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David Papaleo
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Birthdate: January 21, 1970 (1970-01-21) (age 40)
Birth name: David Papaleo
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Stage name(s): Tom Katt, Thom Payne
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David Papaleo (born January 21, 1970) is a competitive bodybuilder, fitness model and personal trainer who is mostly known by the stage name Tom Katt . He gained fame as a pornographic actor. He starred in numerous pornographic movies and posed in gay pornography magazines. He worked in both gay and bisexual pornography. In a February 2006 interview with Dallas Voice, he talked about his retirement from making adult movies, his recent marriage and his conversion to Christianity.[1]


Early life

David Papaleo was born in Atlanta, Georgia where he spent the first four years of his life. He was raised by his parents with two other children. At the age of four, his parents divorced and he and his siblings moved to Ludlow, Massachusetts, where his mother became involved with and later married Donald L. Tatro.

Papaleo's mother suffered from depression and was shot and killed by his stepfather when Papaleo was 11 years old. Tatro was never prosecuted, perhaps due to his work as a part-time policeman with the Ludlow Police Department. Afterwards, Papaleo moved back to Atlanta to live with his father. As a teenager, Papaleo was a loner, prone to violent outbursts. He joined his school's wrestling team, but, he often found himself in trouble, due to his lack of desire to become part of a group. He began bodybuilding at 16 and his body soon began to develop. Bodybuilding became a form of therapy, helping him deal with the loss of his mother. Soon after starting bodybuilding, he entered his first contest and placed third. After graduating high school in 1988, he began to aspire to become a professional bodybuilder.


After graduation, he worked odd jobs and did personal training on the side to support his goal of becoming a professional bodybuilder. By this time, his body had developed considerably and a friend of a friend presented him with his first offer to appear in an adult movie from Fox Studios, a gay-themed adult film studio that specialized in the bodybuilder genre. He agreed and signed a contract with the studio. According to Papaleo, his primary reason for agreeing to appear in adult films was its lucrative pay scale. Papaleo took the alias of Tom Katt, and, at age 21, appeared in his first adult film. He continued to compete regularly and competed in, at least, three shows per year, as well as continue to enjoy a successful career as a personal trainer. After he won his first regional bodybuilding competition, he was able to demand more money from his clients. His career as a pornographic actor also flourished, and, as he became more popular, his salary increased. He would begin to date men and women who were also involved in the adult film industry.

Personal problems

Papaleo continued his adult film career with Falcon Studios and personal training in Georgia until the sale of adult videos became legal in the state. An adult video store opened near the gym where he worked and pictures, videos and other items featuring his image were clearly visible in the store's windows by passersby, some of whom belonged to the gym where he trained his clients. While he was not personally embarrassed, his new celebrity status cost him many clients and friends in the gym. These and other issues led to the impairment of Papaleo's self-image, he landed on hard times and began to move from place to place. From 1997 to 2003, he moved to Los Angeles, returned to Georgia, only to go back to Hollywood. He began to take steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to compete, despite his previous dedication to a steroid-free lifestyle. Later, he would state that taking steroids hurt his competitive career, making his body "too bulky and asymmetrical", which hurt his placings. At 255 pounds, he never won a single competition while he used steroids.

Before entering the adult fim industry, Papaleo had never identified his sexual orientation. For some time, he identified himself as bisexual, dating a number of men and women, though he stayed away from dating women, as he felt that no woman would be interested in dating a gay porn star or bisexual man. Papaleo sustained two relationships with men, which, according to him, were more sexual than emotional in nature, which he later said was the primary reason they ended. It was at this time that he began to spend large amounts of money on an array of drugs and alcohol.

Later history

In 2003, he decided to retire from the adult film industry in order to cultivate his spirituality. He returned to Georgia, fell in love with a woman and he decided to continue the relationship. They were married in December 2005.

In 2005, Papaleo successfully returned to bodybuilding as a drug-free competitor. He won his class at the NPC South Eastern Gold's Gym Classic and NPC Georgia Championships. He and his wife have moved to Florida where he continues to study the Bible. He remains supportive of the gay community. He now runs a personal training business in Florida and plans to continue to compete in bodybuilding.

