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Davison Carvalho aka Dchan (born July 3, 1979) is an Brazilian self-educated designer, author and artist in new media, illustration and Design. He is one of the early pioneer in digital illustration and, Manga knowledge in Brazil. He is the author of dawn to dusk comic book series, published in (2004) by Kadokawa Shoten[1] (Japan). He is a Cancer survivor, and his rare case of stomach cancer, assists the medical community to develop new treatments in anaesthesiology, for surgeries in allergic individuals. He is a respected digital, comics and new media illustrator artist in Brazil. Many young Brazilians have been influenced by his art so far, loved and hated by many people, due to his aggressive and political point of views.



A proficient self-educated illustrator and painter with a passion for technology and arts, Davison’s works have an entirely new dimension to art and use of non-traditional methods. He has a strange new perspective on visual communication and creative expression that is very questionable in Brazil, at the same time he is kind of a Pioneer in use of websites and digital media, for artistic self promotion. This was an area previously unexplored in Brazilian design.

In 1994, he starts to work in advertising companies as apprentice. In 1999 he leaves the bands he was playing, and turns his attention again in trying to self-improve his knowledge in Visual arts and illustration. In 2002 he suffered by stomach cancer, that gives him the opportunity to grow his comics skills, working from home. Few months later he started work with kadokawa Shoten[2] (Japan). This gives him international attention. And give him bad times, trying to avoid the public persecution, and comics fans follow him is his personal life. In 2004 due to his cancer he develops an inability to move, or travel. Later this year the Japanese Editors break his 3 year contract. Leaves him without any compensations. Stressed by the situation and after 3 medical surgeries, his turns his attention again to Design and Visual arts. From 2004 to 2006 He develops many Designs for marketing campaigns that he received attention from fashion designers in Brazil. In 2007 he starts to work full-time at Cavalera clothing from Brazil (Fashion street wear company formed by Sepultura`s drummer Igor Cavalera. In 2007-2008 He leaves Cavalera Clothing and open his own design studio, called: foma


Davison's career had a lot of influences, the most expressive are from Music, Rock and Roll and Electronic music. He is a declared fan of music artists like: NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, Fugazi, Doris Day, Nina Simone, Beatles, Portishead and Radiohead. The position and attitudes in his works and daily life, are strong influenced by music and alternative cultures, political and social issues. One big influence on his life was Japanese Culture and Art, such artists as: Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto and Hayao Miyazaki was a present part of his adolescence. But his passion and major influence of his art, is the big screen, Cinema and Film arts. He said in an interview for Animepro (Brazilan magazine of anime arts): "Everything I learn in my life, and my self-education position was done with the purpose of doing films, in a never seen form before. That is why I learned, illustration, music, photograph, motion graphic, Visual FX, Interior design and screen write". Davison was also influenced by his passion for classic video games, and Peanuts.

Selected works


  • WeeNeeds - Davison Carvalho works and experiments
  • FOMA - Davison's Design Studio with friends
  • Mokoboko - Toy Factory by Davison and his wife



  • Animecon 2001 - Digital Art and Illustration Workshop
  • Fenasoft 2001 - Digital Art and Illustration by Procreate/Corel Painter
  • Japan Sunset 2004 - Advanced techniques for Traditional Illustration
  • Painter demos from 2002 to 2005


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