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David Origanus or David Tost (9 July 1558 in Glatz (Kłodzko), Silesia - 11 July (1628?) 1629[1] in Frankfurt (Oder))) was a German astronomer and professor for Greek language and Mathematics at the University of Frankfurt (Oder), where he had also studied.

He observed numerous comets and published about Ephemeris in 1599 and 1609. In contrast to Tycho Brahe, he was convinced that the Earth rotates.[2]

According to Pierre Gassendi, he was a supporter of Nicolaus Copernicus heliocentric system as outlined in De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium.


  • Novae motuum coelestium ephemerides Brandenburgicae, Frankfurt aO: Eichornius, 1609, „Praefatio"[3]
  • Ephemerides Novae Annorum XXXVI, Incipientes Ab Anno ... 1595, Quo Joannis Stadii maxime aberrare incipiunt, & desinentes in annum 1630: Quibus praemissa est Introductio Seu Compendiaria Ephemeridum Enarratio ... Eichornius, 1599 [4]



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