips includes frames shot during the Orange revolution in which Ruslana took an active participation. The music video for this song is available through the Ruslana fan website.


More information

"Dance with the Wolves" is the first single of the singer to come out in Europe after her Gold single Wild Dances. The track was completed by international production company Ego Works. Recording of the song was performed in Miami at the legendary studio Hit Factory Criteria. This same studio hosted pretty much all of the big world celebrities, including Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Shakira.

  • Produced by Ruslana , Olexander Ksenofontov.
  • Directors: Evhen Mytrofanov, Oles' Sanin
  • Operations staff: Roger Simonzs, Serhyy Myhal'chuk, Borys Lytovchenko, Dmytro Sanin.
  • Cutting/postproduction: Andryy Sanin, Heorhyy Derhachov, Evhen Mytrofanov, Ruslana
  • Artist/stage manager: Olexiy Levchenko, Mykhailo Levchenko
  • Decorations: "Haharyn Media"
  • Costumes: Roksolana Bohyts'ka
  • Style: Anzhela Posokhova
  • Director/stage/show manager: Iryna Mazur
  • Colorist - Steve Kent

The idea of the song "Dance with the wolves" includes big social issue.


Having received my second award after Eurovision - World Music Awards - I came out with new single - "Dance with the Wolves". I wanted to use my popularity and tell the whole Europe: "Wild does not mean aggressive." I decided to use this thought because it comes from real life. The girl is being kidnapped on the street, thrown into the cage with the wolves, and brought for someone's entertainment. The story ends very sadly. Nevertheless, our story has an optimistic ending. Mainly because the girl who enters the cage is wild. Her look, and her putting the weapon down signalizes that she is not aggressive. Wolves accept her.

Huge concrete press was made with the purpose of being used in the video, and is being pushed by the crowd.


Every person in his/her life has some kind of pressure. No one likes to be pressured or forced. To free yourself with your own will-is the idea we are bringing.

[citation needed]

Gigantic decorations were used for the purpose of shooting the video. Stage decorations were performed in the shape of the cage. Huge 5 meter wheel and 4 meter press were pushed by the aggressive crowd and added up to the scenery. To make the video more realistic, all the scenes with wild animals were shot with out much standing by. Ruslana and few big wolves were not even separated by the cage, and even though the trainer was standing nearby, he did not interfere in the events.

There was news announcement that Ruslana was bitten by the wolves. Information was not without grounds but a bit exaggerated-the wolf once grappled Ruslana. It is important to note that none of the animals was hurt during the shooting. When Ruslana became an active participant of "Orange Revolution", the idea to add documentary frames that hold the attention of the whole world to the video sounded very vital. Moreover, the including of materials both linked with the "art" and "documentary" idea of the video: the idea of freedom should not contain lies and insincerity.


Who would think that the idea of our video will find its reflection in real life! There was a revolution in Ukraine. "Wild is not aggressive. Wild is free." That was the main idea of the video and revolution proved it.

Second part of the shooting was taking place at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. We were shooting the people who were striking to be heard. Protecting their freedom. You will also see the "megaphone of freedom"-one of the symbols.

The video has been sent to the TV channels of more than 25 European countries: to BBC (United Kingdom), to the popular German TV channels (ARD, NDR, MTV, VIVA), as well as the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Israel, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.


The work on this video contained some mystic from the very beginning. Some pyrotechniques did not work, cage and the press we had to blow up manually... And the main thing - we could not finish the video for some reason. The work continued for three months! Everything seems to be done, but... something was missing. Only later I understood that the video was waiting for the "Orange Revolution". When we added documentary frames, I knew: this is how it was supposed to be.

Official remixes and other versions

# Title Length
1. "Dance with the Wolves" [Wild Version] 3:59
2. "Dance with the Wolves" [Pop Version] 3:45
3. "Ring Dance with the Wolves" [DJ Zebra] 3:59
4. "Ring Dance with the Wolves" [Ukrainian Radio Edit] 3:18
5. "Dance with the Wolves" [Club Version] [Harem] 4:18
6. "Dance with the Wolves" [Club Version] [Treat Brothers] 6:44
7. "Dance with the Wolves" [Hard Version] [City'sh Mix] 2:36
8. "Ring Dance with the Wolves" [Club Version] [DJ Zegra] 4:55
9. "Dance with the Wolves" [Greencash R'N'B Remix] [Max Chorny] 3:30
10. "Dance with the Wolves" [Instrumental Version] 3:46
11. "Dance with the Wolves" [Acapella Version] 3:35


Chart Peak
Belgium UltraTop 50 19
Europe Official Top 100 28
Romanian Top 100 95
Russia Airplay Chart 105
Ukraine Top 20 1
Ukrainian Airplay 3

Ring Edition

Chart Peak
Europe Official Top 100 37
Romanian Top 100 100
Russia Airplay Chart 161
Ukrainian Airplay 1
Ukraine Top 20 1

Release history

Region Date Format
Ukraine 11 January 2005 CD single
Germany 7 March 2005 CD single
Netherlands 7 March 2005 CD single
Finland 7 March 2005 CD single
Belgium 7 March 2005 CD single
Sweden 7 March 2005 CD single
Latvia 7 March 2005 CD single
Lithuania 7 March 2005 CD single
Estonia 7 March 2005 CD single
Poland 7 March 2005 CD single
Israel 7 March 2005 CD single
Turkey 7 March 2005 CD single
Czech Republic 7 March 2005 CD single
Slovakia 7 March 2005 CD single
Slovenia 7 March 2005 CD single
United Kingdom 7 March 2005 CD single

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