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Son of Dork
Also known as SOD
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Pop
Pop punk
Years active 2005–2008
Labels Mercury Records (2005-2007), Sicpuppy Records (2007 -2008)
Associated acts Busted, McFly
Website Son of Dork Official Site
Former members
David Williams
Chris Leonard
Steve Rushton
James Bourne
Danny Hall

Son of Dork were a British pop band formed by James Bourne after his previous band, Busted, split in January 2005. The name of the band came from a scene in the movie Problem Child where the chant "Son of Dork" is used. Their debut single, "Ticket Outta Loserville", was released in November 2005, reaching #3 on the UK Top 75. Their second single, "Eddie's Song", reached #10 in January 2006.



James Bourne placed adverts in publications such as NME and The Stage in order to recruit potential band members for his new project.[citation needed] The members that were chosen had all been involved in bands in the past. Drummer Danny Hall had previously spent ten years with hardcore metal band "Spiral Rocks" and Punk band "Like I Care", whereas guitarist Chris Leonard had been in band "Stamford Amp", the house band on BBC's The Saturday Show in 2002 and had also toured with acts including Brian McFadden and Busted.[citation needed] David Williams was in an emocore band in south Wales and Steven Rushton was dividing his time between former band "Mr Cheerful", college studies and a job in Sainsbury's.[citation needed]

Music career


Welcome to Loserville (2005 - 2006)

In November 2005 Son of Dork released their first single "Ticket Outta Loserville" which reached number 3 in the UK Charts, followed a few weeks later with their debut album Welcome to Loserville. Follow-up single "Eddie's Song" was released in January 2006 and reached number 10 in the UK charts. Son Of Dork then penned their next single "We're Not Alone" for Ant and Dec’s film Alien Autopsy, although it was never released as a single.[citation needed]

Get Happy Tour & Sic Puppy Records (2007)

On 6 February 2007 Son of Dork toured with Wheatus, Army of Freshmen, and Bowling for Soup in The Get Happy '07 Tour. The tours was met with a favourable reception and the band performed a new song originally for the deluxe edition of their Welcome to Loserville album called "Colgate Smile".

The band during most of 2007 went under Bourne's self-created record company Sic Puppy Records.[1] During this time they headlined The Sic Tour which gave several unsigned bands an opportunity to perform to the public. The gig took place in Shepards Bush Empire on the 24th March and was met with high praise from fans. Son of Dork played several new songs during their stage time such as "What Happened To Your Band?" and "Go Home Monday" as well as old favourites. Shortly after the tour, Bourne announced they were to work on a new album and uploaded a demo on his Myspace called Loser With No Life. Despite this, Son of Dork was slowly disbanding.

Hiatus and 'Split' (2007 - 2008)

After months of speculation of a split, on July 11, 2007 David Williams posted on Son of Dork’s Myspace Page that the band had split. Within hours, however, James confirmed that the band had not split. Dave later announced that he had quit since he didn't want to be in a band that does nothing.

Chris Leonard also left the band in October 2007, saying "I've left but to be honest there wasn't really anything to leave. The band wasn't doing anything at all so obviously I wasn't prepared to sit around doing nothing all day when there's so much other stuff I can be doing so I moved on and I'm making new music".[citation needed]

After Leonard's and Williams sudden leave, the Son of Dork went into an unannounced hiatus not performing a live concert or even meeting up in a year. This caused Rushton to leave the band stating "I didn't pick up a guitar to leave it hanging on a wall gathering dust for two years".

With only two band members remaining, Son of Dork was no more. Despite this, the reading on the official website says "...Son Of Dork is not officially over... " although this has not changed since the split.

Loserville: The Musicial (2009)

In early 2009, Bourne and fellow play writer Elliot Davies announced a musical play based on Son of Dork's debut album Welcome to Loserville which would premier for two exclusive nights in South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell[2] on theW20th and 21 August. The play was met with favourable reviews and is now signed to tour the West End.[3]



  • Better Late Than Never Tour 2007 (Headline tour) (Cancelled)
  • Sic Tour 2007 - Headline Act
  • Get Happy Tour 2007 (Support for Bowling for Soup with Army of Freshmen and Wheatus throughout the UK)
  • Welcome to Loserville Live Radio Tour 2006


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Danny Hall (born Danny Peter Hall on 12 June 1981 in Widnes, Cheshire, England), is the drummer of the British pop punk bands Son of Dork and DeFo. He briefly studied at the University of Salford in 2004, before answering an advertisement placed in NME magazine, which led to his meeting James Bourne and joining Son Of Dork. He is now working on his solo album, and working with a Telford pop-punk/pop/surf band called Hill Valley High

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