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Dave Brindle is a Canadian broadcast journalist and producer. He is currently hosting and producing unique news programming that links old and new media platforms. In so doing, he has successfully created unique "sharing-of-information" partnerships with other news organizations, and has been called an "innovative radio producer."[1] His shows are intended to serve the public good, based on 3 fundamental principles: reason, respect and common sense. He believes traditional media, such as radio, must think in terms of "a website with a radio station attached to it, not a radio station with a website." He is now producing collaboratory short shows for that purpose.

"Participatory journalism need not be complicated; sometimes it's just a matter of incorporating the conversation that is already happening online. For example, when I was asked to go on the Dave Brindle show to talk about the use of Twitter in the uprising in Iran, I sent a message to my Facebook and Twitter networks asking for input. The input I received helped inform my comments on the show -- but more importantly, David Brindle took note of the discussion and used the comments as conversation points during the interview. Thus we had radio journalism that was crowd-sourced and integrated into a broader discussion that was happening online.” - Steve Anderson, National Co-ordinator,

The Dave Brindle Show was canceled on November 5, 2009 when TALK1410 AM radio in Vancouver was re-programmed from news and information to syndicated sports talk radio. The show began as a weekend, one-hour news program and, within 22 months, had grown into a three-hour, daytime, weekday program. It also regained the audience of its predecessor - the top rated syndicated US show, "Dr. Laura" - before its cancellation.

Brindle is an advocate journalist; ideologically and morally liberal on issues such as human rights, civil liberties, environmentalism, marijuana prohibition, and open democracy.

An anchor for CBC Newsworld in the 1980s and 1990s, he was Canada's first television personality to publicly acknowledge that he was HIV-positive.[2]He was most recently the keynote speaker for the Canadian AIDS Society World AIDS Day Gala on December 1, 2009 in Ottawa, ON.


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