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Dead Island
Developer(s) Techland
Publisher(s) Techland
Engine Chrome Engine 4
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) Survival horror, First-person Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Media DVD

Dead Island is an upcoming videogame being developed and published by Techland for the Xbox 360[1] and Microsoft Windows. It is an open-ended game centered on survival and trying to find the protagonist's wife on a zombie-infested island.[2] The game uses a first-person perspective; however, the developers are claiming that the game should not be labeled a first-person shooter due to a bigger emphasis on melee combat and ammunition conservation, rather than a shoot 'em up.[2] The website has been under reconstruction for a few years now. Techland are also currently trying to work on a Playstation 3 compatible version of the game, news of which was announced during an interview with the games developers.



  • The game features a sandbox style gameplay on a tropical island separated by loading screens.
  • The game features a multilayer damage system.
  • There is a number of human factions that the player can join or be hostile with, these include the Military and Bandits.
  • The main zombies are the George A Romero's slow walking zombies, but there is however more than one type of zombie.
  • The game is more focused on melee combat, the player can pick up almost anything and use it as a weapon, (e.g. picking up a glass cup on a table and throwing it at a zombie) there are firearms but ammo will be hard to find to give the game more of a survival horror feel.
  • There may be multiple endings.


A recently married couple, flying to a vacation of their dreams, is torn apart when their plane crashes on a remote pacific island. The player, a man named Mike Jennings, must find his lost wife in a zombie infested island, as well as find out what caused the zombie outbreak and deal with the various other human factions that inhabit the island.


Although Dead Island has been in development for quite some time, the game has not been canceled. Some speculation has been circulating that the game has been canceled due to the fact that the game's site has been "under construction" since mid 2008. In a short interview with one of the game's leading developers in July 2009 it is revealed that the game has not been canceled but the game's unknown publisher imposed a media ban on Techland to stop them from showing off Dead Island, Techland has stated that the current status of the game is "still in development and looking great."[3]

The game is said to come out in the early 2010.


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