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David Starr Jordan
David Starr Jordan as a young man (1868) from Days of a Man

David Starr Jordan, Ph.D., LL.D. (January 19, 1851 – September 19, 1931) was a leading eugenicist, ichthyologist, educator and peace activist. He was president of Indiana University and Stanford University.

Jordan was born in Gainesville, New York, and studied at Cornell University, Butler University, and the Indiana University School of Medicine.[1] During 1885, he was named President of Indiana University, becoming the nation's youngest university president at age 34.[1] During 1891, he became president of Stanford University, serving there as president until 1913 and chancellor until his retirement during 1916.[1]

Although well regarded as an ichthyologist, Jordan was best known for being a peace activist. He argued that war was detrimental to the human species because it removed the strongest organisms from the gene pool. Jordan was president of the World Peace Foundation from 1910 to 1914 and president of the World Peace Conference during 1915, and opposed U.S. involvement in World War I.[1]

During 1925, Jordan was an expert witness for the defense in the Scopes Trial.[1] That same year, he was a listed member in the Bohemian Club and the University Club in San Francisco.[2]

He served as a member of the initial board of trustees of the Human Betterment Foundation, an eugenics organization established in Pasadena, California in 1928 in order to compile and distribute information about compulsory sterilization legislation in the United States, for the purposes of eugenics.

Jordan's files are housed at Swarthmore College.[1]


Monuments and memorials

Notable works

  • Manual of the Vertebrates of the Northern United States (1876)
  • Science sketches (1887)
  • Fishes of North and Middle America (four volumes, 1896-1900)
  • Animal Life: A First Book of Zoölogy (1900), with Vernon L. Kellog
  • The Philosophy of Despair (1901)
  • Food and Game Fishes of North America (1902), with Barton Warren Evermann|B. W. Evermann
  • Guide to the Study of Fishes (1905)
  • Life's Enthusiasms (1906)
  • Days of a Man (1922) - autobiography
  • The Blood of the Nation
  • War and Waste (1913)
  • War's Aftermath (1914), with H. E. Jordan
  • Ways of Lasting Peace
  • Democracy and World Relations
  • Imperial Democracy
  • Shore Fishes of Hawaii
  • The Fish Fauna of the Tortugas Archipelago (with Dr. Joseph Cheesman Thompson) published for the US Bureau of Fisheries
  • "California and the Californians" (1911)


The genera Jordania Starks, 1895, Davidijordania Popov, 1931, and Jordanella Goode & Bean, 1879 are named after him.

Species named after him include:

  • Agonomalus jordani Jordan & Starks, 1904.
  • Agonomalus jordani Schmidt, 1904.
  • Allocareproctus jordani (Burke, 1930).
  • Astyanax jordani (Hubbs & Innes, 1936).
  • Caelorinchus jordani Smith & Pope, 1906.
  • Caulophryne jordani Goode & Bean, 1896.
  • Chimaera jordani Tanaka, 1905.
  • Charal, Chirostoma jordani Woolman, 1894.
  • Jordan's tuskfish, Choerodon jordani (Snyder, 1908).
  • Flame wrasse, Cirrhilabrus jordani Snyder, 1904.
  • Smooth lumpfish, Cyclopteropsis jordani Soldatov, 1929.
  • Diplacanthopoma jordani Garman, 1899.
  • Mimic triplefin, Enneanectes jordani (Evermann & Marsh, 1899).
  • Petrale sole, Eopsetta jordani (Lockington, 1879).
  • Greenbreast darter, Etheostoma jordani Gilbert, 1891.
  • Gadella jordani (Böhlke & Mead, 1951).
  • Yellow Irish lord, Hemilepidotus jordani Bean, 1881.
  • Brokenline lanternfish, Lampanyctus jordani Gilbert, 1913.
  • Jordan's snapper, Lutjanus jordani (Gilbert, 1898).
  • Shortjaw eelpout, Lycenchelys jordani (Evermann & Goldsborough, 1907).
  • Malthopsis jordani Gilbert, 1905.
  • Gulf grouper, Mycteroperca jordani (Jenkins & Evermann, 1889).
  • Neosalanx jordani Wakiya & Takahashi, 1937.
  • Patagonotothen jordani (Thompson, 1916).
  • Ptychidio jordani Myers, 1930.
  • Northern ronquil, Ronquilus jordani (Gilbert, 1889).
  • Shortbelly rockfish, Sebastes jordani (Gilbert, 1896).
  • Jordan's damsel, Teixeirichthys jordani (Rutter, 1897).
  • Jordan's sculpin, Triglops jordani (Schmidt, 1903).


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American eugenicist, a leading ichthyologist, educator, botanist and peace activist.


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