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Dark House
Directed by Darin Scott
Produced by
  • Mark Sonoda
  • Nick Allan
Screenplay by Darin Scott
Story by
  • Kerry Douglas Dye
  • Darin Scott
Music by Vincent Gillioz
Cinematography Phil Lee
Editing by Charles Bornstein
  • Fatal Frame Pictures
  • Red Shogun Pictures
Distributed by Lightning Media
Release date(s) July 30, 2010 (2010-07-30)
Running time 85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Dark House is a horror film directed by Darin Scott and stars Jeffrey Combs, Meghan Ory and Diane Salinger with Matt Cohen, Shelly Cole, Danso Gordon, Ryan Melander, Bevin Prince, Meghan Maureen McDonough and Scott Whyte. The film was scripted by Darin Scott with the story created by Kerry Douglas Dye and Darin Scott. The movie was produced by Mark Sonoda and Nick Allan. Dark House opened theatrically for one week engagements on Friday, July 30th in New York City, Dallas and San Francisco and was released on DVD September 28th, 2010 [1] [2] [3].



Three girls stand outside a house, where the foster children live. One girl goes inside to show the others that there is nothing to fear. Upon going inside, the girl finds dead children scattered around the lower floor of the house. She walks to the kitchen to find Miss Darrode, with a tortured look on her face, putting her hand into the running garbage disposal, having destroyed her other hand already. Miss Darrode dies. Shortly thereafter, the girl's attention is drawn to a rattling doorknob. She peeks through the keyhole, and something peeks back. She tries to run away, but slips on blood and falls, knocking herself unconscious.

Still traumatized 14 years later, Claire Thompson's therapist suggests she revisit the old house where the children's massacre took place, though she admits she has never been able to get past the gate.

Claire, an aspiring actress, is part of an advanced acting class. After a challenge and response exercise, in which multiple personality conflicts between the students are aired, Walston Rey, the self-proclaimed "King of Horror Parks," comes in to recruit members of the class to perform in the show he's producing in a haunted house attraction, Dark House. The haunted house is the former foster home run by the evil Miss Darrode, and is set to open for the press. Claire talks her classmates into agreeing to perform in the project.

Walston has deliberately chosen the house which fourteen years before was the scene of the grizzly massacre. The actors, upon arriving at the house, meet Walston, the artistic director Samantha, and the head usher Moreton. Walston indicates that all of the windows are sealed shut to maintain a controlled atmosphere in the house. Claire wanders through the house, seeing images of the dead children in the positions where she found them. Walston takes the crew on a tour of the house and introduces them to his revolutionary new holographic illusion system that projects lifelike images of monsters throughout the house upon being triggered by remote, infrared sensors, and fear. The actors are taken down to the basement to meet Harris, the creator of the holograph system, and see the center of the system.

Despite her bravado, Claire is deeply affected by the house and sees images of Miss Darrode abusing the children. The hologram system indicates it's been infected by a virus, which appears to be Miss Darrode. The screen on which he's working explodes in Harris's face, killing him almost immediately. The system starts breaking down, and the house locks down. Moreton is stabbed by what he believes is a hologram and is mortally wounded. Claire and the reporters are unaware that he is truly hurt, thinking he is merely performing. The male reporter, Reid, is attacked by a hologram with acid. The female reporter, Cummings, falls down the stairs to her death while trying to run away. Bruce is attacked by a hologram in the Iron Maiden, as Walston and Samantha try to figure out what to do with Miss Cummings's body. Claire knows that Miss Darrode is responsible for Bruce's death. The group begins to realize that the holograms are killing people and try to get Walston to let them out, only to realize that they cannot leave. Claire tries to tell Rudy that the spirit of Miss Darrode is responsible for the killings when Eldon is decapitated by a knight hologram.

Samantha takes Ariel to a bathroom and tries to escape through a window, while Rudy tries to kick open the security door. Claire reveals that Miss Darrode is haunting the house. Walton refuses to believe and blames Harris for the problems. Samantha and Ariel open the window, only to have it slam shut. They are suffocated by poison gas. Claire reveals that she was the one who discovered the massacred children when she was seven. Lily turns on Claire for dragging them all into their situation.

Rudy attempts to disable the system by cutting a wire in the fuse box, but is killed by the evil clown. He pulls the wires out as he dies, leaving Claire, Ariel and Lily in the dark. Walston discovers the keys to the basement in his pocket and decides to head back down. Lily decides to go to the open window in the attic and refuses to allow Claire to come with her. Lily finds Moreton's body and is killed by another hologram.

While trying to unlock the basement, Walston is dragged away by zombies. Claire makes it into the basement and tries to destroy the computer. She emerges from the basement to find Walston's body. Claire has another panic attack, but gathers herself and tries to leave. She finds the doors still locked, and decides to try the attic window.

In the attic, Claire has another vision of Miss Darrode abusing the children in a religious frenzy. She turns to find Miss Darrode sitting before the window. Miss Darrode tells Claire that she's there for Claire and only needed to kill the others to get her body back. She said she was damned because she let the demon in Claire get away. Claire runs to the basement, where she has a vision of the children rebelling against Miss Darrode's religious mania and being killed in turn. Claire realizes that she was there, that she was the instigator of the rebellion, that Miss Darrode blamed her entirely for the killings, and that she was the sole survivor of the massacre. She further realizes that her visions were actually memories. Claire grabs a knife to attack Miss Darrode.

Claire is found by the police, sitting in the kitchen, catatonic. The others are found dead in the same positions as the children. The police determine that Claire went crazy and killed all of the others.

The girl who discovered the bodies as a child has returned as an adult with her boyfriend to face her fears. She is relieved to find that it's "just a house," when the doors and windows slam shut.



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