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Deadliest Warrior
Deadliest warrior title screen.jpg
Deadliest Warrior title screen
Format Documentary
Starring Max Geiger
Geoff Desmoulin
Armand Dorian
Narrated by Drew Skye
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 9
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel Spike
Original run April 7, 2009[1] – Present

Deadliest Warrior is a television program in which historical warriors are pitted against each other to see who can outlast the other. Each episode showcases two warriors in a hypothetical battle to the death.

Each warrior brings weapons from the particular group they are associated with. Modern fighters and experts on said weapons present the strengths, and weaknesses of each arsenal, including real tests of the weapons.[2] The data collected is then fed into a computer simulation based on an unreleased commercial game engine developed by Slitherine Strategies[3] to determine the average winner of one thousand battles. After the winner is determined, a mock battle takes place to showcase how each weapon is used in a real battle situation, and to determine which combatant is the "deadliest warrior".

Geoff Desmoulin is the biomedical scientist and high speed camera operator. Dr. Armand Dorian is the medical consultant. Max Geiger is the simulations programmer. All three provide commentary throughout the show, as well as technical details of each weapons test. The show is narrated by Drew Skye.[4]

Season 2 will begin April 20th 2010 with 13 episodes.[5]

Season 1 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 11, 2010.

The show premiered in the UK on August 11th 2009, on Bravo. Bravo is only airing eight episodes in the UK, with "IRA vs Taliban" left out.


Format of the show

Each episode of the show begins with the introduction of the two very well known warriors. The history and culture of each is discussed briefly, as well as the general fighting philosophies of the warriors. These segments are fleshed out with actors performing dramatized scenes from the daily lives of the fighters. Two teams of experts are then introduced to showcase and test the assigned weapons for the battle.[6]

Depending on the given match up there may be as many as five categories, sometimes with more than two weapons in a category. Recent statements on Aftermath forums by Matt Anderson and Sonny Puzikas, the experts for the "Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz" episode, have suggested that the teams are assigned weapons by the producers and that they have little influence in the production of the acted simulations.[7] Special weapons are usually the signature weapon of the warrior, examples of this being the Apache war club and the Spartan shield, but may also be more exotic, examples being the Spetsnaz ballistic knife and the Samurai kanabo.

The teams test their weapons on body parts (and sometimes entire torsos) constructed out of ballistics gel, as well as large amounts of stage blood, which adds to the theatrics of the testing. Sometimes the torsos are covered with armor that is representative of that worn by the weapon's opponent. While the damage to armor of the weapons is factored in to their effectiveness, armor or defensive ability has yet to be included as a separate category on the show. Natural tissue, particularly pig carcasses and cow bones, are also frequently used. All of the images are captured with high speed photography, and the results are fed into a computer which determines the damage the weapons are able to deal. Weapons with similar fighting characteristics are paired against each other and the winner of each pairing is determined by a combination of the damage results from the tests and the judgments of the producers and hosts. In some situations when the results are close the panel has the deciding say as to which weapon has won. With this they give the "edge" to a weapon, but this is only opinion, and no bonus is given.

Weapons test data is input to a Monte Carlo simulation to determine a most probable winner, and a statistical margin of victory.[8] These results are then used to create a battle scenario. Actors portraying each warrior depict a one-on-one hypothetical battle (although a few of the episodes depicting more modern warriors have used battles with more than one warrior on each side), demonstrate some possible fight tactics and show the final victor.

The winner is chosen as the average victor of one thousand simulated battles. The number of times a particular weapon dealt the killing blow is revealed, as well as the opinion of the producers as to why the stated warrior won. The team members of each side are then shown stating why they agree or disagree with the outcome as the episode ends.

Response and Deadliest Warrior Aftermath

The show proved to be an immediate success, averaging 1.7 million viewers after just three episodes.[9] After week 3 of the show a web series on was created and named Deadliest Warrior-The Aftermath (hosted by Kieron Elliot, member of the "William Wallace Team"). Produced in a roundtable format,[9] it serves as a sort of liaison between the opinions of those watching the show and its producers. During the show the producers focus on a specific matchup and debate the issues raised by viewers on forums that pertain to the episode. It was created to answer questions from viewers and addresses some of the perceived inconsistencies from the show as well as providing commentary from contributors such as Max Geiger and experts in specific fighting styles.

The program, in particular the IRA vs. Taliban episode, was ridiculed in the first episode of the British television review and panel game You Have Been Watching hosted by critic Charlie Brooker, broadcast on the 7 July 2009.

Season 1

Deadliest Warrior premiered on April 7, 2009.[1] Nine one-hour episodes of the show were produced for Season 1.[10]

Episode 1: Apache vs Gladiator

Apache Team: Alan Tafoya (World Champion Knife Fighter), Snake Blocker (United States Army Combat Instructor)

Gladiator Team: Chris Torres (Ancient Weapons Specialist), Steven Dietrich (Gladiator Combat Instructor), Chuck Liddell (Former UFC light-heavyweight champion)

Apache Weapons: Tomahawk, Knife, Bow and Arrow, War Club
Gladiator Weapons: Cestus, Scissor, Trident & Net, Sling, Sica

Apache Gladiator Advantage
Close Range: Tomahawk Cestus


Mid Range: Knife Trident & Net Trident & Net
Long Range: Bow & Arrow Sling Bow & Arrow
Special Weapons: War Club Sica Sica
  • The Tomahawk was tested against the Cestus and the Scissor. The tomahawk was first tested on a gel head. Snake used two types: one made of stone, which tore off a piece of the head and one made of the jaw bone of a horse, which completely destroyed the back of the head. Tafoya then threw iron tomahawks at wood targets and penetrated them. Chuck tested the Cestus and Scissor. They tested Chuck's punching power, which proved powerful. He tested the Cestus and Scissor on a 400-lb piece of beef. The Cestus broke its ribs while the Scissor almost cut the piece of beef in half. The tomahawk got the edge due to its versatility.
  • The Knife was tested against the Trident & Net. Snake showed the versatility of the knife by throwing three knives at three targets in under three seconds. The trident was tested on a gel torso and managed to puncture its heart. The trident & net got the edge due to being an offensive-defensive combo.
  • The Sling was tested against the Bow & Arrow. The sling proved good as an air cannon, to symbolize an expert slinger, drove a piece of lead into a gel torso's head. The Bow & Arrow was tested on a gel torso. Tafoya was able to put multiple arrows in the torso. The bow & arrow got the edge due to its better range, accuracy, and lethality.
  • The Sica was tested against the War Club. The Sica was able to almost cut off a gel arm only stopped by the metal in the middle holding it up. The War Club was tested on two targets: a smooth skull and the Gladiator's helmet. It completely shattered the skull but the helmet disabled the club. The Sica got the edge, mostly due to the club's failure.

