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John Chiang, David Chiang, David Chang
Chinese name 姜大衛 (Traditional)
Chinese name 姜大卫 (Simplified)
Birth name 姜偉年 (Chiang Wei-Nien)
Born 29 June 1947 (1947-06-29) (age 62)
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Spouse(s) Lee Lam-lam
Children Keung Yee-lan (姜依蘭)
Keung Yee-man (姜依文)
Keung Cheuk-man (姜卓文)

David Chiang Da-wei (simplified Chinese: 姜偉年traditional Chinese: 姜大衛Mandarin Pinyin: Jiāng DàwèiJyutping: Keung1 Dai6 Wai6; born 29 June 1947 in Suzhou, Jiangsu) is a Hong Kong actor.


His Mother Hung Wei and Father Yim Dut were very popular movie stars. Young Chiang began his acting career at a very early age, appearing in black & white films while he was only 4 years old. "John" is Chiang's real English name, while "David" was a stage name given to him by Director Chang Cheh (his Chinese name also sounds like "David"). His brother Paul Chun starred in The Sand Pebbles.

In 1966, while working as a stuntman and fight instructor for the acclaimed Shaw Brothers Studio, he was spotted by director Chang Cheh. The director immediately saw potential & screen presence in the young actor & took David under his wing, slowly grooming him. The pair got along like father & son.

With Wang Yu`s sudden departure in 1969, Run Run Shaw and his senior executives were searching for their next leading man to take the reins to satisfy the frenzy left from the departed Wang Yu. The movie impresario made Chiang an offer he could not refuse. With the guidance of director Chang Cheh, Chiang won "The Best Actor" Award at the 16th Asian Film Festival in 1970 for his role in "Vengeance!". In 1972, at the 18th Asian film Festival, Chiang was awarded the Golden Horse Award for "The Best Actor" in "Blood Brothers" & "The Most Contemporary" Award in 1973 at the 19th Asian Film Festival for "The Generation Gap".

Chiang left Hong Kong with his mentor Chang Cheh and set up an independent production company in 1973 known as Chang's Scope Company. With the backing & blessings of Run Run Shaw, their films continued to be distributed through an enormous Shaw circuit. There, Chiang was able to try his hand at directing, producing and script writing. As the 70's came to an end and the 80's approached, Chiang continued to work his magic on the Silver Screen working with directors Lee Han Chiang, Hsueh Li Pao, Ho Meng-hua and Chia-Liang Liu . 1980 was also the start of his first T.V Series The Green Dragon Conspiracy, followed by Princess Chang Ping and Dynasty which are all classics. In the mid 80s, Chiang worked alongside his two brothers, Paul Chun & Derek Yee , directing, producing and acting in the comedy "Legend of the Owl". Chiang`s talents in comedy also was showcased in the movie`s The Challenger and The Loot Directed by Eric Tseng . In late 80s into the 90's Chiang successfully Directed movies : "Heaven Can Help", "Silent Love", "The Wrong Couples", "Mr. Handsome", "Double Fattiness", "My Dear Son", "Will of Iron" and "Mother of a Different Kind" . As 2000 approached, Chiang has continued to work in movies & TV series like : Election, Daisy, Revolving Doors Of Vengeance, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion , Land of Wealth, The Family Link and the most recent 2007 T.V Series The Gem of Life. Chiang was nominated for "Best Supporting Actor" in 2006 for his TVB role in Revolving Doors of Vengeance.

In 2004, David Chiang was inducted into The Avenue of Stars , modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It honours celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry.

With over 4 decades under his belt, Chiang is indeed an icon and a legend and is well regarded as one of Kung Fu's Top Action Heroes.


Year Title Role Notes
 ? All The Profecional
1960 Street Boys
1968 The Golden Swallow
1969 Dead End
Have Sword, Will Travel
The Invincible Fist
1970 The Heroic Ones
The Singing Killer
The Wandering Swordsman
Winged Tiger
1971 The Anonymous Heroes
The Deadly Duo
Duel of Fists
The Duel
New One-Armed Swordsman
1972 Angry Guest
Boxer from Shantung
Four Riders
Trilogy of Swordsmanship
The Water Margin
Young People
1973 Blood Brothers
The Generation Gap
The Pirate
1974 Dracula and the 7 Golden Vampires
The Drug Addict as actor and director.
Five Shaolin Masters
The Savage Five
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (UK/HK)
1975 All Men are Brothers
The Empress Dowager
The Imposter
The Taxi Driver
The Young Rebel
1976 The Condemned also director
One Armed Swordsmen as actor and director.
Seven Man Army
Shaolin Temple
1977 Death Duel
Judgment of an Assassin
Magnificent Wanderers
The Naval Commandos
1978 Shaolin Hand Lock
Shaolin Mantis
1979 Abbot of Shaolin
Blooded Treasury Fight
The Challenger
Heaven and Hell Gate
Murder Plot
1980 The Loot
The Lost Kung Fu Secrets
Six Directions of Boxing
1981 Fight for Glory
King of Fists and Dollars
The Legend of the Owl as actor and director.
Night of the Assassins
Red Phoenix
Return of the Deadly Blade
1982 Strife for Mastery
Till Death Do We Scare
The Conqueror (ATV)
1983 Play Catch
1985 Shanghai 13
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars cameo.
Yes Madam!
1986 From Here to Prosperity
Silent Love as director.
Where's Officer Tuba?
1987 Angel
It's a Mad Mad World
Mr. Handsome as director.
1988 Double Fattiness as director and cameo
Tiger on Beat
1989 Just Heroes
Mr. Sunshine
My Dear Son as director.
1990 When East Meets West as director.
1991 The Banquet cameo.
Will of Iron as director.
1992 Mary From Beijing
Once Upon a Time in China II
Twin Dragons
1993 The Mystery of the Condor Hero (TVB)
1994 What Price Survival
Fate of the Clairvoyant (TVB)
The Fist of Law (TVB)
1995 The Adventurers
Mother of a Different Kind director.
A Good Match from Heaven (TVB)
1996 Lover's Tears as producer.
The Snow is Red Luo Xuan (ATV)
1998 A Lawyer Can Be Good (ATV)
1999 The Legend of Speed
2000 State of Divinity Qu Yang
Wonder Bar (ATV)
2003 Star Runner
2005 Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu Wong Kei Yin (TVB)
2 Young
Revolving Doors of Vengeance Cheung Wing Fat (TVB)
2006 Daisy (Korea)
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion Long Fan Wun (TVB)
Face to Fate Sum Sing Nam (TVB)
Land of Wealth Kiu Bun Yip (TVB)
2007 The Family Link Ko Wing Kuen (TVB)
Making Miracles Chen Guanlin (MediaCorp)
2008 The Master of Tai Chi Mo Chik (TVB)
The Gem of Life Hong Ching Yeung (TVB)
2009 The Threshold of a Persona Mak Kai Ming (TVB)
A Chip Off the Old Block Cho Tsuen (TVB)

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