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Gender Male
Meaning Great
Origin Unknown
Related names Darrell
Popularity Popular names page

Darren a masculine given name of uncertain etymological origins. Some theories state that it originated from a Gaelic surname meaning "great". According to other theories, it is a variant of Darrell, which originated from the French surname D'Airelle meaning "of Airelle".

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A twentieth century invention possibly from a rare Irish surname of obscure meaning, possibly from Dara or Daragh, meaning "oak". It is also the name of an old silver mine near Aberystwyth, Wales.

  • The name became popular, particularly in U.K., from a character in the 1960s American TV series Bewitched, actually spelled Darrin.


Proper noun




  1. A male given name.


  • 1837 The Saturday Magazine, John William Parker, v.10 (1837), page 94 ("Silver Mines in Great Britain"):
    About the middle of the sixteenth century, Darren, and the adjoining mine of Cwm Symlog, were extensively and profitably worked - - -
  • 1862 Illustrated Dublin Journal, James Duffy, page 216 ( "The Lady of Darren"):
    - - - the sun shone down merrily on the green woods of Darren, the bright Liffey tumbled joyously down by bank and brake, and a joyous peal of bells rang out to welcome the happy bridal of the Lady of Darren and her handsome lover, Sir Brian Courtenay.
  • 1959 Gwen Bristow: Celia Garth, Crowell 1959, page 15:
    Darren was a beautiful youth, strong and well made.
  • 1998 Barbara Vine ( Ruth Rendell ), The Chimney Sweeper's Boy, ISBN 0670879274, page 315:
    One of those awful names, Gareth or Darren - no, Jason.


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