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Danish Longball (sometimes called Swedish longball) is a bat-and-ball game founded in Denmark. It is popular in British secondary schools, and is played recreationally by scouts and by the British Navy and Australian Navy. It is also a popular sport at U.S. summer camps.



To English-speakers Danish Longball may be described as a hybrid of baseball and cricket, in which each team takes turns batting and fielding. In British secondary schools in particular, it should be noted that an element of dodgeball is incorporated, with a player being "out" if he is hit with the ball (outside of the safety zone) below the head whilst aiming to get a run.


Field of play

The batting field has two parts: Inside and outside a square (or circle). Fielders can position themselves inside or outside of the square.The fielder who fields the ball cannot move with it rather they must pass it to another fielder in a better position to hit the runner.



The bowler pitches (either as in Baseball, Cricket or general underarm) the ball to the batter, who must use his bat to hit the ball. The ball must be hit within the field of play - the square - but is permitted the bounce or roll out. The batter must then run to the other side of the square to a "safe zone". The runner may rest in safety, but to earn a "run" he must make it safely back to the original side of the square without getting out. Each side bats its entire line-up. Five rounds of play are recommended.

When played in Britain it is usually an alternative to Cricket, so timed innings may be used along with a set of stumps (though usually not a cricket ball, as the risk of injury is significantly raised rather than a tennis ball). In Tywyn School Port Talbot you can get bonus points if you hit specific items with the ball.

A player is out if his hit is caught by the fielding team, if he hits the ball outside the square, or if the fielders hits a runner outside of the safe-zones with the ball. The player is also out if he/she runs outside the side lines of the square.

A variant of the above is sometimes used: if a fielder hits a runner with the ball outside of the safe-zones then the entire batting team is out.

At Orley Farm School in Harrow and St. Birinus School in Didcot the game is played in a sports hall with a soft ball instead of a tennis ball. Batsman have to kick the ball rather than hit it and then get to the safe zones without being hit. These safe zones consist of safety mats stacked in the corner to create a more aggressive form of the game. In this version of the game if the ball is caught without bouncing after being kicked by the batter, the batter is out. Kicking the ball into the viewing gallery above results in the whole batting team being out. And getting hit below the waist line by the ball whilst running back to the score area will also get you out. Many believe that the game of slamball has some of its roots in the OFS version of the game.

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