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Coordinates: 22°37′14″N 114°08′59″E / 22.62056°N 114.14972°E / 22.62056; 114.14972

Danzhutou (丹竹头; Hakka: Tan Tsuk Theu) Village is in Buji (布吉) Town, which is in Longgang (龙岗) District, which is in Shenzhen (深圳) Municipality, which is in Guangdong (广东) Province, which is in the country of Zongguo (中国; English: China)

Historically, it was located in the Sin On District of the Canton Province of South China.



The original village population now is approximately 500 people. They belong to the Hakka dialect group. The variant of Hakka spoken is called Sin On. The inhabitants are grouped into 4 surnames. Shen (沈; Hakka: Shim), Ling (凌), Luo (罗) and Zhang (张). Shen constituting the majority of 80%.

In recent years, the once small Hakka village is now packed with low rise buildings and has a large immigrant population. The village has prospered much, due to its presence in Shenzhen, just outside the Shenzhen Economic Zone. It is surrounded by numerous factory complexes. As Shenzhen is virtually the factory for the rest of the world. The original villagers are now wealthy landlords. Even the poorest villager has his own place to stay in. The huge immigrant population now run most of the businesses, and rent places to stay in the low rise housing.

Getting There

The main ways of getting to Shenzhen are by: 1) From overseas, flying into Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, or 2) From Hong Kong, crossing over the Lo Wu(Cantonese)/Luohu(Mandarin) Border Crossing, or 3) From Guangzhou, taking a bullet train on the Guangshen Railway. Upon arriving in Shenzhen, one can then take a taxi to the hotel of your choice.

The hotel just next to the village is Jun Yue Express Hotel. The hotel rates start at 98 and 110 yuan. There are 2 larger hotels located located in Buji town. Kindlion Hotel (4 star), and Century Kingdom Hotel (5 star). All the hotels have Internet access from the rooms.

From Jun Yue Express Hotel, it is just a walk across the road to the village. But from the Hotels in Buji town, one can take the cheaper green taxis to the village. As Danzhutou is quite large. You'll have to tell the taxi driver to bring you specifically to the huge main administrative building called Danzhutou Da Xia.

From there is a short walk to main entrance of the original village, where the elderly males gather. And just nearby is the old folks community hall, where the elderly females gather.


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