Simulation 1

The fight takes place in a meadowy area, shadowed by a forest from which an Apache emerges. A Gladiator comes out from where the meadow ends, and spots the Apache. He lets out a battle cry, and begins charging at him. The Apache fires two arrows. One hits the Gladiator's shield and the other hits him in the lower right side of the stomach, protruding several inches out his back, but is pulled out by him after great effort. The Apache then retreats into the forest, while the Gladiator attempts twice to hit the Apache with his sling, missing both times. The Apache turns just in time to have his shield knocked from his hand by the trident. The Apache hooks the trident with his tomahawk and twists it around attempting to disarm the Gladiator. He then disengages and strikes at the Gladiator who catches his hand with the net. The Apache grabs the trident and they each try to push the other one over, with the Gladiator gaining the upper hand. The Gladiator kicks the Apache, who lands behind a bunch of branches. The Gladiator then tries to thrust his trident into the Apache, who dodges several times. The Apache then turns and runs, only to be snared by the Gladiator's net, followed by the trident being thrown, which misses. The Gladiator then unsheathes his Sica and makes overhand slashes at the Apache, only to be hit in the head by the Apache's war club, which knocks off the Gladiator's bronze helmet. The Gladiator then regains his composure, breaks the arrows off of his shield as the Apache charges him, only to be knocked to the ground by his shield. The Gladiator then seizes the opportunity to strike the Apache twice with his Cestus, first in the chest, and then in the face. The Apache coughs up some blood, which causes the Gladiator to become filled with bravado, much like his days in the arena. He is about to make the killing blow, only to realize the Apache regained his senses and pulled out his knife. The Apache strikes the Gladiator in his hamstrings, causing him to lose balance, then slashes him in the stomach, and finally cuts his throat. The Apache stabs the Gladiator a few more times to make sure he's dead, then rises to his feet, licks the blood off his knife, gives his famous war cry, and runs away.

Overall Winner: Apache

Despite the impressive killing power of all the gladiator's weapons, the Apache won because his weaponry was more versatile and because the gladiator was not armored properly. The Apache had a significant advantage at long range where the gladiator's sling proved to be an ineffective weapon. Also notable was the Apache knives. The experts predicted the trident would defeat the knives but the knives received the most kills of any weapon in the simulation. Although the Scissor made as many kills as the Cestus, it was not shown in the simulation.

Apache Gladiator
Overall Kills: 667 333
Close Range: Tomahawk: 153 Cestus :50

Scissor: 50

Mid Range: Knives: 266 Trident & Net: 166
Long Range: Bow & Arrow: 188 Sling: 1
Special Weapons: Club: 60 Sica: 116

Episode 2: Viking vs Samurai

Viking Team: Casey Hendershot (Viking Weapons Instructor), Matt Nelson (Viking Combat Expert, Descendant of Danish Vikings)
Samurai Team: Tetsuro Shigematsu (Samurai Descendant), Brett Chan (Samurai Weapons Expert)

Viking Weapons: Great Axe, Long Sword, Spear, Shield
Samurai Weapons: Katana, Naginata, Yumi, Kanabo

Viking Samurai Advantage
Close Range: Great Axe Katana Great Axe
Mid Range: Long Sword Naginata Long Sword
Long Range: Spear Yumi Yumi
Special Weapons: Shield Kanabo Kanabo

-The Katana was tested first against three bamboo mats and managed to cut them all in one clean swipe in under half a second. Then, it was tested on pigs and managed to cut through two pigs clean. After this it was against chain mail, which it impacted but failed to defeat. The Great Axe nearly cleaved its gel dummy in half but bounced off of a solid Samurai helmet in an overhead chop, but it still transferred energy. In a very close matchup, the narrow and close advantage was given to the axe due to its greater killing power.

-The Naginata proved itself as a quick ranged weapon by slicing a dummy with several quick cuts, taking off part of the head in one, slashed the face in the second and poked the heart on the last. The Long Sword was very effective, as it made a very deep slash across the back of the head and into the brain cavity in the first, impaled it through the neck on the second and made a final slash across the neck. After Max messed with the head, it fell off the torso, further showing its deadliness. The edge was given to the sword due to its killing power.

-The spear was thrown at targets 25 feet away and penetrated wood targets that were several inches thick. Then, two spears were thrown at once and still showed the same amount of penetration. The Yumi bow was shot by Shigematsu at two dummies at 45 feet while calling out his shots, saying where he would hit it and hit his targets. He also wanted to show the Yumi's accuracy by shooting out dummy eyes at 25 feet, which he did successfully. A divided panel gave the edge to the accuracy and range of the Yumi.

-A round shield proved itself effective as a defensive shield and a bludgeoning weapon. A very large, 35-lb version of the Japanese mythological warclub, the Kanabo, was used by Chan. He was able to shatter a cow's femur and break off a part of the shield, although half of the studs in the club were knocked out in the process. In a comparison of killing ability, the kanabo was given the edge.

Simulation 2

The setting is very similar to the Apache vs Gladiator with a more woody area. Both meet at opposite ends and taunt each other. The Samurai is the first to strike as he shoots two arrows from his Yumi; one hits the Viking in his pectoral region, but is pulled out, and the other hits his helmet, dazing him for a second. The Viking charges at the Samurai in a berserker rage with his two throwing-spears. He throws both with one knocking down the Samurai. The Viking then approaches the Samurai with his Great Axe, only to be disarmed by the Samurai's superior technique with his Naginata. The Samurai does a forward-thrust only to have it blocked by the Viking's chain-mail. The Viking recovers his great axe, kicks the Samurai after parrying an attack, and then strikes him on the back. Unaffected, the Samurai picks up his Kanabo and knocks the axe out of the Viking's hand, which causes the Viking to pull out his shield, only to have it (and possibly his shield arm) broken after swings from the Kanabo. The angry Viking then charges the smaller warrior deeper into the woods, over a small bridge and knocks him off the bridge. The Viking unsheathes his Longsword, and the Samurai his Katana. Both clash, with the Samurai slowly backing up. The Samurai is able to strike the Viking twice, but the Viking is unaffected because of his chain-mail. The Viking manages to get a strike in, that the Samurai almost dodged, but then the two clinch. The much stronger Viking then does what he did to the Samurai again in the bridge scene, but this time the Samurai is able to reverse and heave the Viking into a tree, which is followed up by a slash to his legs. The near-defeated Viking falls to his knees, and is stabbed in the neck. The Samurai turns him over to make sure he is dead, cleans and sheaths his sword, and limps away.

