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For the beetle, see Darkling beetle. For the comic book character, see Asylum (comics). For an Ing-possessed creature, see Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Star Trek: VOY episode
Episode no. 60
Prod. code 161
Airdate February 19, 1997
Writer(s) Brannon Braga
Joe Menosky
Director Alexander Singer
Guest star(s) David Lee Smith as Zahir
Stephen Davies as Nakahn
Noel de Souza as Gandhi
Christopher Clarke as Lord Byron
Year 2373
Stardate 50693.2
Episode chronology
Previous "Unity"
Next "Rise"

"Darkling" is an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the eighteenth episode of the third season.


The Doctor attempts to improve his program by including elements of the personalities of various famous people that he admires, taken from holocharacters of them. However, the darker, less well-known sides of these people's personalities form a second, evil personality (similar to Mr. Hyde). This evil version of the Doctor attempts to murder an alien from the planet being visited by Voyager by pushing him off a cliff. The evil twin also temporarily paralyzes Lt. Torres when she discovers it. It later jumps off a cliff with Kes but is beamed back to Voyager while falling. At the end of the episode, the Doctor's program is restored to normal. While the episode concludes, the Doctor is heard citing part of the Hippocratic Oath.

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