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Darwaza is a village near Ayubia, situated in the Abbottabad district Union Council Palak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The population of Darwaza is about 5000.



Chamb is a small Mohalla of Village Darwaza which is at a distance of about 2 km from Kuza Gali. Chamb is linked to main Ayubia/[Nathia Gali Road through a link Road from Khaira Gali, Jandala to Darwaza. The population of Chamb is around 1000 and the main places of Chamb are Butti, Kohri, Purana Chamb, Upper Chamb and Lower Chamb.

Chamb is considered to be one of the most literate area of Village Darwaza although there is no school in Chamb. About 60 percent of the population of Chamb is associated with hotel industry. Chamb consists of two main Clans—Totyals and Terwals. Totyals are about 80 percent of the population of Chamb.

Notables of Chamb include Ajmal Hussain Abbasi, Abdur Rauf Abbasi (Urf Gainda), Iqbal Abbasi, Late Naeem Abbasi, Ghulam Murtaza Abbasi of Jamat-e-Islami and Basharat Abbasi.


Riyali is located next to Chamb and this mohalla is geographically like a narrow strip with a population slightly less than that of Chamb. Riali is connected to the other world with Darwaza Khaira gali road. The main clans living in Riyali are Ruswals and Changwals.
Notables of Riali include late Haji Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Khawas Muhammad Abbasi, Sayyab Ahmad Qureshi. The literacy rate in Riyali is very low. The majority of people of Riyali work in hotels and restaurants. Apart from that, the second most prominent profession here is small business in the form of small shops.

Ander Kote

Ander Kote is a village near Riyali with a population of about 1000 people. There is a primary school in Ander Kote for boys. Notables of Ander kote include Mubarak Abbasi (school teacher and a key member of Tableeghi Jamat), Gultaj Abbasi, Raja Khan and Arbab Abbasi. Main Clans of Ander kote are Nayyal and Hajyals.


Bagla is a mohalla near Jandala with deobandi Sunni Majority population. Bagla is situated very close to Madrassa Wali Dukhtaran-e-Islam Academy Panyali. Bagla is on the way of Khairagali Darwaza Road. Notables of Bagla include Khalid Abbasi, Bilour Abbasi and Hafiz Tanvir Abbasi.


Bantan is considered to be the main hub or in other words, the capital of Darwaza. The population of Bantan is less than 1000 people but this mohalla is very much known for sectarian and political fighting and tussles. There is a vast majority of Barelvi Muslims in this locality and the situation is often tense in this area between barelvi majority and deobandi minority population.

Mr Nabi Khan of this area is known for spreading hatred and creating mess. Nambardar Wazir (Late), Babu Khan, Master Ijaz Ahmad Abbasi and Haleem Ahmad Abbasi are the notable personalities of this region.



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