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Dao Vallis
Dao Niger and Harmakhis Vallis PIA02810.jpg
Dao Vallis is the leftmost channel, joined just above the center of the image by Niger Vallis. In each valley water flowed toward the bottom of the image.
Coordinates 38°42′S 272°06′W / 38.7°S 272.1°W / -38.7; -272.1Coordinates: 38°42′S 272°06′W / 38.7°S 272.1°W / -38.7; -272.1
Length 816.0 km
Naming Word for "star" in Thai.

Dao Vallis is a valley on Mars that appears to have been carved by water. It runs southwestward into Hellas Planitia. It and its tributary, Niger Vallis, extend for about 1200 km. [1] It is named after the Thai word for star. In the 2007 Canadian miniseries Race to Mars, It is the landing site for Gagarin, the lander, and is the site of science for the mission.



Dao Vallis begins near a large volcano, called Hadriaca Patera, so it is thought to have received water when hot magma melted huge amounts of ice in the frozen ground. The partially circular depressions on the left side of the channel in the image below suggests that groundwater sapping also contributed water.[2]


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