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Dash Rip Rock is a New Orleans based rock group which was formed as a three-piece rockabilly band in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during the summer of 1984. According to Green Frog Music, the band took their name from "The Beverly Hillbillies." Dash Riprock was Ellie May's wanna be beau. Over time the band has evolved into a rowdy live act popular at college-town bars and fraternity parties across the South. Today, the only remaining original member is singer/guitarist Bill Davis.



Taking cues from the early-80s American roots rock revival embodied by such acts as Rank and File, The LeRoi Brothers, The Beat Farmers, The Stray Cats and Jason & the Scorchers, guitarist Bill Davis formed Dash Rip Rock with drummer F. Clarke Martty and bassist Ned "Hoaky" Hickel in 1984. All three were veterans of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana post-punk / new wave scene, with Davis having gained some local notoriety in The Human Rayz and Hickel in Scooter and the Mopeds.

Originally, the band was heavily focused on country and rockabilly, with Martty playing a simple stand-up drum kit and band members sporting cowboy shirts and bola ties. Early shows included lots of George Jones covers and the band's first single featured the country-leaning "Marsupial" and a fast rockabilly tune called "Shake That Girl".

Less than a year after forming the band, Martty was ousted by Davis, who wanted to take Dash Rip Rock in more of a rock direction. Martty was replaced by manic drummer Fred LeBlanc (now the frontman for Cowboy Mouth) and the band began to build a strong following around their live cowpunk shows at clubs near the LSU campus. Among the most notable were the band's frequent shows at The Chimes, and a recording of their December 28, 1985 show there was released as "Ned, Fred and Dickhead" for a reunion tour of the Davis/Hickel/LeBlanc lineup in 2001.

Dash Rip Rock released a self-titled debut album in 1986 that showcased the band's new uptempo, rockabilly-influenced style. Following the album's release, the band began touring heavily through the Southeastern United States and developed a strong regional following for their live shows, especially in college towns of the SEC. Fuelled by whisky and egged on by the raucous college crowds, Dash Rip Rock evolved into more of a bar band over time.

In 1988 the band recorded its second album, Ace of Clubs, but LeBlanc left Dash Rip Rock for a solo career shortly thereafter. LeBlanc later achieved success with Cowboy Mouth, a name taken by LeBlanc from the title of a Sam Shepherd play. The eponymous line of dialogue was earlier referenced in the song "Johnny Ace" from Ace of Clubs ("working hard on dying / and always trying / to be a rock-n-roll Jesus / with a cowboy mouth.")

After LeBlanc's departure, the band moved even more into bar-band territory and focused less and less on studio recordings. Dash Rip Rock's most successful studio release was, in fact, "Let's Go Smoke Some Pot", a parody of Danny and the Juniors' "At the Hop" that had become a staple of the band's live shows. Although the song has been adopted by some as a pro-marijuana song[1], it was actually intended to make fun of the resurgent popularity of Grateful Dead-style jam bands,[2] specifically naming Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Spin Doctors, Drivin N Cryin and Widespread Panic among others.

In 1999, Hickel left the band after a disastrous West Coast tour and moved to South Florida, where he now owns a marine surveying company. Bill Davis moved to Nashville not long after to work on his songwriting but kept the band together with a succession of bass players and drummers. The band still tours the Southern United States and in 2005 released a retrospective CD on the Alternative Tentacles label, followed in 2007 by Dash's first concept album, "Hee Haw Hell." August 1, 2008 saw the release of a new studio album, "Country Girlfriend" through Abitian Records. Another choice for the album's title was "Fear of a Cajun Planet", a title picked up from a t-shirt design.[3]


Current members

  • Bill Davis - Singer / Guitarist
  • Patrick Johnson - Bass Guitar
  • Eric Padua - Drums

Former Members

  • Ned "Hoaky" Hickel - Bass (original member)
  • F. Clarke Martty - Drums (original member)
  • Fred LeBlanc - Drums
  • Chris "Lucky Dog" Luckette - Drums
  • Kyle Melancon - Drums
  • Brian Broussard - Bass
  • Andy Songy - Bass
  • Shannon Bobo - Bass
  • Settly - Bass - Rhythm Guitar
  • Kenny Ames - Bass
  • Jody Smith - Drums
  • Leon Touzet - Drums - Rhythm Guitar


  • Country Girlfriend (2008)
  • Live at Schubas 8/13/2005 (download only, 2008)
  • Hee Haw Hell (2007)
  • Recyclone (2005)
  • Live from the Bottom of the Hill (limited release, 2003)
  • Sonic Boom (2003)
  • Ned, Fred and Dickhead (limited release, 2001)
  • Hits and Giggles (2000)
  • Paydirt (1998)
  • Dash Rip Rock's Gold Record (1996)
  • Testosterone (1995) Australian-only release
  • Get You Some of Me (1995)
  • Tiger Town (1993)
  • Boiled Alive (1991)
  • Not of This World (1990)
  • Ace of Clubs (1989)
  • Dash Rip Rock (1987)


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