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Dark Ride
Directed by Craig Singer
Produced by Daniel Bickel
Chris M. Williams
Written by Craig Singer
Robert Dean Klein
Starring Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Patrick Renna
Jennifer Tisdale
Andrea Bogart
Music by Themes
Christopher Young
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release date(s) United States November 17, 2006,
Running time 90 mins

Dark Ride is a horror film that was selected to play at the 8 Films To Die For film festival.



A decade has nearly passed since psychopath Jonah brutally murdered two twin teenage girls. Now, after almost 10 years of being incarcerated in a mental institute, Jonah has somehow escaped and has returned to his turf - an amusement park attraction named "Dark Ride". Unknowingly, a group of six friends, Cathy (Jamie-Lynn Sigler), movie buff Bill (Patrick Renna), Steve (David Clayton Rogers), Liz (Jennifer Tisdale), Jim (Alex Solowitz), and with Jen (Andrea Bogart) as a tag-along, are on their way to a road trip and have just boarded the ride, unaware of the deadly plans Jonah has for them.

At the end all but Cathy and Bill are killed. Cathy rams Jonah into spikes to save Jim, but the shock comes when Bill stabs Jim, who has bullied and humiliated him from before. Bill reveals that Jonah is his older brother and only killed those who bullied his little sibling. This whole time was his chance for revenge, or "justice" as Cathy called it. Bill then gives his thanks to a horrified Cathy, who breaks down as the police arrive.

DVD release

The DVD was released on March 27, 2007.



  • Filming began 25 October 2004 and finished 19 November 2004.
  • Released on November 17 2006 for a limited release at the "After Dark Horrorfest", an event in which movies "too graphic" for theaters were finally shown to the public for one weekend only, across several states in the United States.
  • The DVD was released on March 27 2007, a long with most of the other "Horrorfest" titles.
  • Dave Warden's debut role.
  • Twin actresses' Chelsey and Brittney Coyle play twin sisters in the movie.

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