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Personal information
Full name David George Oakley
Nickname(s) 'St George'
Nationality British
Date of birth September 15, 1964 (1964-09-15) (age 45)
Place of birth Sussex
Height 1.84m
Weight 225lbs
Website [1]
Country England
Sport Wado-Ryu Karate
Team Semka

David Oakley Wado-Ryu Karate

David Oakley is a black belt[1]. Wado-Ryu Karate instuctor based in the south-east of England, Europe. He has trained, competed and taught this discipline of Karate since the age of 14, training under notable figures such as Tatsuo Suzuki, M. Shiomitsu and Kuniaki Sakagami [2]. Alongside Wado-Ryu he has also studied various other forms of Karate, including Shotokan-Ryu and other martial arts, notably Aikido. He is often referred to by Wado-Ryu teachers and students and is considered to be a valuable asset when commenting on the issue of Karate practises in general.


Early Career

Style of teaching

Oakley has been a notable critic of what is called commercial belt selling businesses[3] and retains the view that unless an exceptional student it should be near impossible to achieve black belt status in the absense of years of hard work, both practically and academically. When teaching he is known for a disciplinarian stance, believeing that like other martial arts and sports Karate should serve as primarily a method of strenghtening the inner mind and soul of the body, rather than simplistically a form of attack or defence. Oakley has regulary spoken to the need for channeling emotions through deadicating oneself to a particul;ar martial art or sport.


Oakley's opinion on the condition of Karate in today's modern world are well renowned. He was due to release a book containing his views on the future of the art in light of the lack of spotlight compared with other more popular martial art sports today such as the UFC. However it appears at least for now this has not come to fruition.

Debate on the UFC

Oakley has expressed his fears for Karate and other martial arts in light of the recent prominence of the UFC (Ultimate fighting Championships) which has made itself into a 'public sport' after hauling in rules to make it more watch-able. He was particularly critical of the manner of Dan Hendersons knockout of Michael Bisping. He plans to address this growing trend of 'cage fighting' over traditional martial arts in seminars and academic work this year and in his upcoming book.

Time as a bouncer

Oakley served as a bouncer in the area of Sussex from 2006 and still holds an SIA license today.


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