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Houari Boumedienne Airport

Dar El Beïda (Arabic: الدار البضاء‎) is a suburb of Algiers, Algeria. It is the seat of the district of the same name in the Algiers Province. Its postal code is 16100 and its municipal code is 1620. Its current president of the People's Municipal Assembly (mayor) is Mr. Nasreddine Noumi (2002-2007).



During French colonian times, it was officially called with its French name Maison Blanche (French pronunciation: [mɛzɔ̃ blɑ̃ʃ]) , which meant the same thing as its current Arabic name: (the) white house. It is pronounced [ɑdːɑr.ulbɑjdˁɑʔ] in Classical Arabic and [(ə)dɑr.(əl)bɑjdɑ] in Darja.


It is home to an industrial park which it shares with the neighboring municipality of Oued Smar. Historic municipal budgets include:

  • 2003: 290 million DZD
  • 2004: 320 million DZD
  • 2005: 730 million DZD
  • 2006: 750 million DZD
  • 2007: 1.6 billion DZD


It has an area of 3200 hectares (32 km²/12 sq mi). It is home to the Houari Boumedienne Airport, one of the largest of Africa with a terminal for international flights and for national flights.


It has 44,753 inhabitants as of the 1998 census. In 1987 it had 12,900 inhabitants.[1]




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