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David Warburton, not only has he contributed extensively to music promotion in the North-West of England, he is well known around Liverpool and Manchester for being very charitable, and supporting the needy. Davids work in the field of music promotion has centred around the area of indie music though in recent times he has tried to re introduce older music in to the northwest music scene. Such examples include norhtern soul artists such as Frank Williams.

David Warburton is a resident of Newton-le-Willows near Warrington. David (also know in the local community as Warbi) is a very well respected member of the Newton-le-Willows community. We believe he deserves his own Wikipedia page for all his good deeds to many people over the years.<br> Please conribute further...

David Warburton is renowned for giving sound practical input (during interviews) and his words of wisdom are known by folk from as far as Vulcan. Here are just a few:

"Smells worse than a field!"
"if you cut the chicken up into smaller pieces, we'll have more of it"
"I'm going to put my A-levels in the cupboard"
"It's not a real job if you aren't working nights in a comic book warehouse and eating breakfast whilst all you mere mortals are eating lunch!"

Currently David is pursuing a career in the replenishment industry while completing his vocational training in the field of disc jockeying. Over the past year he has started to establish himself across the many boroughs of Warrington as a firm favorite for line dancing evenings.

In 2007 David place a copyright on his world famous dance after allergations that it was being used as far away as Mexico. In a high profile court case bankrolled by the Fratellis all rights to the dance where conferred to David. Speaking in a groundbreaking interview after the case David was thankful to his supporters, his family, Hyundai and God.

The lowest point of David's illustrious career came when he was disqualified for the famous Newton-York Gumball rally due to "family reasons". This coupled with the increasing stress of the publicity surrounding the identification of David's father with many media sources claiming Hugh Hefner to have indeed fathered this lovable rouge have resulted in David feeling increasingly anxious and suffering insomnia.



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