Overall Winner: Samurai

Although the Viking's fierce courage, brute power, and defensive versatility are impressive, the Samurai's technical skills, quickness, and arsenal of specialized weaponry gave him a narrow victory in the third-closest episode to date. This is the closest one-on-one fight yet, and the closest fight not involving modern weapons. This also one of the most disputed fights because of the debatable conventionalism of some of the weapons.

Viking Samurai
Overall Kills: 478 522
Close Range: Great Axe: 134 Katana: 137
Mid Range: Long Sword: 175 Naginata: 171
Long Range: Spear: 92 Yumi: 114
Special Weapons: Shield: 77 Kanabo: 100

Episode 3: Spartan vs Ninja

Spartan Team: Jeremy Dunn (Fight Coordinator and Demonstrator), Barry Jacobsen (Spartan Historian and Weapons Expert)
Ninja Team: Lou Klein (Ninjitsu Master), Michael Lehr (Martial Arts Expert)

Spartan Weapons: Spear, Short Sword, Javelin, Shield

Ninja Weapons: Black Egg, Ninjato, Blowgun, Shuriken, Kusarigama

Spartan Ninja Advantage
Close Range: Short Sword Ninjato Ninjato
Mid Range: Spear Black Egg Spear
Long Range: Javelin Shuriken


Special Weapons: Shield Kusarigama Shield

-The Ninjato and Short Sword were tested against gel torsos. The ninjato was able to cut into its shoulder, but when the short sword was thrust into the torso, it hit the metal rod to support the torso and didn't allow a reading. So, they were tested on a pig. The ninjato was able to cut through the pig in two slices while the short sword only managed to cut it up. The edge was given to the ninjato thanks to its power, lightness, superior range, and quickness.

-The spear was thrust at a gel torso, where it proved to be a devastating blow. The black egg was thrown at a Spartan helmet where it was blindingly effective. The spear got the edge since it could kill the opponent, whereas the egg was more of a distraction tactic.

-Neither the shuriken nor the javelin proved itself effective as the shuriken failed to produce more than minor wounds and the javelin proved to be slow and inaccurate. Another Ninja weapon, the blowgun, was also tested. While it also failed to show great killing power on its own, its speed and poison darts gave it the win.

-Being a vital part of Spartan combat, the shield proved itself to be a strong defensive advantage as well as a killing blow. When it was tested on a dummy, it inflicted 45Gs, which is instant death. While the blade of the kusarigama was unable to penatrate the bronze cuirass of the Spartan, the ball & chain proved to be able to distract and disarm the Spartan. Nevertheless, the shield got the advantage due to its versatility.

Simulation 3

A Spartan appears in his fighting position, while a Ninja is furtively watching him in a tree. The Ninja jumps down,and sneaks up on the Spartan, ready to kill him, only to get struck by the Spartan's shield; the Spartan sensed the Ninja before he could assassinate him. The Ninja retreats into the tall grass and the Spartan loses him. The Ninja reappears swinging the end part of his Kusarigama. He tries to hit the Spartan twice, but the Spartan blocks all of the strikes with his shield. The Spartan then does an "Achilles Strike" (one step, two step, lunge) which the Ninja dodges, and sweeps the Spartan down with the Kusarigama. However the Spartan grabs the chain, forcing the Ninja to break the chain. The Ninja, unable to finish off the Spartan or disarm him, kicks his shield and retreats. He does a flip over a log, with the Spartan hot on his trail. The Ninja then is able to break the Spartan's spear with his Kusarigama, rendering it useless. The Spartan then hits the Ninja with the shield, causing him to fall behind a log. The Ninja recovers and does another kick to the Spartan's shield, only this time throwing a blinding black egg at the Spartan which hits him clean in the helmet, causing him to be temporarily blind. However he recovers and sees the Ninja retreating into the forest, and pursues him. The Ninja then appears and fires several darts from his blowgun, only to be blocked, followed by some shuriken which are also blocked. The Spartan throws his javelin, which misses, then once again knocks the Ninja down with his shield. The Ninja unsheathes his Ninjato, and attempts to do a jump-strike from a fallen tree, only to be stabbed by the Spartan's short sword. The Spartan pushes the Ninja back against the tree, then stabs him again. As the Ninja collapses on the ground, dead, the Spartan triumphantly raises his sword over his head and shouts "SPARTA!"

Overall Winner: Spartan

Despite the Ninja's skill and stealth capabilities and large arsenal of deadly weapons, the Spartan shield was just the killing blow for the ninja, proving itself to be both an immovable defense and deadly weapon. It proved vital to the Spartan for blocking Ninja projectiles and slamming the Ninja to the ground. It is also notable for having the most kills of any weapon in the simulation, scoring more kills on its own than the Ninja did with all of his weapons. The consensus reached was that while the Ninja weapons could disable and injure, the Spartan weapons could kill, so the Ninja was no match in a direct duel.

Spartan Ninja
Overall Kills: 653 347
Close Range: Short Sword: 52 Ninjato: 123
Mid Range: Spear: 210 Black Egg: 0
Long Range: Javelin: 9 Shuriken: 0

Blowgun: 4

Special Weapons: Shield: 382 Kusarigama: 220

Episode 4: Pirate vs Knight

Knight Team: David Coretti (Army Veteran/Sword Expert), Josh Paugh (Medieval Weapons Expert)

Pirate Team: Michael Triplett (Pirate Weapons Master), David Hernandez (Sword Fighting Instructor)

Knight Weapons: Morningstar, Crossbow, Halberd, Broadsword, Plate Armor

Pirate Weapons: Grenado, Flintlock Pistol, Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Boarding Axe

Pirate Knight Advantage
Close Range: Cutlass Broadsword Even
Mid Range: Blunderbuss Halberd Blunderbuss
Long Range: Flintlock Crossbow Crossbow
Special Weapons: Grenado Morningstar Grenado
Close Range Offense Vs. Defense: Boarding Axe Plate Armor Plate Armor

- Both swords were tested against pig carcasses; the broadsword cleaved its pig in half while the cutlass almost managed to do the same. The contest was declared a draw with both showing high killing power, despite the fact that the judges had gone much further in testing for more accurate data with other weapons.

-The Blunderbuss, despite a misfire, was able to put a hole with one of its pellets through a double plate armor layer. The Halberd was a deadly and versatile weapon, as it managed to cut up a gel torso's head. However, because of the Blunderbuss's power of penetration and concussion, it was given the advantage.

