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Six islands in the Biosphere, 5 of which are used in combat.

The Biosphere is the birthing place of the Darwinians. They are created from spawn points locate throughout the map, but unlike incubators, they require Darwinians to operate rather than taking the input from digital souls.

The infected Red Darwinians have taken control of the birthing equipment. To get the population back to normal, you need to completely wipe out the hostile population.


  • Wipe out Red Army
  • Enable trunk port


You have a small group of Darwinians at the Pattern Buffer trunk port. Build a few squads there, and attack the first spawn point. Build an armour at the trunk port, get the Darwinains into the armor, and deploy a battle cannon to the side of the spawn point.

The spawn points are critical, as there are no other means to collect Darwinians on the map. If you lose your starting Darwinians, you need to restart the map.

To secure a spawn point, you only need two battle cannons placed near the point in question. However, you need to make sure your forces can reach the battle cannon first, otherwise they will be taken by the enemy, making attack more difficult.

To attack an island, have an engineer secure all radar dishes surrounding the island. This allows you to attack with squads from any side while keeping a frontal assault with the Darwinians.

The central island contains the Trunk port to the temple. It can be claimed by an engineer, although if the Soul Destroyer gives trouble, deploy a battle cannon somewhere in front of the trunk port.



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