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Dead Tone
Directed by Deon Taylor
Brian Hooks
Produced by Brian Hooks
Deon Taylor
Lisa Diane Washington
Written by Brian Hooks
Deon Taylor
Vashon Nutt
Starring Rutger Hauer
Gwendoline Yeo
Aimee Garcia
Music by Vincent Gillioz
Cinematography Philip Lee
Editing by Lane Baker
Studio Hooks and Taylor Entertainment
Distributed by Codeblack Entertainment
Screen Media Films
Language English
Budget $3,000,000

Dead Tone,[1] originally released as 7eventy 5ive,[2] is a 2007 horror film directed and written by Brian Hooks and Deon Taylor.[3] It stars Brian Hooks, Antwon Tanner, Cherie Johnson, Rutger Hauer, German Legarreta, Gwendoline Yeo and Aimee Garcia.



The film begins with a sleepover of children prank calling people playing the game Seventy Five while their parents are in the other room having drinks. The rules of the game are that you must keep some random person on the line for 75 seconds, and they must believe what you’re saying. As the night goes on the kids go to bed, a man whom the kids recently called calls back, before jumping from a closet and killing all the parents in the house with an axe as the children hide in their bedrooms.

Ten years later, a man is masturbating in his house, when he receives a phone call from someone telling him they can see him. He begins to walk slowly through the house, before hanging up the phone, assuming it’s a prank call. He resumes his activities at his computer before a man appears behind him, killing him with an axe.

Meanwhile, a group of college students are preparing to go to a party in an obscure mansion a few hours away. On their way to the mansion, they stop at a gas station to use the restroom, and the news of the murder is reported on the television. It is revealed that the man who died was one of the children from the original Waley murders at the beginning of the story.

Two detectives are called in to help solve the case. They track down another survivor of the murders, only to find her and her boyfriend dead at her trailer. They go onto another college where another child lives, only to find them dead as well. It is then revealed that two of the students at the party were also orphaned at the murder.

Back at the mansion, the party starts, with Marcus suggesting a game of Seventy Five. At first it’s all going well, until one guest pretends he is in someone's house, about to kill them. The tables are turned when the person they called reveals they are a murderer, and proceeds to kill someone while on the phone. They all agree not to answer the phone again that night, but one girl does anyway, giving directions to the pizza boy. However, when Marcus and his brother Kareem look around, they realize the pizza is already delivered.

A few hours later, four college students are relaxing in the front room, when the doorbell rings. A girl goes to answer it, to immediately be beheaded by the killer. Another girl goes to check on her, but meets the same fate, as do the two other boys who were with them. The killer continues through the mansion, beheading a boy in the jacuzzi and then killing his girlfriend.

Kareem sees the body of the girl outside the window and alerts everyone else, who try to get out of the house but find the door locked. Finally another girl opens it, just in time as the killer chases them, furiously trying to chop down the metal door. Brandon (the host of the party) begins to blame the other guests, especially Marcus. Kareem, his girlfriend and another boy knocking at the door, screaming to be let in, interrupt their argument. Brandon decides to go down the hall to his dads office to get the keys to his car but trips over, and is startled by his girlfriend. They are then confronted by the killer, and Brandon is axed in the back. His girlfriend is then thrown off the balcony, but survives and runs back into the house into the video room.

Meanwhile back in the room, Marcus and Kareem decide to look for Brandon, but find Roxy, Kareem's girlfriend, dead, with Scott who is crying over her body. They decide to return but run into the killer. Marcus and Kareem start to fight him, and as Scott swings at him with the axe, he kills Kareem. Marcus starts to yell at him but Scott smiles before trying to swing at Marcus who runs away. He runs into the room where Brandon's girlfriend is, and is watching the tv with all the security cameras. They watch together as two other friends are murdered, before Scott finds them. Scott reveals that he chose to be the killer because he blames Marcus for his parents death, since it was his choice to play Seventy Five all those years ago and he called the killer.[4]

He also reveals he had an accomplice from a school he went to, but after introducing him he stabs him as well, as Marcus watches on in horror. They get into a struggle, and Scott is injured by Marcus. Scott glances over to see Brandon's girlfriend incapacitated from earlier, and stabs her, prompting Marcus to raise the axe just as the detectives burst in. Seeing Marcus with the axe, they assume he is the killer, and shoot him. As they calm from relief, Scott's accomplice rises behind them, proceeding to cut their heads off with the axe.[5]



The film was produced by Magic Johnson's production company.


The soundtrack was composed by Vincent Gillioz and featured songs from Wyclef Jean.[6]


The film was shot in May 2005 but remained unreleased for nearly two years.[7] It had his world premiere on 16 May 2007 as part of the Cannes Film Market and his US debut was on July 23, 2007 at the Sacramento Film Festival.[8] The DVD was released on February 09, 2010 from Screen Media.[9]


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