-Both ranged weapons were tested on dummies, with the crossbow bolt penetrating deeply into an unprotected dummy. The flintlock, meanwhile, was able to dent but not penetrate the single breastplate on its dummy. Furthermore, Triplett called his shot but missed, indicating inaccuracy in the flintlock. The crossbow took the win thanks to its killing power, accuracy, and the deficiencies of the flintlock.

-The Morningstar proved to be a fast and deadly close-range weapon when it shattered a dummy skull with one swing. The Pirate Grenado was detonated inside a Plexiglass box with several pigs, one having an armor plate. The grenado produced a great blast, tearing holes in the unprotected pigs. However, it failed to penetrate the armor at close range. With both weapons effective the win was given to the grenado for its concussion, shock value,and shrapnel.

-The Plate Armor was tested throughout the show, being effective against most of the Pirate weapons. The Boarding Axe put a very small hole in a Knight helmet, but didn't penetrate it. The edge was given to the armor for its defense power.

Simulation 4

This simulation begins much like the other ones in a forest area near a beach. A Pirate appears and finds a chest full of gold, and is about to return to his ship, but a Knight on horseback approaches him. The Pirate pulls out a flintlock pistol and the Knight charges the Pirate. The Pirate evades the Knight and fires his flintlock, missing completely, and follows up with another shot hitting the Knight's armor, but he is unaffected. The Knight comes around and swings his morningstar at the Pirate, knocking off his hat, but missing his head (although there was a sound of impact so it most likely struck his shoulder). The Pirate, realizing he cannot win like this, retreats, unpacks his grenado, lights it, and throws it up in the air at the passing Knight, who suffers a direct explosion from the grenado, knocking him off the horse, and dazing him. The Pirate approaches the inanimate Knight, only to be shot in the leg by the now conscious Knight's crossbow. In pain, he removes the bolt, and quickly dodges another strike from the Knight's morningstar, rolling to the ground and countering with his blunderbuss. The Knight this time is injured, but not dead. He pursues the retreating Pirate, who in unaware the Knight is on his trail. The Pirate finally becomes aware the Knight is following him, and uses another of his flintlocks, which once again fails to pierce the Knight's armor. The two then clash at a short-range battle on the beach, with both warriors displaying good but different sword-fighting. The Knight tries to disarm the Pirate but fails. The Knight, with his visor raised, forces the Pirate back and begins to swing wildly at him. However, the Pirate perches himself on top of a rock, parrys a blow, jumps down, and throws some sand at the Knight's exposed eyes. The Knight tackles the Pirate, knocking them both down, but he has trouble recovering due to his heavy armor. The Pirate gets up, retrieves his last flintlock pistol and crawls towards the Knight. With the Knight incapacitated, the Pirate lifts the Knight's visor and fires his flintlock pistol at point blank range into the Knight's face. The dead Knight slumps back as the Pirate lets out a cry of triumph.

Overall Winner: Pirate

This battle pitted Blackpowder Offense against Plate Armor Defense; in the end, although the Knight had vastly superior armor, it came down to, as Geoff said, "bringing a knife to a gun fight". The Pirate had more modern weapons, and although they were partially inaccurate, they were forceful enough to do massive damage when they hit. The blunderbuss was particularly deadly, and was the most effective weapon in the simulation by far, scoring nearly as many points on its own as the Knight did with all of his weapons. It also has the greatest number of kills made by an ancient ranged weapon on the show. The outcome was also one of the most controversial outcomes, as noted by responses on the show's website, mainly due to how they did not test the complete set of plate armor and shield with regards to the penetration ability of the Blunderbuss, as well as seemingly not taking into account the Blunderbuss's misfirings during the demonstrations.

Knight Pirate
Overall Kills: 371 629
Close Range: Broadsword: 103 Cutlass: 25

Boarding Axe:13

Mid Range: Halberd:108 Blunderbuss: 352
Long Range: Crossbow: 106 Flintlock: 41
Special Weapons: Morningstar: 54 Grenado: 198

Episode 5: Yakuza vs Mafia

Yakuza Team: Zero Kazama (Yakuza Weapons Expert), David Kono (Yakuza Descendant/Historian)

Mafia Team: Joe Ferrante (Mafia Weapons Expert), Thomas Bonanno (Mafia Descendant(Joe Bonanno's cousin)/Historian)

Yakuza Weapons: Sten Gun (Sten Mk. II), Ceramic Grenade, Nunchaku, Walther P38, Sai

Mafia Weapons: Tommy Gun (M1921 Thompson), Molotov Cocktail, Baseball Bat, Sawed-off Shotgun, Ice Pick

Yakuza Mafia Advantage
Close Range: Nunchaku Baseball Bat Baseball Bat
Mid Range: Walther P38 Sawed-off Shotgun Sawed-off Shotgun
Long Range: Sten Gun Tommy Gun Tommy Gun
Special Weapons: Sai Ice Pick Sai
Explosive Weapons: Ceramic Grenade Molotov Cocktail Ceramic Grenade

-The Nunchaku was tested against the Baseball Bat. The bat broke a pig's spine at over 100 mph. The Nunchaku was tested on a gel head and managed to crack its skull in three hits. Ferrante tested the bat on the same torso and caused more damage in one swing. This gave the bat the advantage.

-The Walther was tested against the Sawed-off Shotgun. The Walther proved deadly accurate and was tested on a synthetic skull filled with brains. It managed to hit it through the left eye socket. The Sawed-off Shotgun was tested on a dummy. It managed to hit it in the torso and cheek. The shotgun got the advantage due to its better killing power.

-The Tommy Gun was tested against the Sten Gun. They both were tested against single and multiple targets. The Tommy Gun got the advantage due to its stronger caliber, faster rate of fire, and larger magazine.

-The Ice Pick was tested against the Sai. The ice pick was able to stab a gel torso in the neck and through its head. The Sai was tested on a blood-filled foam torso. It was able to put multiple stab wounds in it. The Sai got the advantage due to its versatility. The Ice Pick was a weapon only because it could be found commonplace, and the Sai was actually designed for attack.

-The Ceramic grenade was tested against the Molotov Cocktail. The Ceramic grenade was able to take out three targets: one was confused, one was disoriented and the other was dead. The Molotov cocktail was tested on two dummies in a car. When thrown, it put the car in a mini-firestorm and slowly burned the dummies. The Ceramic grenade got the advantage due to its ability to put its victim in a defenseless state whereas the Molotov's victims could squeeze off one more round.

-It should be noted that in the simulation, the Mafia used M1911s and switchblades and the Yakuza wielded katanas but they got no kills. None of these were seen being tested. Also, the Sawed-off Shotgun was not used in the simulation: it was replaced with a full-length double-barreled shotgun.

