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Origin United States Philadelphia, PA
Genres Alternative rock
Hard rock
Years active 19891996
Labels Ruffhouse Records
Associated acts Shag
The Hells
The Cobbs
The Hell Yeahs
Website Dandelion[1]
The Hells[2]
The Cobbs[3]
The Hell Yeahs[5]
Kevin Morpurgo
Mike Morpurgo
Carl Hinds
Dante Cimino
Former members
Bayen Butler (19931994)

Dandelion is an alternative rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania formed in 1989 by vocalist/guitarist Kevin Morpurgo, bassist Mike Morpurgo, guitarist Carl Hinds and drummer Dante Cimino. With the exception of Bayen Butler in 1993 as an additional guitarist, the band were able to establish themselves as champions of the heavy neo-psychedelic sound. Corralling like-minded bands like "Trip 66", "Godpocket", "Sweet Pussy", and "Zen Guerilla" into their loud corner helped develop a scene.

In 1990, Dandelion recorded a demo tape called "Silver" which featured the songs "The Trip", "Tuesday", and "Snakebelly". It was reviewed by CMJ magazine and received a Jackpot pick, as of that time only the 2nd demo to receive the honor. The tape was then sent out to numerous local record companies in 1991. Its strong songwriting and heavy groove eventually attracted the attention of Ruffhouse Records, a label based in nearby Conshohocken and home to various hip-hop groups including The Goats, Cypress Hill, Schoolly D and The Fugees. The song "Waiting for A Ride" was released as a single the following year. They also released two full length albums: I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick (Columbia/Ruffhouse in 1993, and Dyslexicon (Sony) in 1995.



When the group put a live take on the Rolling Stones Citadel on a B-side of the time, this suggested that the name was derived from the Rolling Stones song, Dandelion. It also hinted a direction that their music might take next.

Bayen's Departure

Before the release of the "Dyslexicon" album, with US tours also underway, Butler left the band and formed "Shag", and then pursued a solo career a few years after Shag disbanded. As a result, Dandelion returned to their original instrumental duties.

Mainstream Popularity/Primary Influences

Dandelion's music was featured on MTV, as videos for the songs "Waiting For A Ride", "Under My Skin", and "Weird-Out" entered a late night rotation. It was also featured on MTV shows The Real World and Beavis & Butt-head, as well as the Edward Furlong movie Brainscan. Although Dandelion is reportedly said to have extreme comparisons to Nirvana, (with some people even considering them as "Nirvana rip-offs"), the tone created by sludgy, cumbersome riffs and strong drum rhythms mainly draw influences of Alice in Chains, combined with the fuzzy dirge of Mudhoney.


Unfortunately, the band missed receiving national fame as the albums were released during the time of Grunge's decline in popularity, which was a real challenge for them. Dandelion disbanded in 1996 and went their separate ways.

In 1997, Kevin Morpurgo joined another Philadelphia band, "Latimer" on second guitar. In 2000, he moved to London to form a bassless power trio called "The Hells" on the Artrocker label. Mike Morpurgo, after working on the soundtrack of Abel Ferrara's 1998 film New Rose Hotel played bass for local heroes "The Cobbs", and recorded on the Loog release "And Begin". He formed his own band "Laguardia" in 2000. He also is the owner of two franchises of Paul Green School of Rock Music, one in Princeton, NJ and the other in Doylestown, PA. Brad Wood produced the band's punchy, art-rock debut, "Welcome to the Middle"(Universal). Carl Hinds moved to Portland, Oregon with his gear & studio savvy to front and produce his band "The Hell Yeahs", and is the Music Director of the Portland branch of The Paul Green School of Rock Music. Dante Cimino recorded a new project with CKY member and friend Chad Ginsberg in the band called Rudy & Blitz which was to be released on Ruffhouse Records but after unsuccessful negotiations was never released, and he was also rumored to have played a brief stint with Joan Osborne and asked to play with Smashing Pumpkins and The Burning Brides but took on studio and session work to avoid ever touring again. He now is a music teacher at the Princeton branch of The Paul Green School of Rock Music in which his former bandmate Mike Morpurgo Owns.

Charted songs

Title Chart Album
Hot 100 Modern rock Mainstream rock Singles
1995 "Weird-Out" 14 36 Dyslexicon


Silver (Demo) (1991)

Waiting For A Ride (Single) (1992)

I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick (1993)

Dyslexicon (1995)

Box Sets

Rarities: There Is Some Fun (1995)



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