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Danderyds kommun
Danderyd vapen.svg
County Stockholm County
Province Uppland
Seat Djursholm
Danderyd Municipality in Stockholm County.png
 • Total
79th of 290
30,492 inhabitants
 • Total area
 • Land area
 • Water area
286th of 290
26.66 km²
26.51 km²
0.15 km²
 • Total
7th of 290
1,150.2 inhabitants/km²
Municipal code 0162[1]
Area & population from SCB as of December 31, 2006
View over Danderyd, 2006

Danderyd Municipality (Danderyds kommun) is a municipality just north of Stockholm in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. It is one of the smallest municipalities of Sweden, but the most affluent. Its seat is located in Djursholm.

The "old" rural municipality Danderyd was during the early 20th century split up, when Djursholm and Stocksund broke away in 1901 and 1910 respectively. Since 1971 Danderyd Municipality is reunified in approximately the old boundaries.

The current chairman of the municipal executive committee (kommunstyrelsen) is Gunnar Oom, of the Moderate Party.

The four districts making up Danderyd are: Danderyd, Djursholm, Stocksund within Stockholm urban area and Enebyberg.

Jonas Gustavsson, NHL player was born here.

District Population (2006)" [2]
Danderyd 10 108
Djursholm 8 815
Enebyberg 4 971
Stocksund 6 153
Other 53
Total 30 226

The population in Danderyd Municipality is among the most affluent in the country, having the highest average taxed income per capita. One of the reasons for this is the high price on real estate, which in turn is partially due to a restrictive policy on new developments by the municipality council.

The high income of the population has enabled the municipality to maintain a relatively low rate of taxation, but a government redistribution scheme intended to transfer money from municipalities with a better than average economic situation is one factor that has forced the local government to raise the municipal income tax somewhat in the last few years.



The European route E18 stretches from Stocksund north towards Norrtälje Municipality.

Public transportation

Danderyd is served by the Stockholm public transport system through SL. There are two stations on the Stockholm metro and several stops on the narrow gauge Roslagsbanan suburban railway as well as an extensive bus network.

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Coordinates: 59°24′N 18°05′E / 59.4°N 18.083°E / 59.4; 18.083



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