Simulation 5

This battle is the first to feature modern guns, a completely different environment and a 5-vs-5 style.

The simulation begins as both enter what appears to be a hotel. Five Mafia gangsters and five Yakuza gangsters come face to face with each other in the lobby. Two of the Mafia begin to light a Molotov cocktail, but a Yakuza member quickly spots this, and opens fire with his Sten, killing a Mafia member and destroying the Molotov. The Mafia boss responds by firing two shots from his shotgun, and manages to kill the katana-wielding Yakuza. The Yakuza boss pulls a bystander and uses him as a human shield while firing his Walther P38, while another Yakuza lights a ceramic grenade and throws it, killing a Mafia member behind a counter. During the confusion, another Yakuza member is killed by the retreating Mafia. The Yakuza boss pursues a Mafia member trying to escape via elevator. He easily injures him with his Sai, and kills him with the P38. Meanwhile the camera cuts back to the two Yakuza pursuing the Mafia. A Yakuza carrying a Sten is killed by a Mafia member using a Tommy Gun, but he is shot by a Yakuza with a Walther P38. The Mafia boss, having used both of his shells, tries to reload his shotgun, but in fear the Yakuza will find him, pulls out his baseball bat and engages the Yakuza who pulls out his nunchakus. The two engage, and the Yakuza is killed by the Mafia boss's brute force with the baseball bat. The Mafia boss enters the boiler room, only to be almost shot by the Yakuza boss's Walther P38. He fires both shells in his shotgun and heads to the ground floor, only to have the Yakuza point his Walther at his head. The Mafia boss is at this point afraid for his life as the Yakuza boss pulls the trigger, but the barrel clicks, indicating he ran out of bullets. The Mafia boss smiles and hits the Yakuza in the stomach with his shotgun. The two different enemy leaders then engage in short range fighting: the Yakuza boss with two sai, and the Mafia boss with an ice pick and switchblade. The Yakuza boss displays superior technique and gains the upper hand against the Mafia boss, who punctures one of the boilers with his switchblade, which he drops to the ground after his hand is hit by the steam. The Yakuza boss forces the Mafia boss up against the punctured boiler, but before he can make the final blow, the Mafia boss jabs his ice pick into his arm, which causes him to drop his sai. He then shoves his head into the boiler, followed up by a stab to the neck. The Mafia boss gently lowers the dead Yakuza boss to the ground, pulls out a cigar, lights it, takes a long draught, and walks away, pleased with his victory.

Overall Winner: Mafia

In a battle of near-equals with very different philosophies, the easy-to-use, hard-hitting weapons of the Mafia gave them the edge even though the Yakuza had better training. The Tommy Gun is notable for having the second-most kills of any weapon and the most kills for a modern ranged firearm on the show. The battle was also notable for being in a 5-on-5 format instead of the conventional 1-on-1 match.

Yakuza Mafia
Overall Kills: 414 586
Close Range: Nunchaku: 9 Baseball Bat: 23
Mid Range: Walther P38: 10 Sawed-off Shotgun: 38
Long Range: British Sten: 359 Tommy Gun: 499
Special Weapons: Sai: 10 Ice Pick: 24
Explosive Weapons: Ceramic Grenade: 26 Molotov Cocktail: 2

Episode 6: Green Beret vs Spetsnaz

Green Beret Team: Matt Anderson (Former Green Beret), Sgt. George Gomez (Green Beret Instructor)

Spetsnaz Team: Sonny Puzikas (Former Spetsnaz Operative), Maxim Franz (Former naval Spetsnaz Operative)

Green Beret Weapons: Mossberg Shotgun, M67 Grenade, E-Tool, M4A1 Carbine, M24 Rifle, Beretta Pistol

Spetsnaz Weapons: Saiga Shotgun, RGD-5 Grenade, Ballistic Knife, AK74 Carbine, Dragunov Rifle, Makarov Pistol

Green Beret Spetsnaz Advantage
Close Range: Beretta Pistol Makarov Pistol Makarov Pistol
Mid Range: Mossberg Shotgun Saiga Shotgun Saiga Shotgun
Long Range M4A1 Carbine

M24 Rifle

AK74 Carbine

Dragunov Rifle


M24 Rifle

Special Weapons: E-Tool Ballistic Knife Ballistic Knife
Explosive Weapons: M67 Grenade RGD-5 Grenade M67 Grenade

-Both pistols were shot at targets while navigating a specially designed target course using a night vision device. The Spetsnaz was able to eliminate all three targets without causing friendly casualties. While the Green Beret was able to navigate the same course in less time (completing the course five seconds sooner than the Spetsnaz) and also without friendly casualties, the Green Beret was only able to kill one target, leaving one target able to fight back in wounded condition and the final target nearly unscathed. The Makarov won due to its shooter's skill despite having a smaller magazine.

-The Mossberg was shot at a pig and put four rounds in under four seconds. The Saiga was shot at four targets in under three seconds. The edge was given to the Saiga due to its semi-auto capability.

-The AK74 and M4 were determined to be equal as the users shot all the targets. It came down to the user's sniper rifles. The Dragunov and M24 were tested on multiple targets. The Dragunov missed its targets by at least an inch to either side, while the M24 hit all its targets right in the centre. The M24 took the advantage due to its greater accuracy.

-The Ballistic Knife went up against the E-Tool. The E-Tool was tested on a gel torso and managed to almost remove the head, as well as slicing into the intestines, causing them to spill out of the body cavity. The ballistic knife was tested on three glass orbs and penetrated all three, at a velocity of 39 mph. In a very close comparison, the ballistic knife was chosen due to its ranged capability and portability.

-The RGD5 was detonated inside of a washing machine surrounded by standees and managed to take out one standee and put a piece of the machine in another standee at 40 feet. The M67 was detonated in a clear box with two dummies and a pig, and managed to take them all out. The M67 won due to its larger blast radius.

Simulation 6

This battle is the same as Yakuza vs Mafia, with a 5-vs-5 format and a new environment.

