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Davis Filfred

In office
January 22, 2007 – January 10, 2011
President Navajo Nation Joe Shirley Jr.
Preceded by Mark Maryboy

Born 1967
Cortez, Colorado
Nationality American Indian
Political party Democratic
Residence Aneth, Utah
Occupation Public Service (Chapter President, Navajo Tribal Police)
Religion Native American Church

Davis Filfred Jr. (born 1967) is an American politician for the Navajo Nation Council Delegate in the Utah Navajo Section.

Davis Filfred succeeded the position of retiring Navajo Councilman, Mark Maryboy in the Navajo Nation election process. Davis Filfred serves the same Navajo Nation districts along with Kenneth Maryboy for his Navajo Nation Council Councilman seat. Filfred also works with Rebecca M. Benally in helping create a more efficient process for the Navajo Nation educational system.

Davis Filfred is also a United States Marine Corps Veteran of the Persian Gulf War (1990–1991).



Filfred graduated from White Horse High School in 1985 and studied one year at the College of Eastern Utah in Blanding, UT. He also spent three years at Utah Technical College in Salt Lake City, Utah and received an A.A.S. Degree in Residential and Industrial Wiring.

Filfred frequently volunteers his time to the WEBELO Scouts - Boys Scout Leader.

Military Life

Coalition Soldiers - Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1991

Thru 1990 to 1994, Davis served in the United States Marine Corps and achieved the Rank of Sgt. or pay-grade E-5 for the Marines.

During his enlistment, Filfred served with Marine Corps unit MAG-46 at the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro near Irvine, California and with the Marine Corps unit MWSS-374 at the former Marine Corps Air Station Tustin located in Tustin, California.

In 1990, the Persian Gulf War broke out after Saddam Hussien's Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait. Davis was deployed to the Middle East during this time in which Marine task forces formed the initial core for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm while U.S. and Coalition troops mobilized, and later liberated Kuwait.

After being discharged, he returned to the reservation where he joined with the Navajo Nation Tribal Police in the Shiprock District.

Community Member

Filfred began a life in politics, first positioning himself in the Aneth Community as the Vice President of Aneth Chapter, then as Local School Board Secretary at Aneth Community School. Since he is a veteran, Filfred became a representative for the Southeastern Utah Dine Veterans Organization (SUDVO) - and soon after became its Commander.

Navajo Nation Tribal Election of 2006

Davis announcing his run for the Navajo Nation Council Delegate seat.

In 2006, Filfred was elected into the legislative body of Navajo Nation Government as a Navajo Nation Council Delegate for the Mexican Water, Aneth and Red Mesa Chapters. These areas expand the Arizonian and Utahan borders with a constituency of nearly 10,000 people.

Upon election, he was positioned on the Health and Social Services Committee in the Navajo Nation Council as the Northwern Agency Representative.


2006 Navajo Election Results

Aneth Chapter
Davis Filfred 611
Kenneth Maryboy 398
Herman Farley 172
Russell Gould 215

Mexican Water Chapter
Davis Filfred 124
Kenneth Maryboy 254
Herman Farley 134
Russell Gould 119

Red Mesa Chapter
Davis Filfred 195
Kenneth Maryboy 353
Herman Farley 232
Russell Gould 275

Utah Navajo Trust Fund

Utah Navajo: Northern most section of the Navajo Nation (in Orange)

But between 1933 and 1990, the Utah Navajo Oil Trust Fund was plundered of $150 million, according to a Utah legislative auditor's report. The Navajos' lawsuit against the state is still pending.The State of Utah is the only state in the Nation administering a trust fund for the benefit of American Indians whose lands are within state boundaries. The Utah Navajos have sought to have a more active role in the distribution of the royalties and this would present that opportunity. Legislative leadership has committed to provide a way to make the transition process as seamless as possible for the beneficiaries.

Trust Fund to Sunset

Currently since, Utah's Navajo Trust Fund statute is set to sunset in 2008. Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and Legislative Leadership in 2007 have joined together in asking Congress to create a new disbursement system for the royalties. The Utah Legislative leadership are now actively working with the Utah Navajo Element in regards to controlling of these royalties.

Utah Senate Minority Leader Mike Dmitrich saying Our congressional delegation must create a vehicle to distribute these monies in a way that all of the Chapter Houses have input.

Kenneth Maryboy and Davis Filfred have been active in the Utah Navajo Trust fund as well as helping the transition between Utah's Primary role in control the Utah Navajo Trust to the Utah Navajos themselves.

Utah Navajo Oil Revenues

Recently Counsel Delegates Kenneth Maryboy, Davis Filfred, and Former Counsel Delegate Mark Maryboy have been actively working to ensure that the Aneth Oil Royalties stay with the Utah Navajo people.

However such causes are not without competition, the Navajo Nation itself has been working counter to the Utah Navajo people in taking over the Aneth Oil Revenues. It presents a significant problem with a line of issues Kenneth is up against.

On June 16, 2008, Kenneth Maryboy, Mark Maryboy, Davis Filfred, and the honorable Phil Lyman of Blanding, Utah will travel to Washington, D.C. to present a working model of how an easy transition from the State of Utah handling Utah Navajo royalty money, to a functioning Utah Navajo organization before Congress.

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