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Dave Reichert

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Washington's 8th district
Assumed office 
January 3, 2005
Preceded by Jennifer Dunn

Born August 29, 1950 (1950-08-29) (age 59)
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Julie Reichert
Residence Auburn, Washington
Alma mater Concordia Lutheran College
Religion Lutheran - Missouri Synod
Military service
Service/branch Air Force Reserves
Years of service 1971-1976

David George Reichert (born August 29, 1950) is a member of the United States Congress and the former Sheriff of King County, Washington. He has served since 2005 as the Republican Congressional representative of Washington's 8th congressional district. Congressman Reichert was narrowly re-elected over Darcy Burner in 2008 for a third term.




Early life

Reichert was born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota,[1] the oldest of seven children and grandson of the town marshal.[2] His family moved to Washington State in 1951 living first in Renton, Washington, and later moving to Kent, where he attended Kent Meridian High School. He graduated in 1968 and went on to Concordia Lutheran College in Portland, Oregon on a small football scholarship, although he did not earn a Bachelor's degree. In 1971, he joined the Air Force Reserves's 939th Military Airlift Group. He saw six months of active duty at Lackland AFB, Texas, Chanute AFB, Ill., and McChord AFB, Wash., from 1971 to 1976. [3]


Reichert earned an A.A. in Social Work in 1970 from Concordia Lutheran College in Portland, Oregon[4] where he also played on the football team.[5]

Law enforcement career

Reichert served with the King County Sheriff's Department beginning in 1972. He was a SWAT Commander, Commander-Hostage Negotiation, Commander-Bomb Disposal Unit, Commander-Traffic Unit, and an Acting Commander-Internal Investigations.[6] Reichert was a leading member of the Green River Task Force, which was formed to track down the so-called "Green River Killer." DNA evidence eventually identified Gary Leon Ridgway as the Green River Killer in 2001.[6] Ridgway was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the Green River murders.[7]

County Sheriff

In 1997 he was appointed Sheriff of King County, Washington by King County Executive Ron Sims.[6] In 2001, he ran unopposed for a second four year term.[8] A widely rebroadcast event during the Seattle World Trade Organization conference and protests showed Reichert chasing looters down 3rd Avenue in Seattle.[9]


Reichert served as president of the Washington State Sheriffs’ Association.[2]

Reichert is an executive board member of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.[2]


Reichert won the 2004 National Sheriffs' Association's Sheriff of the Year award, two valor awards and the Washington State Atty. General's Award for courageous action.[2]


The non-fiction book "Chasing the Devil: My Twenty-Year Quest to Capture the Green River Killer", published in July 2004, chronicles his greatest accomplishment as sheriff. ISBN 0-316-15632-9

U.S. Congress

Eighth Congressional District of Washington

Reichert has been described as a moderate Republican[10] and is the only centrist member of the Washington State Delegation, named by the National Journal three years in a row.[11]

2004 Election

In 2004 Reichert ran for Congress. In the Republican primary debate, he walked out due to other Republican primary candidates not adhering to the Republican 11th commandment.[12][13]

Reichert defeated his Democratic opponent, well known KIRO talk show host Dave Ross in the 2004 Congressional elections, 51 percent to 46 percent. He replaced retiring Republican representative Jennifer Dunn. At the same time, Democrat John Kerry won, 51 percent to 48 percent, against President George W. Bush in the 8th district. That made Reichert one of just 17 House Republicans elected in a district that went Democratic for president.[14]

ARMPAC, one of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's political action committees, donated $20,000 to Reichert's election campaign.[15][16] Since DeLay's 2005 indictment on charges of conspiracy to launder money, Democrats have urged Reichert to return the money or to donate it to charitable causes. He has refused to do so.[17]

109th Congress

Reichert was a member of the following committees: House Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Intelligence Information Sharing and Terrorism Risk Assessment, Subcommittee Management Integration and Oversight, House Committee on Science, Subcommittee on Energy, Subcommittee on Research, Subcommittee on Environment Technology and Standards, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, Subcommittee on Highways Transit and Pipelines. In September 2005, he was appointed chairman for the Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Science and Technology, a subcommittee within the Homeland Security Committee.[18]

2006 Elections

Dave Reichert faced Democrat Darcy Burner in November 2006; he was re-elected with 51% of the vote.[19]

110th Congress

Reichert was a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, the Subcommittee on Border Maritime and Global Counter-terrorism, and the Ranking Minority Member on the Subcommittee on Intelligence Information Sharing and Terrorism Risk Assessment. He was a member of the House Committee on Science and Technology. Also, he was a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, with membership on the Subcommittee on Aviation and Subcommittee on Highways and Transit.[20]

2008 Elections

In a repeat of the 2006 election matchup, Rep. Dave Reichert faced Democrat Darcy Burner. Dave Reichert won the general election with 53% of the vote to Darcy Burner's 47%[21].

111th Congress

Committee assignments

Reichert voted against the stimlus and against Speaker Pelosi's health care overhaul. He also was one of eight republicans to vote for Cap and Trade


Date Position Status Opponent Result Vote Share Top Opponent Vote Share
1997 Sheriff Appointed[6]
2001 Sheriff Incumbent Ran Unopposed Elected 100%[24] N/A
2004 U.S. Representative Open seat Primary Diane Tebelius(R), Luke Esser (R), Conrad Lee (R) Nominated 45.34%[25] 22.13% (Tebelius)
2004 U.S. Representative Open seat Dave Ross (D) Elected 51.50%[26] 46.70%
2006 U.S. Representative Incumbent Darcy Burner (D) Re-Elected 51.31%[27] 48.69%
2008 U.S. Representative Incumbent Darcy Burner (D) Re-Elected 52.78%[28] 47.22%


He is married to Julie, whom he met in college. Together, the Reicherts currently live in Auburn and have three grown children, Angela, Tabitha, and Daniel, and six grandchildren.[29] Reichert is a Missouri Synod Lutheran.[30]

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United States House of Representatives
Preceded by
Jennifer Dunn
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Washington's 8th congressional district

2005 – present


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