The simulation begins in an abandoned city (clearly a war zone) when a Spetsnaz squad appears moving toward and entering a warehouse. A Green Beret unit enters the warehouse from the other side and throws a M67 grenade before entering, injuring a Spetsnaz operative. They enter and kill the Spetsnaz with their M4A1 carbines. A hidden Spetsnaz kills a Green Beret with his Saiga-12 but is then killed by a passing Green Beret. The remaining Green Berets enter a hallway as Spetsnaz enter too. A Spetsnaz fires his AK-74 at a passing Green Beret, but misses. As they both continue, a Green Beret sneaks up to the room with the Spetsnaz and throws a grenade in it, killing him. As the Green Beret continue, another Spetsnaz fires and is killed when a Green Beret shoots him with his Mossberg 590. The Spetsnaz commander kills a passing Green Beret with his AK-74 and kills another one who tried to sneak up one him. As he searches for more Green Berets, he spots one and kills him and continues his search. The Green Beret commander spots him and fires, but misses and follows him. The Green Beret finds him in a dark hallway behind some columns, hiding. Seeing that if he goes in there, he may get ambushed, the Green Beret shoots out all the light bulbs with his M4, draws his Beretta M9, and puts on his night vision goggles. He sees the Spetsnaz commander's AK-74 and shoots it out of his hand. He follows the retreating Spetsnaz, firing along the way and missing all his shots. The Spetsnaz runs into the boiler room just as the Green Beret sees he has emptied his magazine. The Green Beret corners the Spetsnaz in the boiler room and draws his E-Tool. The Spetsnaz draws his ballistic knife in response. The Green Beret strikes first, as he lunges at the Spetsnaz who dodges the strike. The Green Beret recovers and knocks out the Spetsnaz's knife who clinches to his E-Tool, in hopes of disarming him. They both get into a struggle. When the Spetsnaz appears to be winning, the Green Beret knocks him down, but the Spetsnaz kicks him back. The Spetsnaz makes the killing blow with his ballistic knife by shooting the Green Beret in the neck. He yells "Ya Spetsnaz!" ("I am Spetsnaz" in Russian) and quips "No one will ever defeat us" in Russian to the dead Green Beret. Then he leaves the building.

Overall Winner: Spetsnaz

In another bout of similar opponents the Spetsnaz won, owing to the superior weapon skills and accuracy of its experts. This was another squad battle, was again very close (in fact the second closest battle on the show, with only seven wins beyond the simulation's margin for error preventing the match-up from being statistically too close to call) and again highly subject to some personal interpretation of the skills of the individual combatant. Strangely, the Spetsnaz RGD-5 grenade and Makarov PM handgun as well as both the American M24 and the Russian Dragunov sniper rifles were not used in the simulation.

Green Beret Spetsnaz
Overall Kills: 481 519
Close Range: Beretta Pistol: 4 Makarov Pistol: 12
Mid Range: Mossberg Shotgun: 42 Saiga Shotgun: 104
Long Range: M4A1 Carbine: 311

M24 Rifle: 85

AK74 Carbine: 288

Dragunov Rifle: 84

Special Weapons: E-Tool: 4 Ballistic Knife: 7
Explosive Weapons: M67 Grenade: 36 RGD-5 Grenade: 24

Episode 7: Shaolin Monk vs Māori Warrior

Shaolin Monk Team: Eric Chen (Kung Fu Master/Historian), Wang Wei (Wushu National Champion), Alfred Hsing (Chinese Weapons Expert)

Māori Warrior Team: Seamus Fitzgerald (Māori Weapons Historian), Jared Wihongi (Special Forces Combat Instructor), Sala Baker (Māori Weapons Specialist)

Shaolin Monks Weapons: Twin Hooks, Emei Piercers, Wax-Wood Staff, Whip Chain

Māori Warrior Weapons: Stingray Spear, Mere Club, Taiaha, Shark Tooth Club

Shaolin Monk Māori Warrior Advantage
Close Range: Emei Piercers Mere Club Mere Club
Mid Range: Wax-Wood Staff

Twin Hooks


Stingray Spear


Twin Hooks

Special Weapons: Whip Chain Shark Tooth Club Shark Tooth Club

-For the short range match up, the Emei Piercers took on the Mere Club. The Emei Piercers showed amazing speed, accuracy, and killing potential as Alfred turned a gel torso's head inside out with repeated stabs. The Mere Club annihilated a bull skull (which is two times thicker then a human skull) with ease. The experts of the Māori wanted to prove that the Mere was stronger than steel, so they set up a test. Sala tried to smash through a row of bricks with a steel knife and managed to smash through one, but the Mere smashed through three, and this gave it the edge.

-For the first Mid Range weapon match up, the Twin Hooks were put up against the Stingray Spear. The Twin Hooks went up first, and managed to cut up a pig carcass and added more when both swords were put together to double the range and managed to cut through a gel torso. The Stingray Spear answered back with an impressive show when the spear stabbed its opponent and lodged the ends of the spear into the gel torso. The Stingray Spear caused severe damage, but not as much as the Twin Hooks, and the Twin Hooks were given the edge for this and re-usability, as the stingray spear was deemed a "one shot" weapon .

-Next the Taiaha went up against the Wax-Wood Staff. Although the Staff managed to take out clay pots with amazing speed and precision, the Taiaha showed more strength as it took out two cow spines (which is three times thicker than a human spine). The fact that the Wax-Wood Staff was used more as a defensive weapon was the determining factor because the Taiaha was built to kill and was given the edge.

-In special weapons, the Whip Chain was put up against the Shark Tooth Club. Although the Whip Chain showed a lot of killing potential and sharp precision as it took out all five glass orbs in two strikes, the Shark Tooth Club was able to not only cut its leg of beef, but keep cutting when the teeth broke off inside the target. That was shown as nightmarish damage. The Shark Tooth Club was given the edge.

-It should also be noted that in the simulation, the Shaolin also used a meteor hammer or possibly even a rope dart. Whichever the weapon, its tests were not shown in the episode.

-The experts representing the monk also appear to have wielded wind and fire wheels,or chakrams, which were demonstrated in early clips of the episode, but were not used in weapons testing, possibly due to the Maori's lack of a long-range weapon.

Simulation 7

This battle takes place in a valley. A Shaolin Monk is training when he hears strange sounds. He investigates and sees a Māori doing the "Ka Mate" haka. When the Māori is done, he pulls out his Stingray Spear, ready to fight. The Shaolin bows in respect, hoping to avoid a fight, but the Māori attacks anyway. The Shaolin dodges his attacks and pulls out what appears to be a meteor hammer. He strikes the Māori, but then loses his weapon along with the Māori's Stingray Spear and runs away with his Twin Hooks and Wax-Wood Staff, the Māori hot on his heels. The Shaolin stops and pulls out a Whip Chain, whipping it at the Māori. The Māori, now armed with his Taiaha, catches the Shaolin's whip and flips him to the ground, but the Shaolin continues whipping around until the Māori catches the Whip and pulls it out of his hands. The Shaolin runs away again with the Māori chasing him and pulls out his Staff. The two warriors clash until the Māori's Taiaha breaks the Staff. The Māori launches a furious series of attacks, which the monk attempts to dodge. Although the monk appears to be hit once (there is a sound of the Taiaha hitting something and the Shaolin cries out in pain, but the injury is never shown), he nonetheless manages to get his Twin Hooks and finally disarm the Māori of his Taiaha. The Shaolin hooks together his Twin Hooks and slashes the Māori's torso. Enraged, the Māori tackles the Shaolin in the middle of the Shaolin attempting another strike, only to be kicked back. The Shaolin pulls out his Emei Piercers, and the Māori answers back by pulling his Shark Tooth Club and a Mere club. The Māori lunges at the Shaolin, only to have his Mere disarmed when the Shaolin appears to break that arm. The Māori counters by cutting the Shaolin in his lower torso with his Shark Tooth Club. The Shaolin spins his Emei to distract the Māori, then punches him in the face. The Māori lunges at the Shaolin, but the monk dodges all his attacks and finally stabs him in his throat and temple. Finally, the Shaolin bows his head in remorse.