Contest history

David Papaleo
Personal Info
Nickname Tom Katt
Birth January 21, 1970 (1970-01-21) (age 40), Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Height 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Weight 225 lb (102 kg)
Professional Career
Best win NPC Georgia Middle Weight Champion/NPC Eastern Seaboard-Overall Champion, 2005/1994
Active Since 1986
  • 1986 NPC Mr. Teen Atlanta Championships - 3rd
  • 1987 NPC Teen Atlantic USA Championships - 3rd (LW)
  • 1987 NPC Teen Coastal USA Championships - 1st (LW)
  • 1988 NPC Teen Atlantic USA Championships - 1st (LW) and Overall
  • 1988 NPC Teen Georgia Championships - 2nd (MW)
  • 1989 NPC Teen Atlanta Championships - 1st (MW) and Overall winner
  • 1989 AAU Mr. Georgia Championships - 4th (MW)
  • 1989 NPC Southern Regionals Championships - 2nd (MW) and Teen Overall winner
  • 1990 AAU Mr. Georgia Championships - 2nd (MW)
  • 1990 AAU Junior Mr America Championships - 4th (Short Class)
  • 1991 AAU Southeastern Championships - 2nd (MW)
  • 1992 NPC Atlantic USA Championships - 2nd (MW)
  • 1992 AAU Southern America Championships - 1st (MW) and Overall winner
  • 1992 NPC Dixie Championships - 2nd (MW)
  • 1993 NPC Atlantic USA Championships - 2nd (MW)
  • 1994 NPC Eastern Seaboard Championships - 1st (MW) and Overall
  • 1996 NPC Coastal USA Championships - 2nd (LHW)
  • 1996 WPF Mr. Universe Championships - 8th (HW)
  • 1997 NPC Tournament of Champions- 2nd (LHW)
  • 1999 NPC Georgia Championships - 4th (MW)
  • 2000 WPF Mr. Universe Championships - 7th (HW)
  • 2002 NPC California Championships - 4th (HW)
  • 2002 NPC Excaliber Championships - 2nd (LHW)
  • 2005 NPC South Eastern Gold's Classic - 1st (MW)
  • 2005 NPC Georgia Championships - 1st (MW)
  • 2008 NPC Debbie Kruck Classic - 1st (LHW) and Overall
  • 2008 NPC Florida State Championships - 3rd (LHW)

Videography (By Studio)

As Tom Katt

  • All Worlds Video
    • 1998 - Link 2 Link
    • 1998 - Link 2 Link: Director's Cut
    • 2001 - Conquered
    • 2001 - The Missing Link
    • 2001 - The Missing Link: Director's Cut
  • BG Enterprise
    • 1997 - Fantasy Fight 4
    • 2001 - Body Worship 37
    • 2001 - Fantasy Fight 21
    • 2002 - Ultimate Body Worship 1
    • 2003 - Ultimate Body Worship 3
  • Big Blue Productions
    • 2001 - Crash Of The Titans
    • 2002 - Cowboy
    • 2003 - Lords Of The Ring
  • Big Bone Productions
    • 1993 - Cellblock Sinner
  • Can-Am Productions / Zeus Studios
    • 1998 - Fetish Sex Fights One
  • Catalina Video
    • 1993 - Behind The Barn Door
    • 1993 - Good Vibrations
    • 1993 - Idol Thoughts
    • 1993 - Palm Springs Paradise
    • 1993 - Stargazing 3
    • 1993 - Wet and Wild
    • 1994 - Secret Sex 2: The Sex Radicals
    • 1994 - The Best Of Bo Summers
    • 1995 - Come And Get It
    • 1995 - The Best Of Tom Katt
    • 1996 - The Best Of Ty Fox
  • Falcon Studios
    • 1993 - The Abduction Series, Part II: The Conflict
    • 1993 - The Abduction Series, Part III: Redemption
    • 1995 - Full Length
    • 2007 - The Best Of Brad Stone
  • Forest Films / Premier Pictures
    • 2002 - Brad'$ Buddie$
  • Forum Studios
    • 1995 - How to get a Man in Bed
    • 1995 - Leather Obsession
    • 1995 - The Visit
    • 1997 - The Best Of Leather Part 2
    • 1997 - Tom Katt.
    • 1997 - Wet Warehouse part 2: Drenched
    • 2004 - Grand Slam: The Best Of Max Grand
  • HIS Video
    • 1993 - Body Search
    • 1995 - Total Corruption 2: One Night In Jail
    • 1998 - Male Tales: The Interactive Game
  • Huge Video
    • 2002 - Submission 2
  • Inferno Films
    • 1998 - Cop Corruption
  • Jack Video
    • 1993 - Muscle Talk
  • Mack Studios
    • 1992 - Splash Tops
    • 1992 - Toolkit
  • New Age Pictures
    • 1997 - Red, White & Blue
  • Odyssey Men Video
    • 1993 - Hard Body Video Magazine
  • Pride Video
    • 1994 - Bad Boys Ball
  • Stallion Video
    • 1996 - the uninhibited
  • Thrust Studios
    • 1997 - alley katt
  • U.S. Male
    • 1998 - Men Of Magnum
  • Vizuns Video
    • 1992 - Dorm Fever (Tom Katt, Gary Dean, Tracey North, Marc Saber, Robbie Fox, Rod Garetto, Casey O'Brian, Paris)
  • Zeus Studios
    • 1998 - Sex Gods (Tom Katt, Trenton Comeaux)

As Thom Payne

  • Fox Studio
    • 1993 - Cuming Attractions
  • Sierra Pacific
    • 1993 - Heaven Too Soon
    • 1992 - Raising Hell
  • Tyger Films
    • 1993 - Payne In The Ass


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