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Darkwind Productions (Random Productions)


Darkwind Productions is a youtube movie making company founded by David Moore. All Darkwind videos are retrospective and he is one of the few people to own a channel soly deticated to retrospectives.
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In 2004, David Moore and his friends form the Star Network. They were a small movie making company that made hit flicks like "Space Fighters" and "The Reaper". The group split in 2005. In 2006 they re united to make the Random Show. A sketched based comedy internet show that was originally supposed to air on youtube in August. However, due to editing disputes, David Moore and his friend split. He formed Random Productions while his friend formed Channel 3 Productions. 10 episodes of the Random Show were made. In the fall Random Productions tried to make animations using power point but his lack of knowledge of youtube at the time caused him to fail.

Youtube Debut

On Febuary 21st, 2007 Dave created the user Houminid on youtube. He made his videos with his Digital Blue. His first video "Hand Hunter" was a catastrophic failure, along with all his other videos. He took a crack at animation using The Movies. But these videos suffered from poor quality too. His parody on The Cay however, was a moderate success. He had game series like Game Talk, Broke Back Jack, and Time Splitters: The Lost Chapters. To make these videos, he filmed them straight from his TV. His poor narration skills ruined these videos.

20 Video Plans

Every 20 videos he would switch to another them. Plans:
1. The Begging (just random videos)
2. Random Productions Strikes Back (Live Action)
3. Invation Of the Games (game videos)
4. Summer of Fun (a mix of all the plans).

True Videogame Story

David had had enough of his failures. He had only 40 subscribers and was going to close Houminid but then took one last chance. He decided to make a retrospective on the history of Nintendo that would be fully accurate. The final build had annoying music and was a bit out of order. But it was overall recived well. He then made Sega the next week and Atari the week after. He gained more popularity and was getting more and more subscribers. Then he released the History Of Sony: the first of his retrospectives to contain voice narrations. 1 week later he released Failed Systems. This was followed by much controversy of his choices and opinions on the failed systems he mentioned. The next week he planned to make The History Of Nintendo Power with an outro showing a fast slideshow of every NP released to date. But some pictures were coruppted and he could not complete his video... After that, his computer crashed and had to wait 5 weeks to get a new one.


130 subscribers strong, David released the History Of Castlevania. This was the first retrospective to take multiple parts to complete and have actual video clips. It was a huge success and subsribers started to pour in. 3 weeks later he came out with Megaman, then the triple feature: Microsoft, Bungie, and Halo, then Mario (which took 5 parts), then a look at the Video Game Crash Of 1983, then Music Games, then Elder Scrolls, and finally: a 1 year celebration of his youtube debute.


5 days after his 1 year anniversey, the Houminid account was suspended due to a copyright violation of a trailer from IGN. he had made exactly 500 subscribers moore than he did when he started TVS.

Darkwind Productions

David made the choice of returning to youtube and re-uploading his retrospectives. He created the user DiabloDave363. He planned to re-upload videos weekly. He could only find Castlevania and Microsoft, Bungie, and Halo at first. He had to remake, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and Sony. He then re-uploaded Mario and Music Games. And in celebration of the release of GTA 4, he made The History Of GTA. Then he made Sonic and announced he planned to make Zelda next.

Retrospectives on DiabloDave363: Retrospectives on Houminid:
1. Castlevania 1. Nintendo
2. Microsoft, Bungie, and Halo 2. Sega
3. Nintendo 3. Atari
4. Sega 4. Sony
5. Atari 5. Failed Systems
6. Sony 6. Castlevania
7. Mario 7. MegaMan
8. Music Games 8. Microsoft, Bungie, and Halo
9. Grand Theft Auto 9. Mario
10. Sonic 10. Videogame Crash Of 1983
11. Music Games
12. Elder Scrolls
13. Random Productions


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