Overall Winner: Shaolin Monk

In the most lopsided battle yet the steel weapons of the monk were able to efficiently dispose of the Māori, who fought bravely but was outmatched in skill and the development of his weaponry. Curiously enough, the monk won despite losing three of the four weapon matchups, mostly because all the Māori weapons were made for war, and the Shaolin weapons were mostly made for passive defense. However, the one he did win with proved decisive, with the Twin Hooks having the most kills of any weapon featured in the series. Ultimately, the Māori was unable to counter the Shaolin Monk's incredible agility and precision, and coupled with the monk's one weapon actually made to attack, the Māori was simply outclassed.

\ Shaolin Monk Māori Warrior
Overall kills: 692 308
Close Range: Emei Piercers: 31 Mere: 78
Mid Range: Staff: 57

Twin Hooks: 566

Taiaha: 151

Stingray Spear: 6

Special Weapons: Whip Chain: 38 Shark Tooth Club: 73

Episode 8: William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu

William Wallace Team: Kieron Elliott[11] (Highlander Weapons Expert), Anthony De Longis (Blade Master)

Shaka Zulu Team: Earl White (Zulu Stick Fighting Master), Jason Bartley (Zulu Combat Expert)

William Wallace Weapons: Claymore, Ball and Chain, War Hammer, Targe, Dirk

Shaka Zulu Weapons: Iklwa, Ishlangu, Iwisa, Zulu Axe, Spit of Poison

William Wallace Shaka Zulu Advantage
Close Range: War Hammer Zulu Axe Zulu Axe
Mid Range: Claymore Iklwa


Long Range: Ball and Chain Iwisa Iwisa
Special Weapons: Targe


Spit of Poison Targe


-The War Hammer was impressive as it smashed one skull and impaled another in under two seconds. The Zulu axe managed to chop up a leg of beef. The Zulu axe had more range and deadly fast slashes to boot, earning it a close win.

-In a stunning display, the Claymore decapitated three meat heads in one swing and cleanly cut into the Zulu Ishlangu shield.. The Zulu responded with lightning slashes of the Iklwa, managing to slice up a pig and even pierced a sample of chainmail, but the range of the claymore and its stunning display of lopping off three heads proved to be the deciding factor.

-For long range the Iwisa throwing club was paired against the ball and chain. After missing the target the first two tries the ball and chain successfully shattered an ice dummy. The Iwisa, meanwhile, shattered a glass plate and two glass orbs. The accuracy and range of the Iwisa earned it the win.

-Special weapons brought an odd pairing as the Scottish Targe and Dirk were tested against the spit poison of the Zulu. The Targe and Dirk, as a combination, proved deadly with the long spike of the Targe able to puncture a gel torso's heart and the Dirk managed to stab through the torso's neck and cause deadly paralysis. For the Spit of Poison test, Jason spat in the face of the dummy and it proved to be a valuable distraction tactic, but the results were too questionable to give it the win as the Targe and Dirk won out.

Simulation 8

This battle takes place in a new African savanna environment with Wallace gazing upon the landscape from a rock. Wallace finds Shaka running, perhaps from a recent battle. He sees Shaka as a threat and throws his Ball & Chain at him, but Shaka dodges it. Shaka throws his Iwisa, but it is deflected by Wallace's Targe shield. Wallace pulls out his War Hammer while Shaka pulls out another Iwisa. The two clash and Wallace stabs Shaka in the leg with his Targe. He tries to strike Shaka again, but, not surprisingly, he dodges it with his amazing agility. They clash again and Wallace strikes Shaka's Iwisa out of his hand. The two men taunt each other as Shaka pulls out his Iklwa. They clash again until Shaka kicks Wallace away, but he returns and trips Shaka. He is about to dive at Shaka with his Targe, but Shaka rolls away and Wallace gets his shield's spike lodged in the ground. Wallace is forced to ditch his shield, but then he cuts into Shaka's Ishlangu shield and disarms him of it. Wallace unsheathes his Claymore and Shaka pulls out his Axe and Iklwa. In the battle, Wallace makes Shaka fall to the ground, but Shaka slices his leg and runs away. Wallace throws a Dirk which Shaka blocks with the Iklwa and he prepares his spit of poison. As they meet on top of a high rock, Shaka tries to spit in Wallace's face, but misses. As they clash, Shaka slashes Wallace, but his attacks are rendered useless because of Wallace's chainmail. Wallace slashes Shaka's back, but Shaka counterattacks by stabbing Wallace in his side, wounding him. Shaka jumps in the air to finish him, but Wallace regains his strength and holds his Claymore upward, causing Shaka to impale himself on it. Shaka dies as Wallace lets out a victory cry.

Overall Winner: William Wallace

Interestingly enough, the battle focused on not a single warrior class, but two of history's most determined and most ferocious generals of very different societies. Wallace won a clear victory as his Targe & Dirk combo were decidedly more lethal than the Spit of Poison by a huge margin, while the other 3 weapons were closely matched. In long range weapons, Shaka's Iwisa Club was given the edge over Wallace's Ball and Chain, due to the latter's questionable accuracy, but neither weapon truly proved to be effective in the simulation as they had a cumulative total of only three kills - one for Wallace and two for Shaka. The superior ruggedness of the Targe shield was another deciding factor in the battle as the comparable Ishlangu was unable to defend effectively against the steel weapons of the Highlander.

William Wallace Shaka Zulu
Overall Kills: 621 379
Close Range: War Hammer: 65 Zulu Axe: 70
Mid Range: Claymore: 319 Iklwa: 307
Long Range: Ball and Chain: 1 Iwisa: 2
Special Weapons: Targe/Dirk: 236 Spit of Poison:0

Episode 9: IRA vs Taliban

IRA Team: Skoti Collins[12] (IRA Descendant(Michael Collins' grand-nephew)/Historian), Peter Crowe (IRA Weapons Expert), Unknown explosives expert (identity classified)

Taliban Team: Fahim Fazli[13] (former Mujahideen Freedom Fighter), Alex Sami[14] (Counter-Terrorism Specialist)

IRA weapons: LPO-50 Flamethrower, Nail Bomb, AR-15 ArmaLite, Slingshot

Taliban Weapons:RPG-7 Rocket Launcher, PMN Mine, AK-47 Assault Rifle, Bayonet

IRA Taliban Advantage
Close Range: Slingshot Bayonet Bayonet
Mid Range Weapons: LPO-50 Flamethrower RPG-7 Rocket Launcher RPG-7 Rocket Launcher
Long Range: AR-15 ArmaLite AK-47 Assault Rifle AR-15 ArmaLite
Special Weapons: Nail Bomb PMN Mine Nail Bomb

-For short range weapons the Taliban's bayonet proved more deadly than the IRA's slingshot. The slingshot was a very accurate weapon being able to hit the eye socket of a skull but did not provide sufficient killing power. The bayonet was declared the winner because it turned the already powerful AK-47 into a close range spear, being able to rip a reinforced cloth punching bag in half with repeated strikes and strike right into a gel torso's heart.

-For mid-range weapons the LPO-50 flamethrower took on the RPG-7 rocket launcher. The LPO-50 burnt its targets up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit but the effective range, explosion radius, and killing power of the RPG-7 were unquestionable and it received the edge in mid-range weapons. The RPG also was effective up to 920 meters thereby increasing their hit chance.

-For long-range weapons the IRA's AR-15 took on the Taliban's AK-47. The AR-15 was able to hit a smaller target meaning it was more accurate (in fact, it hit each target in one shot—something the AK failed to do). The AK-47 was the apparent victor of a reliability test involving mud, but a subsequent examination of the footage revealed that the test was faked[15]. Geoff decided to take the assault rifles into his own hands to decide. In his test, Geoff liked the AR-15 better, earning it the win.

-For special weapons the IRA's nail bomb was compared to the PMN mine. The nail bomb managed to take out all of its targets by lodging its nails into them. The PMN mine proved to be powerful enough to dismember limbs but could only kill 2 of its 5 targets. The nail bomb was more effective at damaging multiple targets in a manner which is more likely to be lethal so it was given the edge over the PMN mine.

Simulation 9

This battle is just like Yakuza vs Mafia and Green Beret vs Spetsnaz with a 5-vs-5 format, a new environment and a score card to tell how many men are left on each team.

A Taliban fire team emerges from a nearby forest into a car park full of vehicles in various states of disrepair. They review the yard for any signs of trouble. Meanwhile, an IRA squadron is sneaking around the yard, looking for enemies. When the two groups find each other, the Taliban strike first, killing an IRA soldier with an AK-47. The IRA respond by firing their AR-15s and kill a Taliban soldier. They all spread out and a Taliban lures an IRA to a PMN mine, killing him. An IRA kills an unsuspecting Taliban with his flamethrower, but a nearby Taliban shoots the tanks holding the gas for the flamethrower, killing the IRA. A running IRA is killed when a Taliban with an RPG fires it near his feet. The battle is very uneven with the IRA boss left facing three Taliban operatives on his own. He comes up to an RV where he finds the Taliban boss. In the short battle, he knocks the Taliban boss down and gets out before the Taliban with the RPG fires a rocket in the RV, killing his boss. The Taliban draws his bayonet and chases the retreating IRA boss who fires his slingshot, but misses. As the Taliban approaches, the IRA boss swings a door open knocking the Taliban down. In the short battle, the IRA boss reverses the Taliban's strikes, disarms him and stabs him through the neck. After getting one of his dead comrade's AR-15s, he finds the last Taliban operative and they chase each other, firing all along the way. The IRA boss retreats in a bus with the Taliban still chasing. He pulls a remote bomb out of his coat and plants it in the bus and blocks the way out with the AR-15, trapping the Taliban. The IRA boss shows the Taliban he has the remote, runs away and detonates the bomb, killing the last Taliban. The IRA boss raises his fist in the air and roars "Ireland!" in victory in the middle of the car park as smoke rises from the smouldering wreckage of the bus.

Overall Winner: IRA

Although the Taliban's weapons were both reliable and deadly the IRA had weapons which had more precision and efficiency in taking out small targets. The IRA won 51.7% of the time, making it the closest fight yet on the show. Despite the Taliban's impressive display of high explosives and power, their tactics were meant to fight large numbers of enemies and vehicles as opposed to small squads such as in this battle. In a small team fight such as this, the IRA won because their weapons and tactics were better suited for these types of situations.

IRA Taliban
Overall Kills: 517 483
Close Range: Slingshot: 2 Bayonet: 35
Mid-Range: LPO-50 Flamethrower: 70 RPG-7 Rocket Launcher: 162
Long Range: AR-15 ArmaLite: 315 AK-47 Assault Rifle: 245
Special Weapons: Nail Bomb: 130 PMN Mine: 41

Special disclaimers preceded each segment as they returned from commercial break, denouncing any endorsement of the policies of either organization. The producers made a special donation to Adopt-A-Minefield, a charitable group that helps the civilian victims of landmines[citation needed].

Season 2

Season 2 was announced by the Team and by Spike, along with a Video Game. Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great will be the first match-up to be featured in Season 2[16]. A teaser image posted on Twitter shows a Ballistic Gel torso behind a podium. A teaser video was posted for Deadliest Warrior for the people who signed up for Warrior Den with some of the weapons for season 2. The weapons trailer only showed modern weapons. Season 2 is set to air April 20, 2010. A second match up was announced between the Viet Cong and the Nazi SS. According to an internet poll on the most wanted matchup for season 2 is between Achilles and Genghis Khan.

Episode 10: Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great

Attila the Hun Team:

Alexander the Great Team:

Attila the Hun weapons:

Alexander the Great Weapons:

Attila the Hun Alexander the Great Advantage
Close Range:
Mid Range Weapons:
Long Range:
Special Weapons:

Simulation 10

Episode 11: Nazi SS vs Viet Cong

Nazi SS Team:

Viet Cong Team:

Nazi SS weapons:

Viet Cong Weapons:

Nazi SS Viet Cong Advantage
Close Range:
Mid Range Weapons:
Long Range:
Special Weapons:

Simulation 11

Video Game

Pipeworks Software announced at the Spike Video Game Awards on December 12, 2009 that they would be developing a downloadable game based on the television series for release in 2010.


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